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[Gallery] Showcase Your Characters Here Sticky

A topic by Autumn Rain created Oct 15, 2018 Views: 4,330 Replies: 38
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(Disclaimer: No, this is NOT an official AR14 thread.)

Please showcase the characters you made with Mannequin here.

  • Character: Araph Nightly (test)
  • Made with Version 0.3.0-nightly.20181014


Hey, nice thread here. Seeing what other people has made with the app will really help us evaluate and improve the output quality. Thanks!

Glad it'll also help you!

Oh, would it be possible to Stick this thread to the first page of the threads?



A few new images posted here! Just thought you should know.

Perhaps a Gallery thread by AR14 would be more helpful than a Gallery thread by a third party? That way, there's a more direct line between the developer and the posters, without a middleman or go-between needlessly hampering communication.

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  • Character: Hiyori
  • Made with Version 0.2.1-stable.20180402
  • Character: N/A
  • Made with Version 0.2.1-stable.20180402

  • Character: Odelia
  • Made with Version 0.2.1-stable.20180402


  • More Odelia
  • Expression's looking a bit strange...

  • Character: Blanc alpha
  • Made with Version 0.2.1-stable.20180402

  • Character: "Pale One"
  • Made with Version 0.2.1-stable.20180402


it has come a long way since I purchased this a year ago :)

  • Character: "Gamma"
  • Made with Version 0.2.1-stable.20180402

how can i start the program i have it downloaded but dont know how to get it to work?

Sorry for the late reply!

If you're having an issue with the software, try the Bug Reports thread. The developers can help you there. I'm just someone who set up a gallery thread.

Made with Version 0.3.0-nightly-20200128

Progress on character art for a new project. 3 blurry black shapes are placeholders for male characters.

Created with Version 0.3.2-stable.20200221, and based off of a sample model:

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Height comparison graphic.


Wonderful characters! Thanks for sharing, glad to see that the scale function is useful.

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Character: Seele Vollerei (from Honkai Gakuen (as seen in Guns Girl))


Character Name: Erika

Build: Pro (Windows)

Took advantage of the new ears. :) 

This is basically an Elven version of another char that I made before, using this program.

Created a casual outfit. Of a sort.


Built with 0.3.4

Name is Ghost

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Name: Jasmine

Build: Pro (Windows)

Custom Hair and Top

Attempt at making funeral attire from the new update content

Attempt at making a villainous character.

Kathy... One of the characters I've been creating for fun and maybe a halloween novel.

Test with Nightly build

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Let me join too. This is created from free version. 

I'm buying this software. <3

Porting my character into 2D with mannequin free version

This is Hans, he is the hero of my game "Problemlöser" which I released some days ago. I made a whole story with 10 levels and 9 mannequin models. Many thanks for this great product. I have a lot of ideas and will use for the next adventures of Hans and others.

I also created an Etsy shop where you could buy a green hoodie with the game logo, so at the release party I was dressed as Hans. The only difference is that he is 30 years younger than I.