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¡Gracias por tu repuesta! Thank you for answering!

We would be grateful if you could share the information to your friends. Just make sure that they know we can't pay them for the work (we would really wish to but just can't). 

Sadly, none of our current projects needs English for now, but we have checked your website and listened to the pieces you uploaded and would like to keep your contact for in case we would need your great skills in the future, with the hope we would have grown enough for being able to pay our collaborators.

Thank you again and have a beautiful day!


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Alright, I will update with this info.

I have a great passion for language learning apps and want to see this project succeed.

Will compensation be made with credits and name on the project credits? I'm sure they would appreciate that

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Thanks you for your support!

Yes, credits can be given on all : 

      • game description page on
      •  game about section in-game
      • game credits the player will see when finishing the story
      • posts on: Twitter, Facebook and Discord

      We would be glad to link to their website or social networks when possible, and are open to more suggestions.