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English translator found :) You can still apply for other languages !

Nous attendons votre avis ! We're wainting for feedback !

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We're a little team making free2play experimental educational games for language self-learning.

Our little studio is looking for TRANSLATORS able to translate from FRENCH to any other language (international, national, regional, dead languages, conlangs, etc.). We especially need an ENGLISH translator. 

One of our games already has an English translation but it needs to be corrected, so it's something you could eventually start with, in order to make your mind before joining the official staff. You can also apply for punctually working on one project as a collaborator. The whole choice's up to you ;)

It is not a paid work. No one amongst us earns money from our games.

For more information, feel free to reply here or contact us via e-mail at :

If you need a very very very quick answer, contact Sévanrakön on our Discord. (If possible, answer in French for showing us you know French ^^ If you just want some information of any kind, you may also write in English, Spanish or any Scandinavian languages)

Cheers! It'll be nice to meet you!

Sévanrakön from Khan Art Studio

Pues... sería posible jugar sobre un PC ? Me gustaría mucho probarlo.

Khan Art Studio is experimenting the use of Visual Novels for language teaching and self-learning. We have just completed a demonstration work : Lo Camin de l'Escòla. This short game will teach you through a teacher's course and a story where you'll be in immersion into another culture and language, some basics about Bearnese (a dialect of Gascon, spoken in the south west of France, next to the Basque Country). 

Only French is available for now, but we can translate into English, Spanish, Swedish and eventually German or other languages if there is some requests.

Our next games will probably apply to bigger languages, but we are proud to present some material for helping this endangered language to survive.

As we wish our material to be as good as possible for both language learners and VN players, we would really appreciate any comment, suggestion, ideas, or even help. We are still looking for a programmer for our current projects. You can contact us by commenting our pages on, by e-mail ( or on our community page on Discord.  It will be a pleasure to discuss about our projects, didactics, languages, visual novels or anything with you !

We hope you'll enjoy our work !

Cheers !

K.A.S. team

PS : Please, note that this work has been done only one member of our team in around 20 hours, it is not supposed to be perfect and some extensions and corrections will possibly be made in the future.

I've had the same problem but it worked perfectly after reinstalling Mannequin.

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Whaaaa le délire xDDDDD  J'aime pas trop les trucs trop tournés vers le cul mais comme c'est juste évoqué de façon humoristique ça passe tranquille. Et genre là le texte est hilarant ! J'aurais bien voulu me marrer un peu plus longtemps ;)

Et puis ça fait du bien un VN en français :D

Haha! You're a genius x)

Funny :)

Is it part of the joke to not be able to save the game?

I sent you an e-mail :)


I will be extremely busy those next two weeks, but I'll be working a bit more on Kudourt project after that. I'm actually not intending to develop it much more though, since I've started a bigger project with a writer, but some parts still need to be completed. So if you want to help me with the sprites, consider that this game only has a ~15 minutes playtime.

I've had a look at your art, especially at your VN project's, and it would be a pleasure if you make the sprites for my VN. Your characters look very expressive and I think this really important for all games, and it is a great advantage for language learners to better identify the characters' mood and set of mind. But hey, I don't want to annoy you with some long speech about didactic.

If you're still interested in working on my project, let me know it here or on Gamejolt (I'm following you now ^^) so we can exchange e-mails and discuss it more in details.

Thank you so much for your interest!


PS: Votre  français m'a l'air très bon! Cela pourra être utile car mon anglais est parfois assez chaotique... (mais je fais des efforts!) Dans tous les cas, ce serait un plaisir de pouvoir vous aider.

Dans le genre wtf, c'est dur de faire mieux x)

  • I'm doing it all via the app.
  • The fact is, nothing happens while launching Mannequin through the app. The launching  button displays "En cours d'éxécution" (I'm running it in French, so I don't know what's shown in English) then turns back to"Lancer" ("launch") after a few seconds, while not a single window will open. Lauching via the app perfectly works with other programs though, I'm only having this bug on Mannequin.
  • Downloading and updating Mannequin on perfectly works, I don't need to do it manually.

If nobody else is having this bug, don't feel obligated to help me. It really doesn't bother me, I just wanted to report it.

Thank you for your hard work!

Your efficiency is impressive, thank you!

Feel free to ask for any information you need.

Love it!

Hello, I'd like to thank you once more for running this project, it really is awesome!

Here are two little bugs I've had (I'm using windows10 / 64b):

  • Mannequin won't run from, I need to open it manually. But this is not so important though.
  • Some poses won't allow to change eyebrows. For example if I choose the "Both arm raised" pose, only "Neutral" eyebrows will be displayed no matter which type I select.

Just a little thing that could be easily fixed: when you close your only project file, the app ends. So you must open a new blank file before closing the last one if you want to keep working on a new project without needing to re-open Mannequin. Would it be possible to just being transfered to some menu page from where you can open a new file? I hope my explaination was clear enough... sorry for my bad English.

Ich kann leider nicht so viel Deutsch, aber ich glaube ich habe das wichtigsten vestanden. Dieses Märchen is richtig gut, und die Musik und die Bilder sind perfekt! Vielen Dank!

Hi there!

I've been working on GUI and displays last days, so menus look a bit better and choice menus are much more readable!

The really big new is a special tool for language learners! A French-English glossary with almost 800 words and expressions is now included in the easy French version! It still is a bit hard to use but I'll try to add hyperlinks into the game text for the reader to immediatly be redirected to the word he/she's looking for. For the moment, it is ordered by upcoming order inside each chapter.

Just give it a try and give feedback! ;)

Cool game! Really unsual story. I'll be waiting for more ^^

I really enjoyed it. I'll wait for the full VN :D Thank You!


Is there any way to play it on windows? Your game looks so fun!


I'm a new beginner in game making, but am by some way used in writing (in French though), so I'm making a short visual novel for testing renpy and learning tricks and stuff. The whole text (about 6200 words only) has been ready for a while, but I have no character design so I use sticky characters instead, for now ^^' ^^'


Nevertheless I hope the narration and path choosing are fun enough for you guys to enjoy it!

It is originally written in French, and I made a easy French translation for language learners. The English translation is available but not corrected yet, and I'm working on a Swedish translation.

I've got some artists intrested in working with me for bigger projects with both entertainment and/or educational goals, but I first need to get better in coding and interacting with you guys, so I really hope you could give me some advice and feedback! Every comment is welcome!

If there is some Renpy users, I'd really like to ask you some questions ! *o*

Sorry for my bad English ^^' 

I'll give some news as soon as another step is done!

Have a nice day :)

Are you intending to make your work available for PC users? I'd be intrested.

So coooool! Reading it wakes so many emotions... like... I dunno... emotions that are never hard, but always passionated. I agree it may sound weird, but I don't know how to say it ^^'

All characters are cool,  and first of them the narrator! That's great! It'd been cool seing all characters (uncle, teachers, etc) but since your VN is in development, I suppose it'll come later.

The only thing I regret is not being able to make one or two choices earlier. I thought at first that this was a kinetic novel. Ok, this is just a detail. I really appreciated reading! 

I'll really look forward to further developments! Thank you for creating this!


Je viens d'écrire mon premier Visual Novel et ai besoin de relecture ainsi que de dessins pour mes personnages.

L'objectif principal de ce projet est de le rendre disponible en français simplifié, pour les étudiants de français.

Vous pourrez trouver la description du projet (et le tester) ici:

Si le projet vous paraît trop petit pour vous investir, c'est avec plaisir que je l'agrandirai! 

Ce projet est une sorte de test pour juger s'il sera utile d'investir du temps dans la réalistion d'autres VN dans une optique de didactique des langues, et si celui-ci apporte quelques résultats, j'aimerais travailler dans cette optique et aurai besoin de collaborateurs pour de futurs projets. Alors pourquoi pas vous? ;)

Merci pour votre intérêt!



I've just written my first Visual Novel and need art for my characters. I'd also need  french re-reading (the english translation isn't done yet.

The main goal of this project is to develop a "Easy French" translation of it, thus providing material for language students.

You'll learn more about this project here: (I hope links aren't considered as advertisment in this section, if so, please tell me so I delete them, I'm new on

It you think investing yourself in such a little project isn't worth it, I'd be a pleasure for me to extend it!

This project is some kind of test for judging if it is worth to take time to create others VNs aiming to help language learners. If this one gives some positive results, I'd wish to work deeper in developing such educational material, and I'll need co-workers for making them. So why not you? ;)

Please forgive my bad English.

Thanks for your interest!


Thank you! 

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I know your work is still in progress, but is there already more contents in the version we'd buy? Like, more body types, older scaling, height, weight, noses, clothing, etc. All this sure is a lot of work to do, but it'd be really great to have.

By the way, your art is wonderful! Please keep the good work on!