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[translation][educational]Need translator(s)

A topic by Khan Art Studio created Jun 19, 2018 Views: 288 Replies: 1
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We're a little team making free2play experimental educational games for language self-learning.

Our little studio is looking for TRANSLATORS able to translate from FRENCH to any other language (international, national, regional, dead languages, conlangs, etc.). We especially need an ENGLISH translator. 

One of our games already has an English translation but it needs to be corrected, so it's something you could eventually start with, in order to make your mind before joining the official staff. You can also apply for punctually working on one project as a collaborator. The whole choice's up to you ;)

It is not a paid work. No one amongst us earns money from our games.

For more information, feel free to reply here or contact us via e-mail at :

If you need a very very very quick answer, contact Sévanrakön on our Discord. (If possible, answer in French for showing us you know French ^^ If you just want some information of any kind, you may also write in English, Spanish or any Scandinavian languages)

Cheers! It'll be nice to meet you!

Sévanrakön from Khan Art Studio

English translator found :) You can still apply for other languages !

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