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Awesome, thanks :D

For Sci-Fi purposes: A flightsuit/plugsuit type thing, basically a bodysuit but with some extra decorations/slightly more futuristic looking

Ooh, that battleback sounds like a good idea.  Incidentally tho I'm going front view so that all the characters can potentially be usable in combat, so I was initially thinking of the battlebacks in terms of like Earthbound or something.  But yeah, some battlebacks made of key map locations sound like just the thing.

Hey, got a couple questions:

1. What would you recommend for battlebacks in rpgmaker with this?  The enemies are relatively small so I'm assuming they're supposed to be in a line across the middle of the battles screen (assuming a front view), but I'm not quite sure if any of the default battlebacks would look good with that.

2. I don't want to make a game about kid characters, and so it's hard to tell, are the default hero ones i.e. the ones with sv_battlers adults or kids?

Decided on Clickteam after all.  However, now I have a better handle on the game's content and progression, at least in the demo.  Also gotta figure out how to properly fit hybridization in.

Progress: Decided on using Godot.  All the engines except rpgmaker are a steep climb anyway, might as well get the benefit of actual programming experience out of it.  Leaning towards space shooter with photorealistic space backgrounds.  Might use comipo for facesets and the like after all.

My progress so far consists in what I've ruled out.

So far I've ruled out using Comipo to do the heavy lifting as far as portrait/face assets go.

I'm on the fence about RPGMaker MV and perhaps RPGMaker 2003.

What I need to do is take some sort of quick pixel art class so I can make my own assets and do something in Clickteam Fusion.

1. Are fangames allowed?

2. Can they be demos or do they have to be "full" games in and of themselves?

3. Is Clickteam Fusion okay?  There seems to be very little, if any, actual programming involved.