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I'm not sure what you mean by "claim"? I think your best bet is to add the game to a playlist of some sort, but you'd have to make it yourself. 

If you're asking for a purchase or donation option of some sort, then I'm afraid that'll never be enabled on my end.

If you're on Windows, extract the game's zip archive and click on the RPG_RT.exe file! If you're on Linux or Mac, you'll have to install EasyRPG player first.

You've not found all the hair yet, in that case... ;)

How many hairs did you get?

Did you try reexamining everything in all the rooms you've been in? You might've missed something. 

Sorry for the late reply! Feel free to translate the game, just make sure you provide a link to me so I can let people interested in playing know about it. :)

Of course! No prior permission is needed for that. (Free game, submitting it for the free game supporting the bundle section.)

Currently the development is in hiatus, but the project is not finished, no. I plan to resume development at some point, but due to current circumstances it is challenging to say when that will be the case.

The song is called "Undermine" from Presence of Music! 

Thank you so much! I'll put the download up now.

You can send the game to me by uploading it to any upload service of your choosing and linking it here in the comment replies. 

There is no need to download the translation kit, unless you plan to translate the game.

That's fine! Please let me know if you finish it so I can link to it.

My apologies; I forgot to mark the download as being for Windows! 

Maybe an hour or two, depending on how easy or hard you find the puzzles. Some people have finished it in 45 minutes or less.

Ah, my apologies about not getting back to you sooner; I have not logged into for a while. Which language are you looking to translate the game into? 

If you haven't downloaded the game before, download the game file that has both patches included; you won't need the patches separately.

Ah, thank you for telling me! I usually have this flag applied to my RPG Maker 2003 games, but I guess I forgot this time... :'D 

Thank you so much, I'm glad you're enjoying the game! 

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I've been playing with the demo version and it seems when I try to put the Tucked Shirt (Long Sleeves, Tight Collar) on a female model, it adds the short-sleeved variant to the model rather than the long-sleeved one. When I add the short-sleeved one, it works as intended.

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The title screen music is Gymnopédie No. 1 by Erik Satie and this particular rendition is from

It depends; some fairytales like the ones Andersen wrote don't tend to have Grimm versions. I also don't 100% stick to fairytale plots when I adapt them into games, so if you want a game that's closely authentic I fear I might not really deliver what you're hoping for... 

Still, if you don't mind some rewritings, you might enjoy any future fairytale adaptations, if I make any.

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Possibly! Lavender's concept came to me as an almost complete package of ideas that just needed a bit of refinement, which isn't usually the case for games I try to make, so it'll have to depend on whether I get a good idea of how to mix up another familiar fairytale.

Basically: if I get a good idea for one, you can bet I'll try again! I'm just not 100% sure which fairytale it would be and what the game would play like, because I don't have solid ideas for such a game right now.

Fair, though I would personally put that as "legal adults only" to make it clear it has potentially illegal content for minors.

While I get the inclination to think of this in a dev perspective, I think it's ultimately the players who are more important to consider here as it is to their benefit. Yes, it would be good to have a system that is easy to fill out by devs and doesn't take half an hour per game, but if that leads to a subpar content rating system, it's not that useful to implement. 

My own inclination in this case is to have some broader subject matter tags that can be chosen, after which some refinement tags are suggested to help branch out to more specific subjects. It should also be possible to add multiple subset subjects. 

Some suggestions for categories and subsets: 

  • Violence: cartoon/fantasy violence, violence towards children, intimate partner violence, etc.
  • Sexual content: heterosexual sex, homosexual sex, intersex sex participant(s), transgender sex participant(s), group sex, masturbation, fetish, etc.
  • Alcohol/drug use: marijuana, alcohol, smoking, hard drugs, etc.
  • Coarse language: sexual innuendo, sexually explicit language, blasphemy, slurs, etc.
  • Mental health/abuse: child abuse, domestic abuse, depression, self harm, etc.
  • Common phobias: spiders, insects, needles, etc.

This would allow the developers to fill out the contents in broad strokes if they aren't interested in being super specific or want to avoid spoiling their games, but it also allows them to get more specific for players who asked about specific subject matter or if they want to be specific in the first place. The one flaw I can think of is that some subjects that fall under the broad categories might apply to multiple broad categories (rape would fall under violence, sexual content and abuse, for example), so it would be good to have some subjects automatically apply more broad categories when picked.

I personally think age limits are only useful in a legal sense, as different people mature at different rates. I'm not particularly interested in age ratings as a result. The problem I have with the categories of "mature" and "adult" is that the line between them is very blurry for me personally, especially for games. I would personally only mark with ages or age categories if a product is intended to only be consumed by legal adults (basically: porn).

Do you have any samples of your music, by any chance? E.g. a SoundCloud playlist or something like that.

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That's really strange... To be honest, I'm not entirely sure if I can give you a fix, as this could be unrelated to my game, but I'll try.

Do you have any controllers plugged in when you try to play the game? Those sometimes interfere with the keyboard controls.

If that doesn't work, try using the tool linked by Cherry in this thread.

Saturn and me worked out a way to get the game to show up in the jam again!

In case you want to visit the actual game page:

You can submit your game late here, even if you don't have a Tumblr account! (You'll have to provide an e-mail address, though.)

You can submit your game late here, even if you don't have a Tumblr account! (You'll have to provide an e-mail address, though.)

Just a heads up: earlier today I accidentally uploaded a faulty patch, so if you run into issues again, you'll have to download the new one.

Glad I could help and let me know if you run into trouble again! I try my best to keep my games as free of bugs as possible.

I've looked into the bug and put out a patch. This should fix the problem!

Which version of the game are you playing?

Of course. There's a .txt file in the foot folder that should help you with Let's Play guidelines!

If you would like to ask spoiler-related questions, yet not post them here, you can always ask me on Tumblr or on RPGMaker.NET if you have an account there. If you don't have one on either site and would rather not get one either, let me know and I'll think of something.

It's a hint that tells you you have to make one of the other flowers grow before you can click on the same flower pot again. Sorry if that was unclear!