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No, no. You're right about that, actually! I didn't even notice! Good job.

This was overall really solid!

The idea is a nice one, it nicely adheres to the theme and it's nice to play. You're controlling everything with a single button (and if you want to get really particular about the 'one button' theme you could just make it so that left click restarts the game when you're dead or haven't started yet). The idea is to make it harder as you go on, and it's strategic that way. It requires you to practice so as to understand the physics and develop the best tactics to navigate and take out enemies.

Great game!

Though I believe this is a strong game in terms of mechanics, it seems the only way it is trying to adhere to the theme through the narrative.

To be frank, I believe this game would've been a much better fit in the other competition, with a platformer lacking a crucial game mechanic, as you yourself suggested.

It's a good game! And the visuals are interesting and spooky, but I'm not certain it fits the theme to an appropriate extent.

Very good idea and adherence to theme.

Any weaknesses lie in the design, but all of them can be fixed with feedback and time. Controls are clunky, but that may be intentional or a result of which ones I used (WASD+mouse). As others have mentioned, feedback as to what mode you are in now, as well as which weapon, would improve this.

Only being able to fire in eight directions might be fine when you can move freely, but as your movement is limited in this game, I think being able to fire in any direction (such as where the mouse is pointing) would decrease frustration and clunkiness.

Great game!

This is really good!

It's a physics based game that tightly adheres to the theme and has genuinely enjoyable levels to figure out and play, so that's great design, as well.

The idea has certainly been thought of before, such as games where you draw a single line so as to accomplish a given objective on a map, but this one is done with a bomb.

It's fast and short enough that one can figure out the rules for the objects and physics well enough themselves even when they don't get overtly explained by the images.

It's certainly a game of sorts, and it adheres to the theme, but it's nothing more than constant trial and error with added time pressure. The design of the second level (as far as I made it) is made to mislead and become a memory problem (number of clicks, rather than visual aspect) when the clicks need to be speedy and hard to count.

I don't think it's designed in a way that is fun, but that may be just me.

It's a fun idea, but alas, it does not seem to fit the theme in a really apparent way. The first time I played I thought it was a game about only getting one slime per sweep, as to do otherwise would subtract from your score and cause you to potentially run out of slimes.

Soon I realised this was not actually the case, so I tried to aim for single slimes in order to accumulate a bunch and then sweep them all in large quantities. It was... a mild success. As it happens, simply spam clicking near the edges ends up producing better scores because of loose slimes caught there raising the number of slimes overall, and the sheer speed of spam clicking just sweeps more slimes than my aim and calculation ever could.

So the idea is fun, but the exact rules, balance, or mechanics should be rethought or redone in order to better fit the theme or present more of a game for the player.

It's got specific mechanics. They way the physics work here is very particular, and it seems like nothing has the power to carry you. For example, moving platforms don't actually move you. But clinging onto objects is interesting.

The idea is probably not very original, as a platformer with a single jump, but the maps here made decent use of the idea, so they're well designed.

Enjoyable, and I see the potential for more and better levels.

The core idea is there. From here on is just adding more -- levels, music, art. By itself, however, the idea can't carry for more than an hour of game. Probably half that.