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Hi, sorry for the late response :D
Actually no, I didn't know about Dreadful Whispers, I'll make sure to check this out

Obviously, it's a feature! Just kidding, I've forgot the auto-restart mechanism...

Thank you!
I already have the "coyote time" in my todo list, actually I have everything you mentioned in my todo, something to implement something to experiment :D 
The only thing that I'm missing is "Make outline of main timeline more visible." what to you mean with that?

And yes I've used Godot!

Thank you for the feedback! Yep, I have to improve the controls.

Thank you! I'll try to implement everything I have in mind, probably it'll take some time :P

Thank you!!

Thank you very much! 

Yep, I have to play around with the jump timing and the controls, I'll update the game as soon as I can :D

Awesome game! I love the style and that wobbly light effect really make the atmosphere!

Thank you! Yep, I have to focus more on controls and the timing on the jump :)

I'll check your game in no time ;)

Thank you for the feedback!

In the beginning, I didn't have a time limitation in the other timeline :P but to enforce more the "only one" theme I limited it to 1 second. I'll focus for sure on the controls but I'll explore new ways when switching timeline, I want to implement a sort-of stamina system that can be increased, during the game, and that will indicate how much time do you have in the other timeline.

Yep, sorry I forgot to implement the auto-restart feature :P

Just press R to restart the game :D

Thank you!

Thanks! :D

I'll explore this possibility after the jam but I like the behaviour of the Z 
I was thinking about a power/skill that activate a sort of auto-Z but only for a certain type of objects, like the dangerous ones or the important ones

Anyway, thanks a lot for the feedback!

yep, I needed a ready-to-use character for now gets the job done once I'll reach a mature enough point I'll pay an artist to make some exclusive sprite :)

I'm still learning :D
After the Jam I'll improve it and I'll make a great game!

Thank you! by "show the alternative timeline all the time" do you mean like when you hold Z?

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Thank you! When the jam ends I'll update with a proper difficulty curve ;) 

If you're still on the thread :D

Love this one! Simple and fun! Great work!

Thank you so much!  I am a web developer from a 13 years now  so I'm not completely new to coding :P but this is my first attempt with game development!

About the pixel art, I've buyed them here on from rvros

Thank you for playing! Yep, sorry for the non auto-restart, I completely forgot it. About the platform, the level is really small and I had to complete it with a little challenge ;)

Thank you! The level i really small and I had to rump-up the difficulty immediately :P

Thank you! Honestly I forgot to implement the auto-restart when you drop into the water. I get so used to the "press-R" habit that I completely forgot it!

Thank you! I'll watch it immediately! Actually, when I was coding the movement of my character I had Celeste open :P I really like the controls of this game!

I think you hit the "only one" theme 100%! Really clever Idea, one of the best entries I've played so far!

Really cool mechanic perfectly aligned with the theme!

Good job!

Here's mine :D

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Cool concept and I really like the style :) I had a problem with the camera, I accidentally scrolled the page while playing and the camera went off the borders.

Godot team, here I am :D

These have been a couple of funny days, it's my first game but I really love work with Godot!

Thank you! 

My vision of the theme is that you can "exists in one timeline a time" in a more coding way, you can have one environment active a time.

Thank you!

Damn, sorry! I've built the ".exe" file and tested it, then I've made some changes, nothing big, just the icon some file info, etc. rebuilt it  but I didn't tested it a second time and uploaded :(

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!
After the jam ends, I want to improve the controls and make them the more precise possible!
I've also started a checkpoint system but I couldn't complete it in time, with that should be less frustrating :D

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Thank you! For now, the jump is this short because is the only way to make the character more controllable, when the Jam ends I want to continue to work on the game and the first point will be make the character as much controllable as I can!

Thanks for playing!

Only one timeline for only 1 second at max :)