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Bug Report Thread Sticky

A topic by Strive4Power created 88 days ago Views: 1,735 Replies: 71
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Please post your bug reports here.

Preferably include: 

  1. Game version
  2. Your OS or if you are playing web version
  3. Bug description
  4. (if complex)Way to replicate it
  5. Any details you wish

I'm playing 0.4.3b on Windows, and I can't end day. It doesn't seem to function at all (clicking the button or using the hotkey), at first I was playing with a character from 4.2 and thought the problem might be related to that when I started on 4.3, but i created random new characters and it still wouldn't work.


Try to update again, this bug should've been fixed.

Deleted post

Are you sure you have enough mana and energy?

I did not.

1: 0.4.3b

2: MacOSX

3: After combat, raping anyone who has been captured decreases mana by the amount it said it should increase (if it says my mana increased by 4, it actually decreases it by 4. If my mana is currently at 0, nothing occurs)

I've tried this with a few different characters now with the same result in different save files, so these results appear to persist throughout playthroughs.

Otherwise, it's been a real great game so far. Great job!


Got it, thanks for the report

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Game version: 0.4.3b

OS: windows 10

Bug: (1.) I am unable to disable characters. When I select the box it just doesn't happen.

(2.) I am unable to select my player character age, it's stuck on 'teen', and trying to switch it to 'adult' just shuffles the traits, but keeps it at 'teen'.

(3.) I am unable to exit full screen mode. When I uncheck the box, it does go into a window, but it cuts off the part of the screen with the 'confirm' button, and I'm forced to close and restart the game. When I open it again, it's still full screen.


That is unusual. In general for settings to be overwritten, you have to click 'confirm' button. Otherwise you can try to get into appdata folder and set settings by textedit (will have make hidden folders shown on win10). For the character age, next version will have new starting sequence.

There may be a bug with Cali's quest.  It tells me I need to talk to her the moment I get her, but I have to wait a few days before the game prompts me and during the time I can grind her relationship to max.  I mentioned that part because I am not sure if the bug is the quest showing up before the prompt or if the quest should have started the second I got her.

Just gonna drop in to say that the new UI looks good, though it has some odd bugs. Sex acts unlocking eventually breaks the list of unlocks when you unlock some of the later ones or if you scroll down at all. There's other minor discrepancies with how the UI seems to get shuffled up mistakenly, mostly when the UI seems to try and correct placement of an element, but gets it wrong, but that was the one I could reproduce consistently. 

Also, I noticed that Wimborn is now among the choices when selecting "Portals", which seems unnecessary given "Leave to Town" has the same action. That said, and here's the kicker, when selecting Wimborn from the Portals menu, the dialog box in the middle of the town screen briefly shows a scene it seems to want to skip, though no such skipping or skipped scenes happen when going to Wimborn with the Leave to Town button.  It doesn't give enough time to really read much more than a word or two at a time, but it sounds like an intro scene that should only happen once.


Thanks for the report, next versions should adress some gui issues and sort some things out. I'll fix what portals are displayed though.

Game Version: 0.4.4a

OS: Windows 10

1) Application hangs when switching between the game and other programs when in fullscreen mode. Most notable when using multiple monitors and using an application on the other monitor. This can sometimes lead to crashing, but typically just leads to loading lag. 

2) Application cannot be toggled out of fullscreen mode. Once fullscreen mode is turned on the windows no longer scale in windowed mode so the confirm button is off screen. The option menu also obstructs the game menu so the game cannot be closed properly. This means you can never save the setting change to make the application run in windowed mode. 

3) Name reference breaks in several places. When progressing quests there are several instances where [%name] appears instead. 

4) Royal slaves still appear. They can be caught in the wild, sold by Sebastian, and show up as a requirement in slave guild requests. Royal slaves will break the game in a number of ways. 

5) Good ending for Dolin has no reward. A spell scroll is mentioned, but the scroll does not appear in inventory nor does it show up in spell book. Probably WIP content. 

6) Unable to spike Emily with aphrodisiac on recruitment event. You can delay recruiting Emily till you have either a aphrodisiac potion or the materials, but the option to spike her with it remains grayed out. Started with the researcher starting condition to start with the alchemy lab, so may not recognize the alchemy lab as it was not purchased.

7) Advanced Lab provides no additional enhancements. Probably WIP content.

8) Slave guild available slaves persist until new day started. If you save the game, purchase all the slaves, then load the game your owned slaves will revert to the state when you saved (no slaves purchased) but there will be no slaves in the slave market anymore. If you end the day and then load the save for a different game the slaves generated at the end of the day in the guilds will be available for purchase in your loaded game. 

9) Mage Order quest to purchase a lab does not need a lab to complete. Specifically, the requirement for the Taruus girl does not match the quest text. After purchasing the lab the quest states the Taurus girl should have huge breasts, lactate, and multiple nipples. Of those requirements only the multiple nipples require the lab as the other two can only be accomplished via mutate or potions. Quest turn-in, however, disregards the multiple nipples so the quest can be completed without using the lab at all. 

10) Tutorial is broken in fullscreen mode. Tutorial draws boxes around parts of the UI to explain it, but in fullscreen mode the boxes drawn are where the UI would be if Windowed which is completed wrong. 

11) Reputation currently does nothing. Probably a WIP content. Suggestions would be possible market discounts, quests, more/better slaves available in slave market, more/better quests in slave market. 

12) Male slaves still appear with 0% appearance setting. Specifically, male characters will appear in combat and can be captured and made slaves. 


Thanks for the report. 

3. Could you name any specific places? They shouldn't technically exist at all. 

6. You need an actual aphrodisiac to spike her, not just alchemy room

8. The problem with it, is that I don't save guild slaves to save file to save time and space. And either I maintain slave guild content after save or allow save-scumming to reroll it every time game loads. 

10. Tutorial should be redone in 4.42.

(Edited 1 time)

Game Version 4.41d

OS: Win 8.1

Any slaves in jail will have their resistance timer reset if a new slave is captured and jailed. Had a Taurus female with 1 day left on her resistance, and captured a Scylla and the Taurus' timer reset to 22 days, which was the timer on the Scylla. And rolling the day did not break her resistance, the timer was indeed reset.

Game version 4.3b (later version too)

OS Win 10

At start, when you create your player, you can choose your name, then create your sister, that come with another name.

Would be nice that she have the same name as she is your sister... 


I believe your sister takes same surname automatically, not same name.

Yes, sorry, i mean surname.

In fact, when you change any parameter, the surname change.

So if i select sister, the surname cme to the same as player, but if i change visual age after, the surname change to something else.

Not really a problem now that i know that i must choose relation last.

game verstion 0.4.1 according to redme or 0.4.41d according to the web page...

Choosing elf, dark elf or taurus and then adding one to the bonus stat does not increase it, also elf seems to be starting with one in str as well as magic

This issue is still present as of 0.4.42c

Selecting races that have a bonus point in a specific stat do not gain a point in the stat the first time you add to it.

As far as having extra points, that's random at generation.

On version 4.42c

I can't view my own character's description.  Clicking on the button creates an error message the hidden prompt. 

There are still quests that request 'royal' slaves at the guild. 

It's also not uncommon for the slave windows to glitch, so they will show the same description box even if you click a different slave's name.  It's most obvious with the canon slaves because they have avatars, but it happens with others randomly too.  

The sister option doesn't change her name to yours. 

Those are the only ones I've noticed.  I did notice the same things are Torinir as well, but I thought it was just a random glitch rather than a predictable one. 


Sounds like you have a broken slave(s). Without save or error log there's not much I could do. If you can provide a save file, that would be helpful.

Version 0.4.42c
Windows 10 64-bit

Cannot complete the pretty boy repeatable quest: When choosing "offer slave", the selection dialog does not appear and the console prints a script error:

SCRIPT ERROR: slaveforquestselected: Invalid get index 'hairlengtharray' (on base: 'Reference ()').
          At: res://files/scripts/outside.gd:512

A quick fix would be to rearrange the order of the if-statements in the requirement checker, so that the checker doesn't attempt to access slave.hairlengtharray. A better but slower fix would be to use the index of the hair length as the value stored in the slave data structure, and only look up the text of the hair length when you need to display it. That way you wouldn't need to special-case hair length checking. (just slave.hairlength >= 3)

Game Version: 0.4.42c

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

1) The option to spike Emily with an aphrodisiac is disabled. Tried it as an aristocrat and an researcher but having either the aphrodisiac crafted or just the raw material makes no difference. 

2) If you use hair dye the subsequent window has no text.


1. Could you confirm it? The only requirement for this option is to have at least 1 aphrodisiac.

...yes I can confirm it. Else I wouldn't report it for the second time. I tried multiple play through with the different starting conditions and the option remained grayed out the entire time. 


I'll look into it, thank you.

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Version: 0.4.43
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

Even though a slave is assigned to sleep with you in your bed and she goes down on you as described during the end turn, if she's the trait "clingy", there's still the chance the message "she's annoyed at you ignoring her" pops up... even though she's with you most of the day.

Version: 0.4.43
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

If the slave is a pussy virgin and you go full anal path, then unlock bondage actions. She may lose her virginity if asking for more sex and one of those actions is bondage, since it uses vagina as default.
(Edited 1 time)

Version: 0.4.43
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

Equipping the ninja outfit (+1 AGI) breaks your character max AGI stat if you're wearing it while you put your last point to max it, it will count as if that +1 wasn't from the equipped item and even if you unequip it and equip it again you can't bypass the +1 limit by wearing it again so you have to reload a save, take off the ninja suit, max AGI then equip it again.

(Edited 1 time)

This was in Version 0.4.43a, Windows 10. I don't know if this was intended, but when in combat, you can skip the option to let an opponent leave or to catch them. For example, if you're fighting two bandits and one of them runs, when the option to catch them or not comes up, you can skip it and keep fighting and capture both bandits. Whether you attack automatically or not doesn't affect it.

Actually, I was a little off with how it works. The people who "run away" will only "run" once you hit confirm (the button that ends the round). They disappear in battle and them show up afterwards, supposedly captured.


Are you sure those 'captured' are not third party persons you can find at certain encounters?

No, they are the same people that were battled. It happens with or without any captures.


I can't quite replicate it. Could you provide clear steps?

Sure. You have to get the opponents health down to the point where they will run. Then, instead of choosing to catch them or not, you press confirm (the one that ends the round). They will disappear from the battle without any sort of message or indication. After that, you continue to do this for every single person except for the last one and they will show up in the aftermath of the battle. The option to catch them must be left open or they will run away, it can be closed in a different battle. Also, I don't know why but this only works in full screen mode.


>Also, I don't know why but this only works in full screen mode.

Now I can see why...

This was in Version 0.4.43a, Windows 10. When raping slaves in the jail, if they start liking it and asking for more, it automatically switches to consensual sex and you have to switch screens, otherwise they could refuse you.

I'm retarded... I'm a patron, I have access to 0.4.43a and I was using 0.4.43 -_-

This is on 0.4.43a
Win7 x64

Harpies are not giving bestial essences, script sexuals.gd line 692 are named haPRys
elif  slave.race in ['Hapry', 'Centaur'] || slave.race.find('Beastkin') >= 0 || slave.race.find('Halfkin') >= 0:


Whoops, thanks for the report.

This was in Version 0.4.43a, Windows 10.  When committing actions such as rape and bondage that add traits such as "Likes It Rough" and "Deviant", it tells you that a new trait has been added when they already have the trait that would've been added. It doesn't change their list of traits.


I don't believe this is possible since when trait already exists script will shut down before trying to apply and report it.

This was in Version 0.4.43a, Windows 10.  When choosing the threesome option for group, even if I haven't done it once a day, it still tells me that I already have. It doesn't stop the player from being able to do it, but its misleading.

This was in Version 0.4.43a, Windows 10. If a slave dies in combat they don't actually die. I was wondering if they weren't supposed because they come back with the same health, energy, and stress from before they died, but it says in the options that they should die instead they just disappear for the remainder of the battle.

Win7 x64

This is a carried save from 0.4.43, stills happens on 0.4.43a, when a slave that's vaginal virgin asks for light or hard bondage actions there's a chance they lose their virginity.

Game Version: 0.4.43a

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

1) Don't know if it is intentional, but on day 1 the max energy is 75. This goes for yourself, starting slave, and any slave you purchase.

2) When you ask about faeries at the Wimborn slave guild the conversation ends with her calling you $name

3) Racial links are broken in general descriptions until you purchase the slave. It used to be that you could click the race and get the description pop-up, but that doesn't work in slave market listings. 

Hey there, 987 from F95zone here. Glad you liked my mod :) Found a bug though, in the getessencesfromsex function in sexuals.gd Harpy is misspelled.

elif slave.race in ['Hapry', 'Centaur'] || slave.race.find('Beastkin') >= 0 || slave.race.find('Halfkin') >= 0:

should be

elif slave.race in ['Harpy', 'Centaur'] || slave.race.find('Beastkin') >= 0 || slave.race.find('Halfkin') >= 0:

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the report, already found it out. Your mod gave me a bit of fresh sight :)

(Edited 2 times)


Could you tell me how to save a "written" log of the window behind the game? it delivers these errors on a carried save from 04.43a and all I can do is post a pic and I don't even know how to use a spoiler to wrap it up -_-

Here's the same save for testing purposes, edited lots of things for reasons lol but it worked fine on 04.43a

Should be fixed in 4.44a


If you've got a teen character with huge tits and you use a maturing potion you can segfault, because the check to prevent overflow erroneously checks the ass size rather than tits size.


That's a nice find, thank you!

The changelog has not been updated with the 0.4.44a changes, it currently is only 0.4.43a. Update it please :)


Done. You can also see changelog in the game by clicking version button in main menu.

In version 4.44a   Not sure if it's a bug or not, but if you have a slave with 100 beauty, then give them a kimono and have them give birth, the child will have 110 beauty, and it will probably keep on building over the generations. 


Win 8.1

Something wrong going on with some chars (it can be like that, on existing play, or even a freshly started game). Most of the times it's incurable.

Probably it's the interface problem, since they can be successfully assigned to work they can be assigned (where there are checks, they work correctly, it's just my can't see)

Sorry for the quantity of screens (and I'm too lazy to edit it into one pic), but it's still better than wording the whole problem with a wall of text :)


You probably have a corrupted slave. Can you provide a save?



Somehow your drow has 'pale_blue' skin color instead of 'pale blue'. I'm not even sure how that happened since I can't replicate this skin color by normal generation

At least I've done what I should, such as reporting something strange, my conscience is clear :)

mutation spell failure?

Nope, no magic used

0.4.45 x64


The threesome event with the sisters describe you're giving them a paid vacation, a whole week right? I do the event but they still stay at the mansion.
(Edited 1 time)

Game version: 0.4.44a

OS: Win7

Bug:  Nipple fuck and Bestiality actions not unlocked with the rest of the fetishes.


line 40
fetish2 = {code = 'fetish2', name = 'Advanced Fetish actions', actions = ['tailjob','tailpeg','tailpegtake','hbondage'], cost = 40, description = "More pervertedness.", prereq = ['fetish'], number = 5, unlockdescript = "$name agreed to go all the way with you, since there's no point stopping anymore. "},


fetish2 = {code = 'fetish2', name = 'Advanced Fetish actions', actions = ['tailjob','tailpeg','tailpegtake','hbondage','nipplefuck','bestiality'], cost = 40, description = "More pervertedness.", prereq = ['fetish'], number = 5, unlockdescript = "$name agreed to go all the way with you, since there's no point stopping anymore. "},

Alternative fix (retroactive):

For those wishing to retroactively fix slaves that already unlocked the advanced fetish option, add this block of code and check the sex menu of every slave you need fixed, save then remove the temporary code.
line 28
func _on_sexual_visibility_changed():
    slave = globals.slaves[get_tree().get_current_scene().currentslave]
    #Add this block temporarily
    if slave.sexuals.unlocks.has('fetish2'):
        if slave.sexuals.actions.has('nipplefuck') == false:
            slave.sexuals.actions['nipplefuck'] = 0
        if slave.sexuals.actions.has('bestiality') == false:
            slave.sexuals.actions['bestiality'] = 0
    #Add this block temporarily
    var tab = get_parent().tab
    var text = ''
    var button
    var allactions = []


Bestiality is actually not fully implemented yet, I'll check nipple fuck.

0.4.45 x64 

While exploring if you access the invigorate menu but still use a shortcut key like 1 to order explore you will move in the background, then you can choose who to invigorate and it will take you out of the Fight or Leave/Escape choice.

(Edited 1 time)

Game version: 0.4.46c

Windows 10 (64 bit version)

I found a weird bug when trying to create a new game. If you turn on childlike character generation, then disable adult characters, then turn off childlike character generation without re-enabling adult characters first, the game still acts as if you have adult character generation disabled even though the 'disable adult generation' box is automatically unchecked when the childlike characters box is. This results in the game not registering adult as a valid age choice for either the player character or the initial slave. You can still select those options when choosing their ages (which as a side note, is also possible if adult characters are disabled without this bug), but both the preview description and their actual in-game age will disregard this, making the character either a teen or childlike instead (even if the childlike option is disabled).

The only way I've found to fix this is to go back into the options, recheck both the 'enable childlike characters' and 'disable adult characters' options, then uncheck the 'disable adult characters' option again. I actually remember running into this glitch in a prior version of the game, but I ended up fixing it on accident and thus just assumed it had been patched out. I do think this issue should be fixed if possible, as it's a glitch that's both easy to activate for people who like changing their options between save files, and hard to figure out how to fix on your own.

Also, there's a whole host of glitches that arise when you try to load an old save with the new mansion upgrade system, including resetting your food stores to the starting amount, and your mansion overview displaying incorrect numbers or even being entirely blank. Exact errors are not entirely consistent though, and it's pretty clear this is just an issue with how the system is 'repairing' old saves to be compatible with the new version, hence why I'm starting a new game in the first place. I know this most likely not really something that can be fixed, but I figure it should be noted anyways for people who aren't sure why their old saves are all wonky.

Finally, despite listing what I assume are gold prices for mansion upgrades, I am unable to purchase them even though I have enough gold saved up to do so. The game only seems to recognize the 'free upgrade points' as a valid currency for mansion upgrades. I don't know if this is intentional or not, but it's definitely something that confuses me, especially since I have not yet discovered how to get free upgrade points beyond the initial 5/20 you get upon starting a new game. I would show you a screenshot to prove this, but I have not figured out how to get my computer to take them.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Upgrade points are earned from selling tamed slaves to the guild (previously bought from guild slaves won't work), and by doing guild quests. 

I'll add new mentions on the main screen about old version issues, as repairing saves proved to be overall poor choice in this regard.  Thanks for the report. 

And lastly, I believe adult characters are automatically turned on when you disable childlike characters. 

Awesome, thanks for getting back to me so soon, and answering my question! There is one thing though that I should clarify:

"And lastly, I believe adult characters are automatically turned on when you disable childlike characters. "

Yes, that is indeed what the options screen says happens, and what should be happening, but what I'm saying in my report is that disabling childlike characters while adult characters are still disabled doesn't actually re-enable adult characters automatically. If you do the actions outlined in my report, then despite both childlike characters being disabled and adult characters being enabled, the game will act as if the opposite was true, which is especially noticeable during character creation if you try to create an adult player character or slave. I hope that clears up what exactly the issue I'm trying to point out is.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Character creation is not actually affected by age settings outside of 'child' option. Player character will always be able to pick between teen and adult(but not child), and slave character can have either adult-teen or adult-teen-child options. I haven't been able to get any other results from playing with options, and judging from the code this shouldn't be possible.

Game version: 0.4.46c

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

i found a bug. i can`t select a slave to manage at the farm but i can select a slave to work in the farm.

Oh and i don`t know if you know this when you can make the second guilde quest but only talk to her and then go back you get everytime 250 gold.

here some screens


Will fix next version, thank you for the report.