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Experimental project for using VN in language self-learning

A topic by Khan Art Studio created Jun 10, 2018 Views: 140
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Khan Art Studio is experimenting the use of Visual Novels for language teaching and self-learning. We have just completed a demonstration work : Lo Camin de l'Escòla. This short game will teach you through a teacher's course and a story where you'll be in immersion into another culture and language, some basics about Bearnese (a dialect of Gascon, spoken in the south west of France, next to the Basque Country). 

Only French is available for now, but we can translate into English, Spanish, Swedish and eventually German or other languages if there is some requests.

Our next games will probably apply to bigger languages, but we are proud to present some material for helping this endangered language to survive.

As we wish our material to be as good as possible for both language learners and VN players, we would really appreciate any comment, suggestion, ideas, or even help. We are still looking for a programmer for our current projects. You can contact us by commenting our pages on, by e-mail ( or on our community page on Discord.  It will be a pleasure to discuss about our projects, didactics, languages, visual novels or anything with you !

We hope you'll enjoy our work !

Cheers !

K.A.S. team

PS : Please, note that this work has been done only one member of our team in around 20 hours, it is not supposed to be perfect and some extensions and corrections will possibly be made in the future.

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