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Hunt the badguy in a crowded cyberpunk city.
Submitted by Siactro (@SIACTRO) — 3 days, 20 hours before the deadline

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Great concept and execution but fighting your way through the crowd is a bit frustrating. Gave up after 10 min :/

My entry


Haha this is one is one of my favs. Great simple concept that actually got me a bit immersed in the event.


I really like how this fits into the theme. The neon signs on the buildings really add to the feeling of the city, and of course there's the "Free porn" sign. :D

First time took me a long time to actually spot him because I was literally searching every individual in the crowd, but then I noticed he was running around and chasing him down became much easier. But then it started feeling less like a search, but more like a chasing down game which wasn't what I expected in the first place, but fun nonetheless!


Yeah, this is just amazing :P Really makes you feel like you're in Blade Runner. I was just sad that when I finally got the android it is just like "press R to restart" would've been nice to at least say "Good job, Decker" or something ;) Great idea and execution, looking forward to more.


Damn! Thank you all very much for the kind words : ) Right now I am really thinking about how I could make a bigger game out of this. It seems that mana people like the artstyle and atmosphere and the fact that you have to locate your target first so these are definitely the two aspects I will focus on in new updates.



This is great, I love the mood created with the music and the city itself. the game is very challenging but i got really immersed in the chase. wonderful job!


Fantastic visuals, enjoyed it. Kinda reminds me of Gravity Bone :)


I actually beat the earlier version that didn't have sprint (I am so OG) but having it is alot less rage inducing. 

It's a good game, and when I first played it I was all "oh shi- all these people how will I ever find-" then I noticed the yellow headless chicken panicking in the crowd. If you could make the target blend in more with the crowd to start, I think it would add alot to it. That and the ability for the bad guy to escape.


Very good, saw the android a few times but moving is almost impossible.


Awesome! :D

Love every bit of that, probably because I love Blade Runner too. The android even resembles Rutger Hauer a bit :)

Would love to see more of that. Maybe an adventure game?


Agree that tone was great.  Didn't understand how to find the android.  Pressing E always showed the same thing.


this was great, i got excited when i started chasing my target :-)


Damn, sorry I did not checked this site as much as I should! Thank you all for the kind words : D I have read all your comments and will address some of the things you guys said with the next update.


Beautiful game. Great music. Very BladeRunner feel. Gameplay is a little confusing as hunting down one blocky man with a slightly different texture than a hundred other blocky peeps is a bit difficult. Probably what it'd really be like though, right?


This is too good! I loved the aesthetics, it really feels like a Cyberpunk city, the only thing that annoyed me was the people, way too many! and that blond man was way too fast. Still very awesome.

This oozes Blade Runner - I love it!

However, I wish that there weren't so many people... maybe bigger streets, less people, and more hover cars/taxis?


Great use of audio and slick visual style. Really sets a solid tone.

Love the idea very much! I wish energy wasn't so limited, or the droid wasn't so fast. I always end up losing him. The game is well polished by the way. :)

Looks nice, but can you add a download option? I'd rather not install a web browser plugin.

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