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I'm currently running the most recent nightly build and I'm having an  issue importing the SVG files into Adobe Illustrator CS6 and Inkscape. I can only get it to render properly in a webrowser. I cannot tell if this is an issue qith Mannequin or my software. The SVG exports I have from older versions import fine.

Hi, can you send your .mqn file to us (you can send it via email to for further inspection? We've tried testing with several of our test files and it opens fine.


Hi, we just pushed an update to the nightly channel to address this issue. Just let the app auto-update via the itch desktop app, and try exporting again.

Hopefully this works (we've already tested it, but you know, things can happen), and thankl you very much for notifying us about this problem!

New issue, I've emailed you an update.

Confirmed that this issue is now fixed with the latest nightly release. Thank you very much for all the support and feedback!