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Hey! Game looks great. I would love to work with you to make some custom horror sounds just for you game if needed!

Sorry, meant to make them CC0. Updated for clarity.

According to the CC4.0 license:

"You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use."

These are CC0 licensed, meaning you can do anything you want with them!

Awesome! Thank you!

From the listing: "These are CC0 licensed and are free but I wouldn't say no to you buying me a cup of coffee."

Free to use, commercially or for personal projects. No restrictions.

Yes, these are copyright free. 

An oversight in editing, yes. The pack is free now. I made it available to everyone due to a severe lack of interest on the GameDev community's part. Until I made it free and posted it on Reddit. Haha.

Yes, it's licensed under Creative Commons, check the license restrictions in the link above!

Glad to see it's working for you! Could've just been a glitch on's part.

Sounds like style_08_confirm_01.ogg! The demos should all be in order of style, all in variation 1.

Over that past few years I've seen many people in search of a the right sounds for their games interface. Well, here's my second pack to help out with that need. On sale for the first week so pick up your early-bird special for 50% off!

Confirm Tones:

Back Tones:

Error Tones:

Cursor Tones:

Menu Up Tones:

Menu Down Tones:

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Posting this in case it's already been solved before. Windows 10 x64. Pretty skilled on computers and I usually figure this out myself. The demo for Mannequin months ago worked just fine. So I purchased. Now, when I opened the .exe Windows popped up alerting me on the file, like it does for freshly built programs, I clicked Run Anyway. Then antivirus pops up with its usual fresh software scan. Afterwards, I can see the program "nwjs" running but it doesn't show up. Restarted, disabled antivirus, all that. No luck.

EDIT: Tried installing through the itch app and still nothing.

A few years ago, I released a sound effects pack on Reddit in /r/GameDev and got a fantastic response!

Today, I re-released it as CC0 on here on, hoping to build a name for myself in audio production. Soon, I'll be making decent length packs of music as well. Please, enjoy!

Interface SFX Pack 1 (CC0)