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I will be extremely busy those next two weeks, but I'll be working a bit more on Kudourt project after that. I'm actually not intending to develop it much more though, since I've started a bigger project with a writer, but some parts still need to be completed. So if you want to help me with the sprites, consider that this game only has a ~15 minutes playtime.

I've had a look at your art, especially at your VN project's, and it would be a pleasure if you make the sprites for my VN. Your characters look very expressive and I think this really important for all games, and it is a great advantage for language learners to better identify the characters' mood and set of mind. But hey, I don't want to annoy you with some long speech about didactic.

If you're still interested in working on my project, let me know it here or on Gamejolt (I'm following you now ^^) so we can exchange e-mails and discuss it more in details.

Thank you so much for your interest!


PS: Votre  français m'a l'air très bon! Cela pourra être utile car mon anglais est parfois assez chaotique... (mais je fais des efforts!) Dans tous les cas, ce serait un plaisir de pouvoir vous aider.



If you're busy no worries! I'm also still working on my VN so I can't immediately jump into a new project at least until after the next week.  I haven't played the current version of La Fortresse du Kudourt yet but I'll definitely have a look soon. Contact my email at whenever you have the time!

Au fait, merci pour votre compliment, mais je crois votre connaissance de l'anglais est meilleur de mon français! XD


Marck E.


I sent you an e-mail :)