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Cool idea! It was fun to internet-stalk your pretend friend, and I was genuinely not sure how to help her. I like the idea of being able to try different ways to help a friend in a video game because in real life you don't always get a chance to try again!

OK, great! Yeah, the demo seems to run fine just as it is.
Wow, you have some amazing cinematics and animations and sound design... excited to play the whole thing!

Amarantus community · Created a new topic Linux release?

Any chance of a Linux release? It looks like you're using Ren'Py, which makes it suuper easy to just click the Linux button and upload to I'd be happy to test it if you like, but in my experience Ren'Py's releases are pretty problem-free.

Interesting idea; I'm curious to see how what you build affects the people!

OK, I sent you an email!

That would be really cool! It is such a long game that I'm not sure who would want to translate it, but if we had a volunteer that would be cool!

I think that's the hardest one! There's a few requirements:
It's the second spinach event. Crop events happen on odd numbered years based on what crops you plant.

Terra needs to be old enough to help on the farm (year 7+) and you need to have her helping at least a little bit. You need to choose to make snail traps, and choose to kill the snails. Terra needs to be independent - you increase this stat by having her do hard things on her own. Then, she will suggest an alternative to killing the snails that will lead to this achievement.

I hope this helps!

Ooh, that's a tough one! You have to get four clues:

  1. Find a way to check how much money Joel had in his account. Brennan can help you with this if you have a good relationship, or you can sneak a look at Kelly's tablet as long as you don't ask about it ahead of time.
  2. You need to figure out what the ring does that Jack finds at Noel's house. With a strong relationship to the colonists, Oleg will message you about it after the first day.
  3. You need to learn about the firegrass connection. Terra can tell you if you have a good relationship with her.
  4. You need to learn about Joel's previous injuries. Kelly will tell you this when you examine the body if you have a good relationship.

So basically, it requires good relationships with the miners or being sneaky, a strong colonists relationship, a good Terra relationship, and a good Kelly relationship. Hope this helps you!

Thank you so much for your kind review! I wish you could read it in your native language, but your English seems very good so hopefully it's OK. :-)

Our whole family enjoyed playing this together all day today; thanks for a great game!

That is one of the hardest achievements to get! I wrote up a guide for you.

  • Corn - during work12 if you don't sign the wheat contract
  • Potatoes - start crop
  • Wheat - during work12 you need to sign a wheat contract
  • Peppers - during work16 if you go to the seed exchange and already have plums
  • Tomatoes - start crop
  • Plums - during work2 Kevin will offer them to you. Make sure you plant them soon!
  • Squash - start crop
  • Strawberries - during work4 if you show off your crops Thuc will offer you a strawberry plant
  • Beans - start crop
  • Peanuts - community11 if you talk to Thuc and don't specify Martin's medicine
  • Carrots - start crop
  • Turnips - during a plum event you can get this if you make jam. Also during work22 if you already have onions and your strongest relationship is with the colonists.
  • Onions - during a plum event you can get this if you make jam or buy onions. Can get during work22 if your strongest relationship is to the colonists.
  • Garlic - community11 if you are not a neglectful parent
  • Spinach - start crop
  • Broccoli - during a plum event you can get this if you make jam. Can get during work22 if your strongest relationship is with the mavericks.
  • Goats - start crop
  • Bees - during work10 Kevin will offer them to you for 100 credits

I hope this helps!

Wow, amazing collection! How did you make these backgrounds?

Awesome project! Are there any plans to add wrinkles and different body types to allow the creation of a greater variety of people?

Thank you so much for supporting our games (and many others, it sounds like!) and writing such a positive, detailed review. :-) I think it's hard to get noticed and for people to want to take a chance on something.

That's one of the endings (this is a very short game, but multiple languages make it longer...).

So creepy! And yet I feel strangely validated, like someone understands how difficult nursing, childbirth, and mothering are...

Cool idea! My pinky is sore from pressing enter so much. :-D

Nice implementation! I have good memories of playing bridge with my grandparents so it was fun to play a bit again. :-)

Postmortem here:


Piece together the eerie story of a lonely cabin in a snowy wood as you gather the items you need to build a fire.

Available in nine different languages to tell the unsettling tale:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Thai
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Esperanto
  • ???

Also playable online with reduced graphics at:

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Postmortem coming soon.

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All languages are in and so are all endings. Finishing up a few GUI elements and packaging.

Languages include:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Esperanto
  • Dutch
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Thai

(1 edit)

We finished the text for the English story, and added Japanese and Esperanto. I added a snow animation, but it runs really badly on the web version so I disabled it for now.

Worked on improving the interface and integrating all the art.

Got a beta up and running!

Found a bug with item descriptions that I haven't fixed yet, and I need to add in more translations.

(1 edit)

Items work properly and the game can be finished. Added the Esperanto translation.

Sometimes I don't want to post about progress either! Like, "if I have time to post about it, maybe instead I should work on the game"... But it is helpful to have people supporting you. Good luck!

You mentioned having trouble with names; you might like this Random Name Generator that includes names from lots of cultures!

I'm pretty bad at devlogging, but today I finished up the inventory system and added names and descriptions for all the items. There's also navigation between all the screens of the game.

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We (three person, all-female team) are taking a break from large projects and working on a short, spooky point-and-click game using the Ren'Py engine. We hope to have it available in many languages - I don't want to spoil things, but playing it over again in multiple languages is kind of the point of the game. Each playthrough will be quite short to facilitate translation.

If you're interested in helping us translate about 500 words or so into your native language, please let me know!

Fun! I loved the Portal-esque AIs and the various endings. Being home alone can feel a bit insane, sometimes!

OK, the new 1.3 version includes better text-to-speech for many parts of the game, including descriptions of cutscenes and reading who is talking before each line. It also has the 'p' key as a shortcut to automatically place crops on the farming screen. I hope this helps!

I will have to take a look at Our Personal Space and see what accessibility improvements I can add there, too!

Hey, thank you for your feedback! I am glad the accessibility settings work for you (you can also press 'v' to turn on self-voicing if you want a computer to read things to you).

I can see how the farming part would be difficult for you. If you'd like to continue playing, there's not really a way to lose the game by having a bad farm (but it's not very satisfying!). There is an Auto farming feature that turns on after you've beaten the game once... would it help if I added an option to turn it on from the preference screen?

You are right... I will fix that in the next update!

Thank you! It would have been cool to have a store or something for money!

Thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to review!

This made me so stressed out! But... it also made me appreciate the healthy relationships in my life. :-D

What a cute visual novel! I like how you used persistent data to make a time loop. Sometimes making friends is so hard!

I'd love to see more in this universe.

You make some good points! I hope we can all see the value in making games, just like we see value in writing books or creating art or music.