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Hiya, I really like this project, is it's source available on github or anywhere by any chance?

Bought the app, love the app! The nightly version looks GORGEOUS! Keep up the great work guys! You mentioned you'll be super busy until around the first week of November, so, as it is currently the first week of November...Updates soon??? Hehe

Crossing my fingers that you'll add custom art support/libraries soon so that I could draw and upload a bunch of stuff for the app. Plus if you go with the approach other devs use of "We'll polish and incorporate the best mods into our own game" that'd be less work for you, tons of new content, and everyone feels all cool and happy. Who needs to draw 5000 different hair styles if ur fans are doing it for you lol. So long as u give us a forum/discord server or something to share them around all will be good.

Small sugestions: It really bugs me that ctrl+mousewheel doesn't zoom in/out. Pls make it control zoom.

Hi, this is a very lovely tool. I really like the interpolation and color mixing. My biggest gripe would be that I can't fine-tune how much the values are changed by. I would really appreciate if I could just type in a number to set how much should ctrl, shift, and even +/- change the selected value by. Other than that, seems very useful!


This is the best game.

Okay, what the heck.