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Short Visual Novel project

A topic by Khan Art Studio created Mar 08, 2018 Views: 101 Replies: 1
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I'm a new beginner in game making, but am by some way used in writing (in French though), so I'm making a short visual novel for testing renpy and learning tricks and stuff. The whole text (about 6200 words only) has been ready for a while, but I have no character design so I use sticky characters instead, for now ^^' ^^'


Nevertheless I hope the narration and path choosing are fun enough for you guys to enjoy it!

It is originally written in French, and I made a easy French translation for language learners. The English translation is available but not corrected yet, and I'm working on a Swedish translation.

I've got some artists intrested in working with me for bigger projects with both entertainment and/or educational goals, but I first need to get better in coding and interacting with you guys, so I really hope you could give me some advice and feedback! Every comment is welcome!

If there is some Renpy users, I'd really like to ask you some questions ! *o*

Sorry for my bad English ^^' 

I'll give some news as soon as another step is done!

Have a nice day :)

Hi there!

I've been working on GUI and displays last days, so menus look a bit better and choice menus are much more readable!

The really big new is a special tool for language learners! A French-English glossary with almost 800 words and expressions is now included in the easy French version! It still is a bit hard to use but I'll try to add hyperlinks into the game text for the reader to immediatly be redirected to the word he/she's looking for. For the moment, it is ordered by upcoming order inside each chapter.

Just give it a try and give feedback! ;)