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Amazing! I love the hacking part. It's not dumb as in AAA games, where it's about mashing buttons or circling analog sticks :D

The diving/maze part was a bit unclear. I didn't know where to go, sometimes stuck.

Overally great game. Music, graphics and story are top notch!

Haha, super hard :D Even if I remember the correct moves it's really difficult to get through the obstacles. Sword is a nice touch.

Because there is a lot of "almost got it!" moments, it has the one more try quality :)

Awesome! :D

Love every bit of that, probably because I love Blade Runner too. The android even resembles Rutger Hauer a bit :)

Would love to see more of that. Maybe an adventure game?

@DallOner will do. Will play all the games!

I know the lack of menu is can be a drawback. I'm gonna work further on the game once the voting/jam is over.

@BerickCook sorry about the camera. I will add an option to disable it (after the jam) and I already thinking about some powerups :)

I admit, it's difficult, but I believe it's better to be a bit more difficult, than too easy. If you spend some time diving, you get hold of the "rhythm".

Basically there are stages when "learning" how to play:

  1. You die early.
  2. You kinda get it and get to the middle of the race.
  3. You manage to finish.
  4. You usually finish it and try to improve highscore.

At the moment, the game is locked. After the jam (and the voting) is over I'm gonna work to turn it into a full game. Menus, tracks, powerups etc.

Thanks for the comments. I'm gonna improve the game based on you suggestions (but, it's still going to be difficult :P).