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Hello! Very excited to see an update to the program, or at least the nightly version. Unfortunately, there are some hiccups I want to report:

For starters, whenever I try to hit "new" character, I get this error. It will not open a blank character, I just get this or the program crashing. For that reason, for whatever reason, I'm not able to start a new character from scratch.

On the other hand, it does seem like I'm able to load up characters I've made in the current stable build... but what I get as soon as the image loads is this, and upon trying to change clothes I just get more like this.

After some experimenting, I did finally get something that wasn't ripping through parts of itself like this, but from what I can tell it looks like the bodies are now shaped differently than some of the clothes/poses, so some things just don't sync up like I suspect they're supposed to. From what I can gather, this means carrying over characters from previous builds won't work out well, if at all, as they'll end up shaped differently or be missing clothes that were previously available.

On the bright side, I noticed there were some new options for male characters added! But, well, this is all that would show up of them.

All that said, I do like how everything looks smoother now, and I love all the new pants options! Unfortunately for me, I think I'm so deep into my current game using characters from the previous stable build that I'd basically have to start everything over from scratch from the looks of things.

The bug regarding 'new character' should be fixed by now, but the various 'errors' that you see regarding the image is due to our ongoing redraws. Some clothing items also has new code names which resulted in the alert box shown in your screenshots.

Once the redraws are finished we will be adding a compatibility layer to automatically adjust older files to the new version without losing any clothing items, but that's still for the next time.

Thank you very much for your detailed info, and sorry for your inconvenience!

Same issue here, latest macOS stable build. I look forward to seeing how it works following the redraws.

Thanks for the awesome software!