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Hi I'm gay BáiYù and I dabble in GUI design, though I consider myself more of a writer by trade. Usually I end up being a sort of odds-job person doing the weird tasks that don't really fall into one category.

Did I mention I'm gay

Requested BGs:

  • behind high school bleachers
  • small town alley
  • small town clock [tower i'm assuming]
  • behind grocery store
  • retail break room.
  • bedrooms
  • coffee shops/cafes
  • the beach
  • grocery stores
  • the library
  • hospital room + hallways
Note: I should have mentioned this previously but I am not making many High School-esque BGs! They will be done last. If you need school bgs, try taking a look at Uncle Mugen's renders. They're very nice and shiny!

So here's the deal: I've decided to scrap my original idea for this jam in favor of making a BxG with a trans protagonist. It's set in your usual modern day world and I'm making original backgrounds using Google Sketchup and some post processing.

Here's your chance to request some BGs that the community can really use. All backgrounds I make for my entry will be in 1366x768 resolution, licensed under (CC BY 4.0), and released as they're made. I don't promise they'll be super nice as I'm not an artist, but they will be passable enough not to cry over.

Backgrounds already planned:

  • Movie Theater
  • Bus Stop
  • Bus Interior
  • City Streets
  • Lounge/Activity Center/Whatever you call places where people just chill
I'll try to make as many as I can. You can request on Twitter or here, and I'll round them up.

P.S. Vote for the title of my game! Please don't make me seriously name it DOWN WITH CIS

Created a new topic Music Freesources
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I've got a lot of Creative Commons music sites in my bookmarks so I'm unloading them all here. Hope it's of some use to everyone! Always be sure to check the sites directly for exact crediting format.

SoundImage by Eric Matyas, (CC BY 4.0)

SoundBlend by Julian Ray, (CC BY 4.0)

Natentine by Marwan Nimra and co., (CC BY 4.0)

Free Music Archive by various, see individual licensing on songs

CCMixter by various, see individual licensing on songs

Musopen by various Classical composers, see individual licensing on songs (think Chopin and Beethoven, most should be Public Domain by now)

Hi all, my name is BáiYù and I'll be taking on the weekend challenge to make a quick Ren'Py VN. I've already found some assets to use so I'm just brainstorming now. It'll probably be a yuri game involving magical girls and cannibalism(?!), don't ask me how or why. I'll be making a custom GUI to release at the end.

I look forward to jammin' with everyone!

Made two models with glasses to test them out. They look great, but the sides of the glasses have some sort of blue tinting? I don't know if it's supposed to be that way but jsyk

Created a new topic Natural Colors

While fiddling with the model I made of myself, I realized that some people might have trouble getting some of the colors to look good. I know that when I try to estimate what color skin tone to use, sometimes I chose something a shade too close to a sunburn.

If you're going for a more anime-esque character design, you probably won't need the hair or eye charts, but otherwise I hope everyone finds these useful!

Pantone Skintones

Bruce Beard's Hair & Skin Color Charts

Hair Colors

Thank you so much for trying out the current version I put out! I'll be working on finishing it within the next two weeks, so please look forward to it. And I'll figure out how to adjust the colors for the links. Accessibility is a big thing for me, so I wanted to make sure that the page wouldn't cause eyestrain to readers. I'm very glad that it worked!

Thank you again!

Been meaning to post here but kept forgetting >_>

Stuff I'd like to see in the near future (but ain't urgent):

  • Androgynous/Flat-Chested Model
  • Earrings Accessory
  • Glasses Accessory
  • Crew Socks Accessory
  • High Heels Footwear
  • Drill Pigtails (example, but probably not as long lmao)

The planned components on the Trello board sound like a good direction, thanks so much for your good work!

Replied to AR14 in Bug Reports

My anime self thanks you! The render is perfect on the first try.

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I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing issues with exporting their characters, but I have to re-render several times to ensure that all the elements are included in the output image. Else, I get something like this:


I run Windows10 x64 with an Intel(R) Core i7 processor, if that matters?