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A member registered Feb 24, 2016

Recent community posts

1. Color presets. The color picker is a blessing and a curse. I feel like it gives me a little too much control. It can be difficult to get colors to match on a hue/saturation/value level. If at all possible I'd really appreciate a second color picker where it has pre set colors.

2. Sections collapsed by default. It makes navigation a bit more annoying to have them all expanded by default.

3. More hairstyles, pants, and longer skirts! Maybe a slider to edit the length of the skirt, that would be cool if possible so you don't have to have additional entries in the clothing section clutter up the space.

4. The right hand on the hand on hip pose doesn't really look like its on the hip, I think it needs to be a bit higher and needs a subtle shadow underneath.

This software is seriously great, and the art isn't half bad for being vector. I used to use it more often when I went through a VN dev phase however now I just use it cuz its a fun tool to help break my artist block once in a while. Looking forward to what this app has to offer in the future!

I seriously enjoyed this game. My only gripe about it was how hard it got after the third save statue. The difficulty seriously spiked! I would have preferred a regular HP system with hearts, or at least a method that ensured I had a better chance of winning. I admit, I have yet to get past either boss lol... I'll continue playing! Please keep making this game its really cool! And thanks for sharing the Godot project files! I'm pretty new to game development with interests in 2D sidescrollers like this. BRB getting my ass kicked by some magic summoning cats!