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Forenza VA

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Ah! I've already purchased it through the bundle (Thank you again so much) Is there another platform that I can utilize this such as  DAW?

Hi. I'm new to music visulatization, do I need another application to run it? I can't seem to find out how to initiate it.

I hope we can keep in touch. :)

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Alright, I will update with this info.

I have a great passion for language learning apps and want to see this project succeed.

Will compensation be made with credits and name on the project credits? I'm sure they would appreciate that

yo mas tan habla en ingles

No puedo habla en castellano perfecto, pero tengo mis amigos puede!

That's pretty cool nanabee! I think I know a few devs that could use that. I'll get in touch with them and see how they could use your services :)

A pleasure one and all.

I am a female Voice Talent and coming up to  a full year and realized I've yet to get a chance to really get to work under you all!

For more info, please feel free to check my website where you can see my:

Demo Reels




If you're in need of a voice, get in touch and I would love to book you.
Forenza Audio Web

Looks very nice. I wonder if you have any plans for female voice acting on this?