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GMTK GameJam - Only one way to do everything
Submitted by Julien G — 2 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#3684.2434.243

Ranked from 37 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Pretty cool concept, i like the idea of going about slashing the ennemies and dodging shots the all mouse controls made it pretty original i.m.o. 

However i found it a bit hard to orientate, i feel like there should be some kind of indicator to which direction your sword swing is gonna go so that you can know where to face to thrust yourself around and then face the opposite direction when you need to hit ennemies.

Not that big of an issue though and it's quite fun indeed 

Good job ! :)


Just played and rated your game. Here's what I think:

In the beginning I had to get used to the controls but once I was done it was very funny to fly around and slice things. Also I like your approach to use some sort of confetti instead of blood. 

I would suggest to add something to indicate how much health a player still has left and some more feedback to get a feeling if the player was hit or not. Sometimes I couldn't figure out if I was hit or not by these light beams. Also Sound Effects would be great :)

But overall: cool idea and fun to play. Keep on jamming!

Submitted (1 edit)

Nice concept! Has good controls, etc. At first, though, I didn't know who was the player and the enemy, so I started clicking the mouse randomly and, upon seeing nothing happening, was about to give a low rating. Luckily, I thought of giving it another try and could see what's happening! 

Just a suggestion, some SFX could've been good!

A small problem is design, though. Staying in a corner would help you score easily, could do something about that, like making the arena a circle, etc...


Hey ^^

Thank you for the feedback. Arena modifications, bug fixing and sfx have already been added to the game :D

I will update the game after the jam.

Thanks again


This is a sick game! The controls feel great, the difficulty is challenging but not impossible, and the concept is genius. With a bit more polish, this could really be expanded on in the future


really good, it might be and interesting game to develop further

Submitted (1 edit)

Super satisfying! It really reminds of 0space, where shooting bullets would also propel you along.


Thank you ^^

I had never heard of 0space before. I will definitely check it out then :p


It's my favourite local multiplayer game. I pull it out almost every time I have some friends over ;D


Great game but I found a bug. I died by going behind the walls I couldn't restart. 

I would ove if you could play and rate my game as well


SOOO satisfying to deflect a bullet. The movement is awesome and the sword slashes reminds me of samurai jack for some reason and that's a big compliment! Everyone should try this game and I encourage people to not stay in a corner camping ;)


Thank you for the comments. I already fixed the game so that the corner strategy is unviable. I will update the game after the Jam.


that honestly is one of the best games I saw in this gamejam! amazing. the knockback of hitting feels perfect. very good fit with the theme! 


This is a neat concept, however its too easy to just stay in a corner and rapidly click. There needs to be something to keep the player moving. Like maybe there could be a timer and if it runs out the player dies but there could be pickups that spawn in random locations on the map that extend this timer. I think this will make the corner strategy a lot harder


Very cool idea! I like how colorful it is. Figured out the best strategy would be to move into one of the corners, deflecting all bullets from there. Turned out that's not the best strategy, as it will glitch you out of the map. :D Which is especially problematic, as you can only press "R" to restart when you're dead... Also the total absence of sound makes it feel a bit lifeless, I used "sfxr" to generate a few basic ones for my game. Give it a look. There's also, if you don't mind a flash version. Really liked the two different enemy types btw and how the gunners announced their shoot in advance. Good job! :)

My game: (playable in browser, not mobile friendly)


Hey, thanks alot for the feedback. I guess I didn't think about sfx, this is a design game jam after all. I will try to polish a few thing after the jam and update the game. That glitch and the sfx are now on my todo list ;)



So many things that can be done with only one button; great game mechanic, it felt smooth, and works well. I felt great satisfaction the first time I deflected a projectile! Good job! :)


Hey :D

Well done for that delection ! It's quite hard to pull off really. And I'm happy you liked it.


A really good use of theme and looked and felt good to play. There seems to be emergent techniques and skills even with such a simple concept, good job!

This was overall really solid!

The idea is a nice one, it nicely adheres to the theme and it's nice to play. You're controlling everything with a single button (and if you want to get really particular about the 'one button' theme you could just make it so that left click restarts the game when you're dead or haven't started yet). The idea is to make it harder as you go on, and it's strategic that way. It requires you to practice so as to understand the physics and develop the best tactics to navigate and take out enemies.

Great game!


Thank you very much ^^ I appreciate.


Haven't seen an "Only One Button" game like this so far, it's a cool concept! It's a great use of the jam's theme :)


If you play/rate the game make sure to leave a comment and I can check out your game!

Good luck!


Really cool mechanic perfectly aligned with the theme!

Good job!


That was a really clever mechanic, and an original twist for the theme ! Well done !

However the game gets more and more laggy the longer you play it if you are on a weak pc, so maybe the splatter mechanic would need some rework if you plan on continuing the game. But still, very well thought game !



Thanks for the kind words and the feedback. I really liked doing this kind of jam :)


Fun game. Really. The only thing that i dont like, is that everything that splatters will block sight. I mean, i literally couldnt see enemies any more after some while.

Stay crunchy.


Hey, thanks for the comment :D

The lack of contast between the splatters and the enemies was intentional. The idea was that as time goes on the game gets harder because you will have a harder time spotting enemies. It also forces the playing into thinking about not spreading too much. Seeing your comment, I'll try to make it less annoying maybe in future releases (outside of this event obviously)


Really fun gameplay and use of the theme!

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