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I played the demo on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.  AMD Gen. 5 with Radeon 580 and it ran just fine.  A little confusing at first, but after getting an idea of what I was doing, I really enjoyed it.

Update 9-14-20:  Relatively recently I got App working on my linux computer.  Through fiddling with another program I found out that your RPG Maker game and some other apps will only work if installed and ran through the App.  So I tried installing and running yours through the app and it worked.  I've already played through the demo and I really enjoyed it.  Well done.  Did you make the assets yourself or was it premade assets?  I'm fiddling with RPG Maker MV myself through steam, so I'm just curious.

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Got a bug report.  I'm running Ubuntu 18.04.4 and tried to run the demo free version.  However, there wasn't any .sh file to run so after looking up some posts I saw that you're supposed to run the "Mannequin" file.  It is listed as Exacute as program in the properties.  Alright, so I tried to execute it.  It came up with an error, "Could not display "mannequin"  There is no application installed for "shared library files." Do you want to search for an application to open this file?"  

Any suggestions on what's wrong?

About 20 minutes later:

After reading on the app, which I didn't know even existed until now, in this community I tried using the app.  I was able to download the app and run it fine, so I tried downloading Mannequin through the app.  I remembered reading something about it being the preferred method of installing and running.  So, after installing it, wouldn't you know it ran just fine?  I'm a Linux only user now, I've ditched Windows for good, so apparently it will only run through the app and not on it's own apart from the app??  Anyway, I really like it and plan to buy it once it's on sale on steam.  Happy it works because this is something that I really needed.  Wow just look at those colors of the demo girl would you?  LoL

Interesting.  Didn't know RPG Maker MV is essentially a custom browser.  Learn something knew every day.  But in that case, you're right in that it doesn't make sense.  So, you got me.

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I'm running Ubuntu and the game brings up an error, "Your browser does not support WebGL."  But it's not running through the Web, so why would it need WebGL if it's not running through a browser in the first place???  I've run other RPG Maker MV games just fine and got RPG Maker MV myself.  Is this suppose to run in a browser???  Tried it in Google Chrome, and it failed to load the "Black.png" for the menu.  So, won't run.