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Hi !! This is awesome asset!

I have purchased your assets.

I'm not good at English. So this is by google translation.

Since I am not making games with Unity, it is necessary to process the png file into an easy-to-use format. So I drew a script to split the png file under the PixelEffects\Sprite\ for each sprite.

I drew it in Python 3, but since I felt a little waste to be a disposable script as it is, I would like to publish it on my site. Can you not get your permission?

Of course, I will never publish the image file I purchased.

Thank you very much.


Yes you can publish your script. There are also many tools to split images like photoshop or or or


Hello, thank you for your reply.

I will publish it available on my blog. Once, I will send DL link.

Dropbox link

Thank you for creating a wonderful asset. Please do your best in the future as well!