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It may have taken a decade, but with "Fishblade" Kumada1 has manifested an (the?) answer to Epidiah Ravachol's ancient-by-the-internet's-standard question "What is a Roleplaying Game"?

It *looks* like a gag, like a throw away joke in response to the fury surrounding the OGL nonsense going on as of early 2023, but is (intentional or not) a stealth rejoinder to the Indie RPG scene's big question of 2013, and it's answer is both a full throated declaration in the field of "RPG Theory" and an instance of a baller way to kill an evening with friends.

Nice!  Good pacing, entertaining 'tooltips', respects the player's time.

AR14 is great about making requested changes, but in the meantime you might want to look into the open source image editor "GIMP".  It has a lot of great tools for manipulating images, but in particular "Wave Transform" and "Cage Transform" could do what you ask.  I mostly use them to 'shift' character's weight around from one foot to the other, turn them very slightly, that kind of thing, but you can fiddle with body proportions too.  
I spent five minutes doing a mockup - attached are two images, a straight export from Mannequin and one I used Wave Transform (bust) and Cage Transform (hip region) on. This is a quick proof of concept, you can dial it in and make it look better with more time (or less extreme shifting)

Super late addition, but just in case others are having this problem :
It's possible in Windows to use PowerShell to batch rename files.  In this example, you'd want something like...

Get-ChildItem | Foreach-Object{     Rename-Item -Path $_.FullName -NewName $_.Name.Replace(" Default","-Default") }

or possibly just

Get-ChildItem | Foreach-Object{     Rename-Item -Path $_.FullName -NewName $_.Name.Replace(" ","-") }  

There are a couple of ways to do it - google/duckduckgo for Powershell batch rename' and look at the stackoverflow website entries, that's where most of the good stuff is at.

One or two players not being able to make it to a session is a perennial problem - I hope this helps Referees when it comes up!


These are beautiful, well done! 

You indicate both CC4.0 and CC0.0 - can I get clarification on which these are under?

Confirming this, as of December 2022.  Played ~4 hours, incrementing stopped, prestiged, F5ed... and the game restarted from scratch.  Firefox, logged into itch, no cookie-denial or incognito mode or any of the like (other itch games w/ autosaves are running properly in the same settings)

I'd add to my list of suggestions [light spoilers...]

... adding a "You are winner" splash if the player tries to Ascend with 52 Ascended cards already. There's a bit of an 'oh, that's it I guess' feeling as-is.

Very fun, nice prestige system.
Can I make a small recommendation for the future?  Your 'juice' with having the buttons shrink and expand when clicked is great, but whether the effect triggers seems related to the size of the button at it's small mid-click state.  The effect is that the button visibly clicks anywhere on the button, but doesn't have an effect if clicked nearish the outer perimeter.  Maybe either set the effect to the initial click with a delay timed for the 'juice' resizing/bounce, or reverse the math for resizing the bubble when it comes to the MouseX/MouseY checks to see if the mouse is over the button during the click?  (I don't know your code/engine, so I'm not sure which is appropriate.)

Again, I'm having fun with this one.  Clear progression, regular engagement, just enough variation in options at any given moment to keep me engaged.  Good gameplay loop!

Click the "Record" button (the line graph icon near the top right corner) and the field shows up near the bottom of the page.

Hello, blog post.  I saw you on my news feed, so you're doing something right.

Pretty fun, has an engaging gameplay loop, doesn't waste the player's time.  Well done!

I've had the Gnome decide to quit gardening and live in the house, taking up the critical healing position indefinitely.  I think it's related to finishing a boss fight (Summer, maybe any of them?) while the Gnome is healing. A bit annoying, since it wrecks the run.  But not so annoying that I'm not still trying!

Punnily named traits worth adopting into vanilla FIST?  Check.

Structured scenario with custom rules to provide a memorable experience? Check.

New DIY-weapons for combat-rocking?  Check.

It's SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD.  It's KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK.  It's The Darkness fighting Space Squids.  It's great!

Congrats on the perfect rating for STYLE! I don't know how itch comes up with it's "weighted values", but it looks to me like everyone who voted gave you a 5 out of 5 in that category. And they're not wrong to do so!

"Overall #1" : Called it! Congratulations!

Thank you for the review! I'm particularly happy you described my NPCs as 'nuanced' - I based everyone off historical or fictional people with small twists, and didn't use anyone who I couldn't SteelMan fairly well. Glad it came through!

An interesting analysis of how a Ref should frame Manchurian Candidate / Phantom Doctrine style mind control to direct play to develop a particular atmosphere of play. A nice thought experiment, branching out a single concept in myriad directions to see what-all can be done with it.

The ROLES provided here are outstanding, and would fit in Mad Science centered games of general 'vanilla' FIST. Worth the download just for them.

The traits are interesting and fun, but have a bit of the Expansion Power Creep that haunts TSR/WotC products.

Great scenario concept, the classic underwater research base full of biological threats. Well executed. The document looks clean and is easily readable. After reading it once, you can tell at a glance what section a page belongs to by it's layout, which is a clever idea. Each layout used works well, which is no small feat. Really impressive offering!

I wouldn't allow the Janus Bio Pistol in my game. Elevating a PbtA-style roll up a tier every time a particular weapon is used promises to be a game breaker. As a player I'd take it over a bandolier of 4d6+4 handgernukes. The rest of the unique items and the Janus M quasi-Traits are pretty cool though!

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Cairo is interesting, you picked a great place to set a globetrotting adventure session. For example : they don't pay full rate real estate taxes until a building is completely finished being constructed, so huge chunks of the city have exposed concrete support struts and rebar on the roof because "it's not finished yet" even though people live in the buildings and nobody ever works on that last phantom floor.  Squab ranching is illegal but openly done, so there are all these sniper-tower looking structures randomly plopped on top of buildings in areas where the police know better than to go, full of renegade pigeons with known breeding histories. Don't get me started on how the city layout tanked their sanitation infrastructure. - suffice it to say there are a lot of biohazard rich improvised fighting trenches throughout the city outskirts.

It's a super interesting place, is what I'm saying. Hard to explain it well enough to bring to the table.

A fun concept, presented in an actualizable manner. The mirror universe is evocatively depicted and the big martial threat is both creative and horrifying.

My two gripes are that the writeup is presented in long, wide paragraphs which make it a bit harder to pull information from than is strictly necessary, and that I didn't see anything in the mirror universe that would tell me as a player "Alright, mission complete, go exfil." I think I'd be inclined to continue deeper in if I got as far as the Radio Wraith, and there's not quite enough here to support long term expeditionary play ala A Red And Pleasant Land or such. 

Worth getting, for sure. The FIST community is better off for this existing. I'd print it out and hit it with a few highlighters, or make cheat sheets, before bringing it to the table though.

Thank you. I've been going back and forth on page numbers since reading a comment about how another pamphlet style entry was 'backwards'. I think you've pushed me over the edge.

Maybe embossing or pale-shadowing the text would make it pop legibly. Or maybe I need to make the printout a pamphlet and the computer version just a six page spread. Hmm...

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Thanks!  It took about 40 hours of back-and-forth to put it all together, not counting about 800 page of study re: the Katanga revolution pre-Jam.  I'm glad to see it paid off!

A hundred years ago, roughly 2014, I ran a scenario for a homebrew Dungeon World inspired modern Shadow Operative Conspiracy Thriller that featured a memetic lifeform trapped on a cassette tape.  (It was kind of like FIST, only with collectively agreed on custom Traits and a focus on Encumbrance / Inventory ala Torchbearer.) The players never listened to the tape - it was clearly smuck bait, and they didn't fall for it.  After the session I congratulated them on their good choice and mentioned that I had a script, but had originally planned on actually recording it and bringing a cassette tape player to the session.  I'd've handed it over when their characters got it.  All of them immediately admitted they'd've played the tape if they had a physical object, even though they knew it would be a bad idea.  

Since then I've been all about props and handouts.  Used right, they can really change the way the session plays out and how involved players can get.

So beautifully compiled. I thought the color version looked good, but the printer friendly one with it's "The Color Out Of Space" accents/ splashes if color might win my vote for Most Esthetically Pleasing Entry. (FISTICLES is another contender) 

The "you get stronger by channeling and advancing the machinations of a world ending threat" element is fun and interesting. I like push your luck mechanics and moral value choices in my games, so it really appeals to me.

It's a very poor quantum mechanics joke, and a telegraphed mild peril, and potentially a tool if things have gone terribly wrong and need to be immediately mixed up.

Thanks for your review!

Pros :

- Trifold pamphlet scenario. I'm loving these, it's a brilliant mechanism for making authors cut the fat out of a scenario and ensure all the information is immediately accessible to the Ref in play.

- I learned about a new, fascinating superstructure that existed in our reality.

Cons :

- Not many. The superstructure is intrinsically labyrinthian to outsiders, but FIST's goal requires hitting specific parts in a specific order which seems like it might be cumbersome. (I haven't played it, so I might be way off.)  

- TERMITE has the word Time too many times - "3 times" would be better as "thrice".  SUNFLOWER is missing the word "for" at one point. 

- Look, I'm trying real hard to offer criticism here, it's a fantastic looking trifold, get it if you haven't yet.

... AND I just noticed that the fixed version didn't make it into the ZIP file correctly, so I re-uploaded the version with the problems all over again.

Finally (hopefully) updated.

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Thanks for your review!  The comment on the font/column design is particularly helpful - in future I'll probably work harder to structure the scenarios in a way that let's me maintain a better uniformity from page to page.

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It does look that way, but I'm almost positive that's intentional. The trifold is designed for being printed out, so the "Cover" (ie page 1 of 6) is the rightmost entry on the sheet with the last two pages (5 and 6) to the left of it. That's perfect once it's printed out and folded, but on the screen it makes you pick between skipping the first page or showing the last two right up front like the author did here.

There are a few ways to handle a one-folded-page design. This layout is a viable option. (I used the same setup in one of my Jam entries, Berling 198x)

Thank you for your review! I tried to phrase it a bit ambiguously to let your take (the cat WAS dead, but now it's alive again) or the boring, more 'reasonable' one (if it's dead it's dead) both be viable options to the Ref. The more variable option is the one I favor myself.

Roughly questing skin for placing over the framework FIST provides. Allows for both Arthurian setting play and for having a Quester in the default 80s setting. 

A lot of excellent Traits worth adding to "the list". My favorite is Dwarf, which is a diminutive term for anyone with a lick of common sense... which is a consumable resource. 

The use of redacted/ unredacted versions for players / referees is really cool! I also love the predictive-analysis briefing setup, which both cuts off clarifying questions (figure it out on the ground, you can't grill a printout) and provides a healthy dose of world building.

My biggest gripe is the plane list that takes up over a quarter of the page. Whatever program was used to make the PDF compressed that image down to the point that the text is illegible - I can tell there's SOMETHING going on there, probably related to Midnight Blade's special power, but there's no way to figure out what it says.

There are a bunch of interesting ideas in here that could be used to craft a few fun sessions with the right group. Unfortunately, it starts with implanted bombs that go off of players don't follow the rails. The first threat is a group of hospitals each with 4 armor/double digit health/1d6+4 damage, even one of which is most likely a TPK for new FIST characters. The text is in very long page-wide paragraphs, one a page and a half long, written in a stream of consciousness manner that switches tenses around, making it really hard to initially parse and later re- find information.

For all my above gripping, there's a lot of good material for inspiration in here! The bookended twists, the creepy office with Pam from Accounting acting like a rabid Necron hybrid, the oppressive atmosphere of the city ... If the author spent time tidying up the text and adjusting the mechanics of the threats they'd have something others could easily use to kick off their campaigns with killer first sessions. 

My favorite part is how the twist ending is hinted at throughout without ever being super obvious at the time.

Have you tried running it in Incognito/Privacy mode? If it's a conflict with cookies or whatever that should bypass it..

I'm loving this FIST-Zeitgeist drift towards RATIONS style pamphlets/brochures.  Tempestuous Mind is a solid action-forward op with a few moral choices along the way.  Plenty of martial risks and opportunities for PCs to shine.
Setting a tactical op on an oil rig is a classic and fits well with the MGS inspirations for FIST.  Kiddos trapped in tanks as living biocomponents for CYCLOPS is a strong callback to the first RATIONS entry.  
A thematically appropriate piece, competently executed.  Nice!

A fun, tight rules expansion that fights with Core FIST while being it's own thing.  Beautifully laid out, too. A great first entry!

A printable version without all the black on pages 3 and 7 would be cool.

From my public review :

"Here I thought I had a remote chance to win the FIST Jam...then R Kelly comes out with this  beauty of a reimagining / supplement.

It can serve as either, providing alternate PC types for play in their own unique circumstances or for merging into a more standard FIST unit. The most wonderful thing is how the modified mechanics of play, in particular stat checks and character advancements, both promise a unique experience AND allow co-play with more traditional / core rulebook tactical espionage personnel. Compatible differences make unique characters who can still hang, or who can be the focus of their own stories. Fantastic!"

My only beef with the art, and it's *real* small, is the inverted logo marks on the pistol drawing on page 16 and the use of some distinctly modern add-ons to the rifle on page 6.  Those are more than made up for by the fantastic WW1-esque trench fighting imagery which has subtle hints about the upcoming page contents.

This is real good, folks.  Like, REAL good.

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Be aware, your submission isn't accessible from this page or your project page. Did you upload the file(s) and make sure they're marked as available for download?

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Here I thought I had a remote chance to win the FIST Jam...then R Kelly comes out with this  beauty of a reimagining / supplement.

It can serve as either, providing alternate PC types for play in their own unique circumstances or for merging into a more standard FIST unit. The most wonderful thing is how the modified mechanics of play, in particular stat checks and character advancements, both promise a unique experience AND allow co-play with more traditional / core rulebook tactical espionage personnel. Compatible differences make unique characters who can still hang, or who can be the focus of their own stories. Fantastic!