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I wrote a script to "split the PNG file for animation".

I love Henry Software :D

Dropbox DL link

Hello, thank you for your reply.

I will publish it available on my blog. Once, I will send DL link.

Dropbox link

Thank you for creating a wonderful asset. Please do your best in the future as well!

Hi !! This is awesome asset!

I have purchased your assets.

I'm not good at English. So this is by google translation.

Since I am not making games with Unity, it is necessary to process the png file into an easy-to-use format. So I drew a script to split the png file under the PixelEffects\Sprite\ for each sprite.

I drew it in Python 3, but since I felt a little waste to be a disposable script as it is, I would like to publish it on my site. Can you not get your permission?

Of course, I will never publish the image file I purchased.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for reply!!

I just purchased.  : )


Sorry I`m not good at English.

 I`m interested in purchasing this asset pack.

Please tell me the file format of the template files?(.png or .aseprite or ... ?)

thank you very much.

Hi, Awesome Asset !!

Can I use this asset in an adult or porn game?

thank you very much.


 I have a suggestion "MIKO Costume".

thank you.

Thank you  reply!!

I always wish you good luck and keep up the great work!


 I purchased!!

But I'm not good at English. 

So I want to translate it little by little, but do you have document files etc? Or is there any information in the .mfa file?

Thank you very much.

good pixel art.

 thank you!!