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After using the 0.2 nightly build (version 72, Windows 7) for a few hours, here are some suggestions that came to mind. Small things, hope you don't mind, work mode switched on automatically the moment I faced a brand new UI to play with. :)


  • When zooming in, either maintain the current central point, or center in the middle of the drawing area by default (one now ends up in top left corner, which is far away from any content especially with large zoom-in levels).
  • Consider placing the zoom control in more central position in the top toolbar. Now its position at far right is not in line with the natural work flow. Alternatively, add shortcut for zoom (e.g., Ctrl + Mouse scroll).


  • It might be worth it to separate bangs from the rest of the hair into separate entities, so that a complete hairstyle would be a combination of a separately selected basic hairstyle and separately selected (optional?) bangs style, bangs being placed "on top" of the basic hairstyle in the picture. This way there would not be need to create a separate complete hairstyle entity for each basic style + bangs combination.
    • --> So instead of having, for example, hair styles "Long (Straight Bangs B)", "Long (Side Parted Bangs)", "Long (Three-Parted Bangs)", "Long (Straight Bangs A)", "Pigtails (Straight Bangs B)", "Pigtails (Side Parted Bangs)", "Pigtails (Three-Parted Bangs)", and "Pigtails (Straight Bangs A)", you would only have basic hair styles "Long" and "Pigtails", and then separate bangs styles "(Straight Bangs B)", "(Side Parted Bangs)", "(Three-Parted Bangs)", and "(Straight Bangs A)", any of which could be combined with any of the basic hair styles. The more basic hair styles and bangs styles there will be, the more efficient this combination method becomes. 
  • Please do add braids (single & double):



There are less outfits by far in 0.2 than there were in 0.1.7b demo version. Is this because of the new Advanced color option for clothing? If the advanced color option makes creating clothing much more complicated, consider making the Advanced color clothing available only for a few special items where it really makes a difference (in my opinion it may not be terribly needful for many basic clothes, default shadows and highlights usually suffice fine). Large selection of vastly different clothes is essential for this kind of software, so it should be as easy as possible for you to create more. :)

Keep up the great work!

Minor bugs on Face tab, probably known / unfinished work but just in case (Version 72, Windows 7 64-bit):

  • Eye Height adjustment is buggy: +2, +6, and +10 actually lower eyes instead of raising; -2 is lower than -3, -6 is lower than -7; all steps are not of equal size
  • Eye Separation adjustment is buggy: +4 and +8 actually make separation smaller than their previous steps; -1, -5, and -9 actually make separation larger than their previous steps; all steps are not of equal size
  • Mouth Height is buggy: +3 and +7 actually lower mouth from previous step; all steps are not of equal size

Ah, please disregard, this seems to be fixed already in the nightly build. :) Leaving these posts here just in case someone else using the demo has similar problem.

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This may be a stupid user error, but there seems to be a secondary color to eyes that cannot be changed? I'm trying to have light grey eyes, but there is a default purple tint that shines through?

Also, changing the iris color seems to affect also the pupil color. This is problematic with lighter eye colors, as they create an unwanted cataract effect. Maybe instead either always keep the iris black, or have separate color control for it?

Very promising software, purchased for support, hopefully you'll find time & energy to continue development.

In my opinion the two most sorely needed features would be 1) male characters and 2) character height variation (even two variations, long and short, would go a long way).