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I know you're dealing with a lot on your end, but I feel I should put this in here for when the time comes so that you can look into this (and before I forget about it and run into it again... ;-_-): on my machine, the current Nightly build just stops between the start-up screen and the editing window. I click New character, the window changes to the editing window with a dark gray over it, and...nothing. It doesn't budge from there. It stayed like that during a 30-minute wait. I had to force quit it to make it stop.

If you need more info about my machine, let me know.

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Sorry for your inconvenience!

We'll take a look into it right away.

Based on your previous post, I'm assuming you are running in Windows 10? Are you using the latest version of itch app?
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Yes, Windows 10.
I don't think the version of the itch app (which, BTW, is still 23; don't know why it won't update) matters, because this happened when I launched the Nightly build from the Mannequin icon.

The bug should be fixed by now, thanks for your info! The latest version of itch app needs to be installed manually if I'm not mistaken. It has nothing to do with this bug, however it also has a quite nice new feature which lets you install both Mannequin's stable and nightly build on one machine (and auto-update them both).

Again, thank you very much!

I wasn't expecting a response this soon!