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Sounds like style_08_confirm_01.ogg! The demos should all be in order of style, all in variation 1.

Over that past few years I've seen many people in search of a the right sounds for their games interface. Well, here's my second pack to help out with that need. On sale for the first week so pick up your early-bird special for 50% off!

Confirm Tones:

Back Tones:

Error Tones:

Cursor Tones:

Menu Up Tones:

Menu Down Tones:

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Posting this in case it's already been solved before. Windows 10 x64. Pretty skilled on computers and I usually figure this out myself. The demo for Mannequin months ago worked just fine. So I purchased. Now, when I opened the .exe Windows popped up alerting me on the file, like it does for freshly built programs, I clicked Run Anyway. Then antivirus pops up with its usual fresh software scan. Afterwards, I can see the program "nwjs" running but it doesn't show up. Restarted, disabled antivirus, all that. No luck.

EDIT: Tried installing through the itch app and still nothing.

A few years ago, I released a sound effects pack on Reddit in /r/GameDev and got a fantastic response!

Today, I re-released it as CC0 on here on, hoping to build a name for myself in audio production. Soon, I'll be making decent length packs of music as well. Please, enjoy!

Interface SFX Pack 1 (CC0)