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Thanks for this; I was just looking for something about pixel art projection, especially isometric projection, and here it is!

Hey thanks for letting me know, that sorted out the problem!

The Export function, when exporting a 3D model into a sprite sheet, keeps crashing; second, when you export individual frames, no matter how fast or short you make your animation, it exports hundreds of frames per direction and takes forever to load and complete the process (often crashing when you try to export as a sprite sheet); it would be much better if you could limit how many frames get exported, let's say if you could jump every 10 milliseconds or maybe add a method to pick out only key frames (that I guess could be added as markers into the animations section) to shorten the number of frames exported images, this tool will help tremendously in converting 3d animations into pixel art 2d sprites, as of now its only promising but still needs a bit of work for 3d models.

Great, thank you for the amazing work, i will be sure to do so.

I greatly appreciate this being a free and open to edit and distribute resource as that's incredibly rare.

Thanks again for this

Thanks. Another thing. Is it possible for me to create character packs using these battler bases and redistribute them here on, giving you credit mention for the battlers? Or is it prohibited to edit and redistribute?

Hello, I absolutely love these character bases. Is it possible to use them on other game engines, such as Godot, or are they restricted to the RPG Maker series?

So it was Windows viewer making it blurry.

Cool. It's fine on the web; after adding some content, you could make a desktop version.

Do you know what would be a lot better? If there was a way that users could upload their own custom-made clothing items and hairstyles into this, you could have a community that does all the hard work creating content for you. 

All you would need to do then is work on the code and maybe a desktop version (if that makes it easier for users to upload content).

For instance, there are many character generators available, but none allow user-made content to be uploaded.

That could set you apart from the hundreds of character gens online.

The export quality is a bit blurry, also it would be nice to have a reset button, otherwise this is really dope, thank you for making this.

cool, is there an offline version available for download?

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Announcement To Fans:

There apparently is a movie (unrelated) of the same name. Expect the sequal to have a name change and be more of a spiritual successesor to avoid mix up with this (interesting but unrelated) movie. 

Ghost Lantern Movie

Thanks, a sequel is coming soon, I've learned a lot and will make the game more approachable,most reviews I've got have let me know the difficulty was too steep and most had a hard time without a more steady leveling system.

Oh, I get it now, yeah it works now, thanks . so All VS plugs just go under yours? Thank you-

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I'm having problems with this working with visustella plugins in RPG Maker MZ, even after ordering them according to Tier or placing them all above or below your plugins I get an error saying Visustella Plugins are wrongly placed. I'm only using their free plugins and map camera zoom

Thanks for this, this is exactly what i´ve been looking for for years (exactly 1 year) after failing to complete my visual novel because of scattered notes all over my cloud storage and random phone apps. Thanks


I followed everything but the map does not load in game even when named correctly, for example I have a ground map named groundMap_16 for Map016 and it is within the ground map folder with sub folders as true (tried both ways) and nothing loads in game, also note that my tiles are 24x24 but I switched them in the example game to check and it didn't have any issues there, however even then creating a new map and adding an image did not load in game

this is so awsome, Is there an offline downloadable version?

how did you get the CRT tv effect to work? Is there a shader you could share?

Could this work with RPG In A Box?

Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for as I usually edit pixel art resources but you've offered me a solution. I'm going to test this a write a full review as soon as I grab Aseprite from my steam directory. (It could help to also share .psd or something else as an alternative format)

Man, nice game, and it's 3D! this just made my day. i think this is one of the best fan games I've played in a while. 

Will there ever be a 2nd issue?

Thank you so much for this, this is so amazing, great work!

No problem, as long as you can now experience the game as intended.

Thanks for this feedback, I actually did set the text and msgbox Color to different contrasting white and black but from some research it could be dark mode enabled in your browser that is affecting this. Could you share with me what browser your using? I will test and reupload.

Thank you, I’ll be sure to give all my collectors a special give away when it’s completed. (Like the full OST).

Thanks a lot. I’m really excited to continue this game further as well.

Ok. The message box is meant to be white, for nvl mode and in game, is this in the menu of the game? I will just make all text white and reupload.

Thanks to you too. Looking forward to the pack.

Thank you, I made the music myself using my bass guitar and an app called Arpio synced into garage band. It was experimental, Im glad you liked it.

Thanks  I had a lot of plans for this but decided to cut out most of the content I had in mind and focus on a "vertical slice" of the game. I also plan on continuing this and add in what I intended.

Wow, this reminds me so much of a NES game called Dajavu. The NEStalgia!

The art in this might be the best I've seen so far. Everything was also very polished and professional. Great job to your team.

Thanks for the help, I have made the game launch in fullscreen by default.

Thanks, not sure how thats done by default but its in options/preferences.

Really nice love story thats also spooky. Happy halloween. Also your BG and Character artist killed it!

Yeah, absolutly, surf rock is "still the bees knees". 😃

Man, this games sick! I love your retro art style and humor. Cool stuff.