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Yep nightly builds

I don't think im supposed to see the skin here and it's in every female pose and clothing for me.
Mannequin community · Created a new topic Question

I would like to say these updates have been pretty much bug free for a while so great job at that.

i like the added male model


When is the male model going start get clothes?

Questions 2:

Are you planing to make different body types with these models?

But i love the work so far keep it up

Would be nice to get a time table.

Looks good can't wait to mess with it.

Thought it was something like that.  Thank you for updating us

Good-luck  with fixing that bug and getting everything working.

I'm just wondering when we are going to see a update.

Some odd shadows.

Never  knew  shadows are boxes

Good luck fixing it could always fix in post if i have too

Idea don't know how hard it is for you implement

I have used a program in the past called design doll

This allow you to modify aspect of the body with set ranges which is great ability and very useful.  To a great level this could be extremely useful if possible.

This would allow people the have widely different character builds to be a one stop shop for everything. I don't know how hard it be to work in to some level. 

Keep up the good work and thank you for you time

Some of requests if possible

1. Lab Coat

2. Pants for Female

3. Trench Coat

4. Regular coat scuffed up

hope these are possible thank you

Mannequin community · Created a new topic Just bought it
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I really hope this continues to be worked on because it has a ton of potential.
I Love it!

thank you


Thank you quick responses

thank you for the quick reply

one more question

Will this  be a one time buy and i can get updates in the future?

Mannequin community · Created a new topic New to me

I came across this and i love the idea of something like this but before i buy but do have some questions.

Question1: What is the copyright information i means from , what level is this stuff under?

Question2: When i downloaded the demo no option for male character design is this in the full version?

Question3: Will there be ability to change different body types and sizes?

Question4: What is the ability on third party  art being add in on this?

Since i use tyranobuilder this could be very useful as long as updates keep coming and the program give me the a vast ability to make characters different.