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This is a thread of resources you can use to make your game! Please note the individual licenses on each item, as they may vary.


* Indicates that support for these platforms may involve more work

Art Programs

Audio Programs

  • Audacity (Free, Audio Recorder and Editor) [Win, Mac, Linux]
  • Bosca Ceoil (Free, Music Composition) [Win, Mac, Linux]
  • GarageBand (Free, Music Composition) [Mac]
  • Image to Music (Free, Music Toy) [Win]
  • LabChirp (Free, SFX Generator)  [Win, Linux]
  • LMMS (Free, Music Composition) [Win, Mac, Linux]
  • MuseScore (Free, Music Composition [Win]

Writing Programs

Code Editors

Fonts (Please check individual licenses!)

Pre-Made/Creative Commons/Generator Assets

lunaterra's collection of VN Assets, Tutorials, and Tools should be your first stop to finding CC resources! She adds resources that others have uploaded to itch in this collection, so you'll find a variety of visual & audio assets, as well as code templates and tutorials!

The VisuStella Emporium has Weapon, Potion, and Plant icons you can use!
The Stella Character Generator
can also be used to create sprites.

Yes, that is allowed! Your main menu counts as the User Interface.

MAIN MENU/TITLE BACKGROUND:  The main menu or title screen can be different to the in-game background.
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Welcome to the jam! Even simple rules can lead to complex questions, therefore find below some specific cases in which they do (or don't) apply. 

If you can't find your specific case or situation, feel free to ask!

============================ ONE SPRITE

MULTI-CHARACTER: A character holding a baby is technically two people, but still counts as a single sprite. Similar to a pirate with a parrot, a blind person with a dog, a witch with a cat, if these never separate.

MULTIPLE SPRITE USES: It's allowed to use a single sprite for twins, clones, ghosts, swarms, etc... It's also allowed to show only a portion of a sprite (with rules similar to the rules about large pannable images).

MIRRORED SPRITES: Mirroring sprites and backgrounds in the engine is allowed.

USING OWN EXISTING ASSETS: Any original, non-CC assets used in the jam must be created within the timeframe set. This means you cannot use such sprites, backgrounds, music etc. from your work-in-progress project in the jam project.

ITEMS: A sprite may contain only a single non-central element that will be hidden (man loses a hat, child's balloon flies away) or appears. Multiple elements like a change of clothes are not allowed. A dressup game is unfortunately not allowed.

SKELETAL ANIMATION / WIGGLING: Using bits of a sprite to make them move slightly to appear as if breathing, bobbing their head, or other idle animation is allowed, provided there are no extra bits of the sprite for transitioning (e.g. an animation of a Jumping Jack toy is allowed).

NON-CHARACTER SPRITE: Objects such as a car, a UFO, or a wormhole that appear over the background count as sprites even though they are inanimate. They should be sufficiently specific and singular so that they don't transform the background to a completely different one. However populating a city with people and vehicles by using a "sprite" that livens it up is allowed. But showing a city pre- and post-war by using an overlay that dramatically changes it is not allowed.

CG: Event CGs (combined graphics for special events where a character and backgrounds are a single picture) are allowed, but a single CG will therefore mean no BG and no sprite anymore. A single-CG VN where the single character's expression changes is therefore fine.

============================ ONE BACKGROUND

FILTERS: Using the engine's functions to alter the background (blur, night filter) is allowed. It is not allowed to achieve the equivalent effect through a secondary version of the background image (i.e. having multiple separate images).

PANNING: Panning an image is also allowed, provided the image is not a way to avoid rules (e.g. it's actually several single images and panning effectively switches scenes, or the master image is so large that panning and repositioning sprites effectively changes the scene). It is however in the spirit of the jam, if for example there is a single pan to reveal something previously hidden in a single larger image.

ANIMATION: Small looping animation is okay, such as the inside of a train with passing scenery, or a waterfall in the background.

LAYERING: A background that is separated into multiple files but compiled within the engine to create a single image such that a sprite can appear behind or in front of an element is allowed.

============================ ONE THOUSAND WORDS

WORDS AS IMAGES: Signs and posters do not count against the limit, even if they relate to the story. Letters and other longer form information count against the limit of 1.000 words, even if they are presented as an image.

BRANCHES: In branching VNs the script for all the branches combined cannot exceed 1.000 words. However the word count of a repeating event like a recurring dream which you call via the script 3 times only counts once against the limit of 1.000 words. Similar to "common routes" in a branching VN.

CHOICES COUNT AS TEXT: The text of choices such as "Go Left / Go Right" counts against the 1.000 word limit. (Please note that specifically the Ren'Py engine does not count text of choices when checking the script with the "lint" command, take care to factor this into your calculations.)

MINIGAME USING WORDS: If you include a minigame that uses words (e.g. Scrabble, word associations, phonetic alphabet etc...), this does not count against the 1.000 word limit, if it's purely a game mechanic, and does not specifically advance the narrative.

CONVERSATION LOOPS or STORY GENERATORS: Using the 1.000 words limit to create a chat bot, a conversation loop, or a game system with AI responses where sentences or parts of them are combined to create a story that is longer than 1.000 words is allowed.

LANGUAGE: There is no English requirement for the jam entry. Your VN can be in any language as long as it contains 1.000 words, even if translated in English it would be over 1.000 words. You are not allowed to do dual-language VNs, where the combined word count of both versions exceeds 1.000 words. The reason for this is to avoid writing more than 1.000 words for a project in total.

CHAPTER NAMES: Chapter names, even if displayed on screen, do not count against the 1.000 word limit. The reason is to allow some signposting and enhancing atmosphere.

CUSTOMIZED MENU ITEMS and GLOSSARY: If a custom menu item is longer "Start game" vs "Start your adventure in HappyLand", it does not count against the word limit. In general menu items and even short glossaries do not count against the word limits, except if they are excessively long such as scientific explanations.


SHORT PLAY: Some noises like rain can be used as sound effects (a short loop for a brief moment), but also as ambient noise (continuous loop through the game).

LOOPED SFX VS. AMBIENT SOUND: A continuous (looping) sound effect like rain, airplane noise, train, sea waves... playing for a long period of time is effectively acting as ambient background noise, and therefore takes the place of music in this case. A sound effect is something like a phone ringing, a gun shot or similar.

COMBINED MUSIC and AMBIENT SOUNDS: A music track that also includes ambient noise underneath music is against the rules, as is a music track that combines portions of music and sound effects timed to the story to give the illusion of separate tracks. The point of the rule is for the author to decide between music and ambient sounds.

SELECTIVE LOOPS: Creating a single music track and selecting partial loops to play is similar to a combined background, and is not against the rules, if the full track can be seen as a single piece of continuous music, even if parts of the music track are never used.

MENU MUSIC: Playing a one-time SFX, music, or ambient sound that plays in the menu counts against the limit of a single music track or ambient sound track.

============================ ONE SOUND EFFECT

TEXT-TO-SPEECH: Does not count as voice acting since it's a built in feature of the engine. In case there are extra lines of the story that the TTS will read only when in TTS mode in addition to the regularly displayed text (if the player was asked to turn on TTS), these extra lines generally would also count against the 1.000 word limit.

MULTIPLE USES OF SFX: It's OK to use a single phone ringing sound on multiple occasions. It's also OK to use a bell ringing multiple times to indicate the time.

BUTTON CLICK SOUND IN INTERFACE: A button click sound (or multiple types) used for interfaces would not count as a sound effect in the game.

HUMAN-MADE SOUNDS AS SFX: Sounds such as a scream, bark, or meow that are custom made by a human are allowed as your SFX and do not count against the voice acting limit of a single person, even if they were made by a different voice actor.

============================ ONE VOICE ACTOR

SINGLE VOICE: The voice actor may use variations of voices, but can only be a single person. Voice modulation and processing to create completely different sounding voices from a single person is allowed.

OFF-SCREEN TEXT: Voiced lines must be words appearing in text on screen (limited to 1.000 words). The words of voiced lines which aren't visible on screen or are not part of the text are added to the text which does appear on screen, and combined they are limited to 1.000 words.

VOICE BEEPS AS SPEECH: Sound effects processed to act as voices do not count against the sound effects (SFX) limit, but against the voice acting limit.

============================ ONE PIECE OF MENU BACKGROUND

MAIN MENU/TITLE BACKGROUND: The main menu or title screen can be different to the in-game background.

RE-USING OLD GUI TEMPLATES: Using previously created custom menu styles is OK, even if they appeared in other games before, so long as you have permission to use them.

INDICATOR: For menus, you can make a small indication that people are in the main and in the settings/preferences menu, but they should basically be the same image. For this purpose two images can be made if the engine requires them.

============================ ONE PROJECT

ONE PROJECT AS A CREATIVE LEAD: You can work and collaborate only on one project for this jam which is based off of your ideas. You can participate in multiple projects in a non-creative role (coordination, marketing).

CONTRIBUTION: You can creatively participate in a single project different to the one where you are creative lead/director in a secondary creative capacity (e.g. while working on your project you can draw a sprite for someone else's project).

If you wish to remove access to the Extras page entirely, you can press CTRL+F and look for Extras to locate these lines:

        if main_menu:
            textbutton _("Extras") action ShowMenu("achievements") alt "Extras"

in the Navigation screen, then comment it out. If you wish to change what is in the Extras screens, continue looking through until you reach near the bottom of the .rpy files, where the actual contents of the Extras screens are.

Sorry for the late reply! You're free to DM @baiyu_dev on twitter for help, or you canjoin the DevTalk discord server where they frequent daily. Cheers!

I answered HexVexed on Discord about adding multiple pages to a screen, and the best way to do so is to copy the Help Screen.

action SetScreenVariable("device", "keyboard")

Where "device" is the variable, and "keyboard" is what the variable is set to. You ought to be able to play around with it and set it up for your own needs.

"Mark Caitlyn is a true wild child, having been a stray who chose his human caretakers one day while escaping the clutches of a small human girl. He is very brave and social, sometimes borderline foolish, but never gives up on those he loves. Some of his hobbies include playing fetch, swipe-the-ankle, and chirping at flies."

Whoops, kept meaning to reply here! Here's a thread of my baby boy, plenty of refs in lots of poses.

Hi all, was just now linked to this jam and I think it's a really lovely initiative to have. I myself have been working on a GUI template for the Ren'Py engine that integrates several features requested and made by members of the community. I maintain it here:

The template has been out for more than a year with some updates whenever I have the spoons to do so, and I plan on rewriting a lot of the accessibility options to use the engine's built-in system, rather than a custom function. When that update goes live, will it still be permitted for entry?

I enjoyed playing this game on my phone, it was really nice to play something calm and atmospheric during my lunch break. I especially appreciate the metaphor about the spell being equivalent to mental health, and have felt the same way Lilac has many times. 

A really clever game that seems short at first, but really shines the more you play. I enjoyed seeing all the possible tea combinations that were available as well!

This is by far one of my favorite series from any creator ever. Thank you for writing about such a delicate subject with such care and respect.

There are a number of other resources available that detail how to create a GUI using Imagemaps, though it should be noted that Imagemaps are a depreciated method of creating screens for general use.

Is it possible to host completed games on other websites as or put the download available on ?

Hi, thanks for catching that! That's what I get for too much copypasta I have fixed the information for those and added some more links, including Font resources!

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I'm compiling a list of engines, tools, CC assets, etc. to aid in the development of NaNo entries. Please feel free to add your own if I missed any!


* Indicates that support for these platforms may involve more work

Art Programs

Audio Programs

  • Audacity (Free, Audio Recorder and Editor) [Win, Mac, Linux]
  • Bosca Ceoil (Free, Music Composition) [Win, Mac, Linux]
  • Image to Music (Free, Music Toy) [Win]
  • LabChirp (Free, SFX Generator)  [Win, Linux]
  • GarageBand (Free, Music Composition) [Mac]
  • LMMS (Free, Music Composition) [Win, Mac, Linux]
  • MuseScore (Free, Music Composition [Win]

Writing Programs

Code Editors

Fonts (Please check individual licenses!)

Pre-Made Assets

As it's being developed in Ren'Py, the game will be available for Win, Mac, and Linux OSes by default. Thank you for your interest!

Hi! Sorry I haven't been answering any of the comments, I've been busy. Keep in mind that the current version here is a WIP and I'm working on finishing it soon! Thank you for being patient m( _ _)m

Hey all, the jam's about to start so I wanted to give a bit of advice to my fellow devs. If you have some more tips, feel free to post them here too!

1. Doesn't matter whether you're new to the scene or a seasoned veteran, avoid crunch.

Gaming news website Polygon published this article not too long ago about an AAA dev's thought on "crunch time," AKA "push everything else to the side and work work work." Don't do this to yourself and your team. At least, try not to. It's incredibly unhealthy and leads to burnout sooner or later, which can be permanent. Pace yourself and know your limits. Don't stare at your computer screen all day and take breaks. You will be okay.

2. Know the scope of your project.

Yuri Jam will be 2 months long, which is longer than your usual game jam. That's great! But don't go in with the idea that you'll be able to fit in all those cool features or that extra love interest. Feature creep is real. Make a list of all the core functionality your game will absolutely need and another list of the bells and whistles you'd love to have. Focus on the first list and afterwards if you have time, try working on the fancy stuff.

3. Plan for the worst.

That may sound pessimistic, but life has a tendency to get in the way of the things we want to do. Maybe you or one of your teammates get sick. Maybe one of you guys have a personal emergency. Things will happen and that's normal. Leave yourself and your team some buffer time in the worst case scenario.

4. Communicate with your team.

I absolutely cannot stress this enough. A lot of us will be busy with going back to school or with the grind of our day jobs. Check in with your team at least once a week if not daily for progress reports. Everyone will appreciate it. And if something happens IRL and you can't participate anymore? Tell your team, don't be that person who mysteriously disappears. We worry about each other.

5. Leave some time for testing and bugfixes.

Trust me, you'll need it.

6. Your health is the first priority.

Remember to take care of yourself! Sacrificing your health is never worth it. Drink plenty of water, make sure to eat healthy, and get some fresh air. 

Hi I'm gay BáiYù and I dabble in GUI design, though I consider myself more of a writer by trade. Usually I end up being a sort of odds-job person doing the weird tasks that don't really fall into one category.

Did I mention I'm gay

Requested BGs:

  • behind high school bleachers
  • small town alley
  • small town clock [tower i'm assuming]
  • behind grocery store
  • retail break room.
  • bedrooms
  • coffee shops/cafes
  • the beach
  • grocery stores
  • the library
  • hospital room + hallways
Note: I should have mentioned this previously but I am not making many High School-esque BGs! They will be done last. If you need school bgs, try taking a look at Uncle Mugen's renders. They're very nice and shiny!

So here's the deal: I've decided to scrap my original idea for this jam in favor of making a BxG with a trans protagonist. It's set in your usual modern day world and I'm making original backgrounds using Google Sketchup and some post processing.

Here's your chance to request some BGs that the community can really use. All backgrounds I make for my entry will be in 1366x768 resolution, licensed under (CC BY 4.0), and released as they're made. I don't promise they'll be super nice as I'm not an artist, but they will be passable enough not to cry over.

Backgrounds already planned:

  • Movie Theater
  • Bus Stop
  • Bus Interior
  • City Streets
  • Lounge/Activity Center/Whatever you call places where people just chill
I'll try to make as many as I can. You can request on Twitter or here, and I'll round them up.

P.S. Vote for the title of my game! Please don't make me seriously name it DOWN WITH CIS

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I've got a lot of Creative Commons music sites in my bookmarks so I'm unloading them all here. Hope it's of some use to everyone! Always be sure to check the sites directly for exact crediting format.

SoundImage by Eric Matyas, (CC BY 4.0)

SoundBlend by Julian Ray, (CC BY 4.0)

Natentine by Marwan Nimra and co., (CC BY 4.0)

Free Music Archive by various, see individual licensing on songs

CCMixter by various, see individual licensing on songs

Musopen by various Classical composers, see individual licensing on songs (think Chopin and Beethoven, most should be Public Domain by now)

Hi all, my name is BáiYù and I'll be taking on the weekend challenge to make a quick Ren'Py VN. I've already found some assets to use so I'm just brainstorming now. It'll probably be a yuri game involving magical girls and cannibalism(?!), don't ask me how or why. I'll be making a custom GUI to release at the end.

I look forward to jammin' with everyone!

Made two models with glasses to test them out. They look great, but the sides of the glasses have some sort of blue tinting? I don't know if it's supposed to be that way but jsyk

Mannequin community · Created a new topic Natural Colors

While fiddling with the model I made of myself, I realized that some people might have trouble getting some of the colors to look good. I know that when I try to estimate what color skin tone to use, sometimes I chose something a shade too close to a sunburn.

If you're going for a more anime-esque character design, you probably won't need the hair or eye charts, but otherwise I hope everyone finds these useful!

Pantone Skintones

Bruce Beard's Hair & Skin Color Charts

Hair Colors

Thank you so much for trying out the current version I put out! I'll be working on finishing it within the next two weeks, so please look forward to it. And I'll figure out how to adjust the colors for the links. Accessibility is a big thing for me, so I wanted to make sure that the page wouldn't cause eyestrain to readers. I'm very glad that it worked!

Thank you again!

Been meaning to post here but kept forgetting >_>

Stuff I'd like to see in the near future (but ain't urgent):

  • Androgynous/Flat-Chested Model
  • Earrings Accessory
  • Glasses Accessory
  • Crew Socks Accessory
  • High Heels Footwear
  • Drill Pigtails (example, but probably not as long lmao)

The planned components on the Trello board sound like a good direction, thanks so much for your good work!

My anime self thanks you! The render is perfect on the first try.

I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing issues with exporting their characters, but I have to re-render several times to ensure that all the elements are included in the output image. Else, I get something like this:

I run Windows10 x64 with an Intel(R) Core i7 processor, if that matters?