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[Before I give more suggestion, can I request that you post more links to this suggestion forum? I feel kinda awkward/selfish since I have only seen my suggestions! XD ]

1.Anyway, can you make a list of upcoming features page (that shows what you already have planned for the next year or so?) so that way no one waste your time by recommending things that you already have planned? For instance, something like this :

2. A some point will you add different body types? Like abs/bigger hips/stronger-looking arms? Also, while this is in the far future , will you add different ages (like child, 25-year-old, old person?)?

3. And lastly, I have posted a couple pictures of outfits I would really like to see :



I'm currently setting up a Trello board for the milestones of this app. Should be done next week (can't finish this fast because I'm going to visit my parents until the end of this week).

I'll update this thread and the store page with the link when the board is done.

As for different body types, it is something that I'm currently experimenting with. Something like child -> teenager -> adult proportion is already in my mind, but I can't promise anything since, well, it is still experimental (originally planned for releases after 1.0). Might change if the experiments turned out to be satisfying though.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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The trello board is now available for public, you can view it here: