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Nice plugin, so the only issue I have is how do you then handle collision? like walls you're not supposed to walk through. I think this is a simple issue but from the older plugins on parallax mapping, you would use Region IDs to mark out collisions but that was in MV.

Is it the same here, or is there some kind of solution to handling collision blocks? If I make an invisible map I can technically mark out areas not meant to walk through but thats very hard to mark unless I can then somehow disable the map and in the map have like a large X that won't show when running the game...

Please let me know how collision is handled. Really Nice plugin.

Will there ever be a 2nd issue?

Thank you so much for this, this is so amazing, great work!

No problem, as long as you can now experience the game as intended.

Thanks for this feedback, I actually did set the text and msgbox Color to different contrasting white and black but from some research it could be dark mode enabled in your browser that is affecting this. Could you share with me what browser your using? I will test and reupload.

Thank you, I’ll be sure to give all my collectors a special give away when it’s completed. (Like the full OST).

Thanks a lot. I’m really excited to continue this game further as well.

Ok. The message box is meant to be white, for nvl mode and in game, is this in the menu of the game? I will just make all text white and reupload.

Thanks to you too. Looking forward to the pack.

Thank you, I made the music myself using my bass guitar and an app called Arpio synced into garage band. It was experimental, Im glad you liked it.

Thanks  I had a lot of plans for this but decided to cut out most of the content I had in mind and focus on a "vertical slice" of the game. I also plan on continuing this and add in what I intended.

Wow, this reminds me so much of a NES game called Dajavu. The NEStalgia!

The art in this might be the best I've seen so far. Everything was also very polished and professional. Great job to your team.

Thanks for the help, I have made the game launch in fullscreen by default.

Thanks, not sure how thats done by default but its in options/preferences.

Really nice love story thats also spooky. Happy halloween. Also your BG and Character artist killed it!

Yeah, absolutly, surf rock is "still the bees knees". 😃

Man, this games sick! I love your retro art style and humor. Cool stuff. 

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Thanks for adding the game to your collection, Im honored. I would want the buildings more sci-fi as its in a future date when humans settle on mars and in dome-like greenhouse structures begin to terraform the planet. So Artificial vegetarion perhaps in some aided capsule or dome like structures while the outside can be mostly arid. Also the atmosphere might have radiation so the architecture might need some kind of metalic or glass like finish to protect the humans living inside. The totalitarian rulers could have also built pyramid like structures as it has some conection to astrology and sulernatural power (Egypts pyramids are mysteriosly made) although they would probably use metals, glass maybe even refined man-madr materials like plastic or rubber to combat the radiation. Lastly Mars is very cold, like -64 C or at best -4 C. 

Thank you so much, and Im completly open to your own artistic expression however you want. 

wow the visuals in this just blew my mind. Nice art! Its almost more motion comic than VN

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Hi Rachel, I recently made a VN with your amazing backgrounds. I wanted to request for a Martian Civilization background pack as I set my VN in a time when humans become dual-terrestrial and live both in Mars, like a totalitarian super human society and Earth. I loved your solarpunk setting for Earth  funny thing. I was looking for just that, "nature took back Earth" kind of theme. Anyway, A Mars Civilization would be amazing, Im willing to pay at your price and let you have full creative freedom. 

The game I made using your resource (Abandoned Factory) is here:

Thank you for your submission, this was a very appealing character, I like how she is sort of more like an anti-hero or antagonist who sympathises with the villains. I hope you enjoyed this jam and had fun.

Thank you for your submission, I hope this was fun for you. I like your creativity and the backstory about her was very unique.

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How do I install these into Clip Studio Paint on Desktop (and ipad)?

I'm lost trying to follow these instructions

1. Extract the files from the .zip folder

2. Open Clip Studio Paint and drag these subtool files into the subtool palette. They will be imported automatically.

2a. If you are using Clip Studio on iOS you will need to click the little '≡' and select 'import subtool.' I think it's also possible to share the subtool file with Clip Studio to import it.

I tried drag and dropping but it does not work. Looks like there is no option to manually browse local files on the computer or ipad. I think its only possible to use assets from the ClipStudio Assets store not sure because when I select Add SubTool that's the only option to add in new subtools.


Could you upload these to Clip Studio Assets and provide a link? Or further explain exactly the steps you took to add them into clip studio with screenshots. I would have watched the youtube but in a working environment its not that easy to follow along as that then requires my fulltime attention for something that should be quick and easy to explain.

This is Free? Your so awsome. Thanks

Sure, that would be awsome. 😃

I like how this was so fast to pick up and understand with very well done progressive levels that gradually get more challenging. Nice game!

Godot 3.4

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Thanks. Ill work on that, maybe a video until after the jam is done.

Basically the yellow bar is your apetite.

The red bar is hunger. When you eat (shoot) food depending on its rank you gain calories. If you are hjngry enough you burn them. If not you gain excess 

So you want to maintain a balanced diet without overeating or getting too hungry 

Hope that explains it but ill work on something more practical. I think its fair to wait after the jams done so I dont just rush in something and crash the game.

Thats cool. Hey everyone has their own interpretation, but now you mention it after some playthoughs your right. Sorry after one playthrough I didnt notice 

Hey, don't be sorry. Actually this was a great first game, you should feel proud you just finished making a game. You're right I also got tired towards the ending even though I wanted to add cooler stuff. You can always improve next game jam.

This really fits the concept and limitation but honestly had a hard time with the randomness.