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A topic by Ace19 created Mar 22, 2018 Views: 109 Replies: 1
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I would like to say these updates have been pretty much bug free for a while so great job at that.

i like the added male model


When is the male model going start get clothes?

Questions 2:

Are you planing to make different body types with these models?

But i love the work so far keep it up


Hello, glad to see you liked it!

  • We'll be working on new clothes as soon as the template limitation function for clothing is done. Currently you can see in the library that every clothing available for every template is displayed all at once without consideration whether those particular template are compatible with the current selected body type template or not. With the limitation function added, these problems will go away. Shouldn't be too long to implement!
  • Yes, we're planning to do different body types. Our planning for the base content are at least 3 body type variations for each gender with school uniforms and several modern clothing templates. Other kind of clothing templates will be distributed separately using the (yet to be implemented) custom contents functionality.

As always, thanks for your support!