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[ ! ] Post-Jam Playtesting! Share your games here! Sticky

A topic by lysander created Jul 26, 2020 Views: 1,000 Replies: 93
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Please use this form if you'd like critique on your game!

Game Title/URL: Self-explanatory.  Link your game here. 

Pitch/Information: A short description of the game.

I'd like feedback on: You can put a list, questions, or description of what you would like critique on. Can be "anything!" if you're not looking for anything specific.

I need help on: Optional; remove if unnecessary, but if you have a specific problem or bug that you would like help or advice with solving, put it here!

We ask you use a play-for-play model for giving and receiving feedback; if someone plays your game, try playing theirs as well.



You are a black hole, and you eat up everything

More and more spawn

Untill your computer crashes :)

You can test anything


Game Title/URL: Gravity Fling:

Pitch/Information: Simple physics game where the only way to move is to CHANGE the world’s gravity. It also comes with level editor where you can make your own levels and even publish them for other players to play (you can also play other people levels). But that only works on the desktop version

I’d like feedback on: I would really appreciate it, if you could try out the desktop version which enables you to play other users levels and create your own and publish them


That was just a very solid and fun experience. Tried the desktop version, created a new level. Browsing new levels could eventually take a while. Could probably use some sort of filtering system. Also the bloom in the User created levels seemed a bit much.


Thank you for the feedback. There was timer that would only send a request for new level every 200ms, I removed it so it should load levels much faster now. Will also try to implement some sort of filtering system.


Oh this is a fun game! I got stuck on level 2 though--it seemed like the difficulty ramps up a bit quickly. I feel like the bloom makes text a bit difficult to read but it is a cool effect in the game!


Thank you for the feedback! Will try to tune down the shaders a bit.


Game Title/URL


Purify the corrupted forest of evil deers in a 2D top-down shooter

I'd like feedback on



I liked this a lot! The walls in the puzzles felt a bit weird at first, but after I played a few levels I realised there was a lot of room for nuance in play. For instance I can pass through thin passages by wildly flailing my mouse in vaguely circular motions (strafing didn't work quite so reliably, but...)

Or maybe that's an exploit, but hey, I didn't have to restart any of the levels! (X I really liked the feeling of a purified deer being on your side by protecting you as a wall, too, it feels a lot nicer than if you simply killed them.


Thanks for playing the wild flailing was a "bug"  that I embraced also I really didn't like the idea of killing deers because that just seemed to cruel I didn't have to restart much either but I added it anyway since there was a couple of times the purified deers blocked my path


Follow up the purification also fit the theme (I actually had the idea before the theme so I was happy when I found out the theme) as well as helping me learn certain godot mechanics to do with instancing


Game Title/URL: Robbert's Breakn't |

Pitch/Information: This is a game where u collect 8 cristal pieces, for each piece u collect the game changes a little bit, making u go to new paths.

I'd like feedback on: Anything u can critique is well recieved, from visuals to mechanics :)).


ohhhh these visuals are so lovely!! the mechanics are very easy to grasp too though as soon as i unlocked wind and tried to get the next crystal i tried to get to the next piece but missed one of the jumps--however jumping back up after missing this was much more difficult with the wind blowing left and a longer jump going right if that makes sense!


Yes that's a problem that i had, when you get 2nd cristal a lot of shortways opens in case you fall, but if the cloud's jumps are missing it's a little frustrating, i should've made the clouds there larger. Thanks for playing it :)))


This was pretty cute. The fire rain was pretty rage-inducing for me though. Maybe there could be arrows pointing to the next piece?


Yes i can see that, i tried to make the path clear by making you see all the pieces when the direcction it's not just going right, but it's true that arrows would be great, and i think fire rain could be fixed with a slower fire rate. Thanks so much for the feedback :)))

Submitted (1 edit)

Climb the background in this flow focused, fast paced platformer. Race through this one level demo and try to obtain the elusive rainbow medal.

I'd like feedback on: 

difficulty, how smooth it is to control, and overall quality

I need help on: 

better collison when on a wall, controller support for ps and switch controllers


Game Title/URL:

Pitch/Information: A platformer where you change colors

I'd like feedback on: Anything 


Game Title/URL: Cashier Guy

Pitch/Information: Cashier Guy is an indie math-survival game revolved around making change under tight time restrictions.

I’d like feedback on:

  • How well the tutorial works
  • How the difficulty makes the game more or less fun

First of all, I love the game! I think the tutorial works pretty well, especially because it allows you to try out the main mechanic with no penalties to get a grasp of how it works. It would, however, be a little helpful if the tutorial gave an example, or maybe had the manager show Guy how it works so you don't exactly have to figure it out for yourself based on the instructions. I think the changes in the info available definitely make the game more fun, but the speed increases seem a little excessive, and make it a little stressful  - maybe make them more gradual? (or maybe I'm just bad at the game). Either way, at least the first time you play, it's really hard to understand whats going on when the info available changes (and to read all the hint text) so it might be better if the hint text was put in the tutorial as a "if it breaks" kinda thing. Overall though, I really loved this game, it seems like it could be a really fun IOS or Android app!


Game title: Dim

Pitch: 2-D Stealth-Puzzle game where you must take over your enemies to complete the level.

I'd like feedback on: pretty much anything. This is the first game we made, and we'd love to get feedback on the concept, the execution and really what you think of the game.

Submitted (1 edit)

Game Title & URL: Isekai Online: Beta Test Blues

Pitch: A proof of concept for an RPG about a party of disaster queers that were translated to another world as their MMO mains, intended to be a pitch for adapting the tabletop game Valor for a future full game with the same characters and setting.

I'd like feedback on:

  • The writing
  • The combat engine
  • What we need to include in future tutorial/starter levels
  • Any bugs you find or features you'd like to request
  • Your thoughts on the characters.

Game Title/URL:

Pitch/Information: A concept for an 2D pixel art RPG about a person who wakes up in a ruined world.

I'd like feedback on: Anything, what you like, what you dislike. I just want to know the opinion of people.

Submitted (1 edit)

Game Title/URL: Hotel Fire


Hotel Fire  is a story based puzzle-game. 25 years ago there was a deadly fire in the Stuart Hotel, where your parents where lost. But you heard rumoours about a mysterious door frame in the ruins, that takes you back to that night. So after all those years, you decide to change the past, so you step throught the frame.

I'd like feedback on:
Anything really! Any bugs you find.
If the puzzles makes sense and if they are too easy or too hard to understand. Same for the story, please tell us if there is anything in the story that feels like it needs to be explored further or is a bit too much.


Game Title/URL: Your Little Cute Tree

Pitch/Information: A 3d game where you have to change the weather to grow your small plant and turn it into a tree! Pic related:

I'd like feedback on: Art.

I need help on: Please can you check if the UI is ok? Tell me if you see all the buttons and instruction clearly!


That was a lovely experience. Tree was a little dark in it’s current lighting. UI worked perfectly and everything was visible.


Thank you mate i'll try to make the lighting better next time! :D


the UI is very clear and easy to understand! the game was pretty engaging and fun to play. the only crit i had was about bgm--sometimes the music would just stop and the game would be silent.

Submitted (2 edits)

Game Title/URL: My Konbini Nightshift


A short visual novel set in a 24h opened convenience store. Slip into the role of a cashier who has to spend a nightshift by themselves. Take care of the store, manage your finances and keep your customers happy! Content warnings: crude humour, a bit of violence

I'd like feedback on:

This is my first game ever so feedback on both what was good and bad is appreciated!


these characters were charming and i found a lot of it very relatable!

when you have to click around the icebox to find the source of the smell, i wonder if it's possible to have a little more feedback over areas when you hover the mouse or to make it clear what you're looking for. i wound up blindly clicking for a while and was a little frustrated. the background image is so beautiful that nothing looked out of place, and there's no change to the image to indicate which areas have already been clicked/which areas you should focus on searching.

i liked the custom menu at the start of the game too; it was very cute and immediately felt really polished.


Thank you so much for the feedback! You don't even know just how helpful this is to me. I thought that players wouldn't click around much in the point and click sections because I had looked at the background so many times that the solution was obvious to me. I will keep this in mind for future projects and if I patch the game I will make sure to add indicators and make that section less frustrating! Thank you so much for sharing your opinion!


Awesome game! The storyline was really well done, and I love how you got to know each customer and connect with them! And the ending was amazing! I love how it connected back to the beginning of the game! The art was beautiful, and I really liked the small choices and interactions you could do - the only things I'd say is that more interaction/choices would be nice, but with the limited time it makes sense that you could only put in so many choices, and other than the grandma the other real world parts didn't seem like they had much to do with the main story - though I'm sure they would if you had more time. And the shaking animations and facial expressions were so well done! Make more please! :)


Thank you so much for the feedback! I wish I could have added more choices that actually affect the game and there were several endings planned depending on how nice you were to your customers. Unfortunately I had to scrap all of this and didn't even notice that most choices became absolutely irrelevant because of that! Aside from a few subtle changes in dialogue the choices don't really affect the game. Thank you so much for the feedback! If I patch the game I will make sure that alternate scenes or maybe even an alternate ending will be included. Thank you so much for playing!

Submitted (1 edit)

URL and Game Name: Slime Jumper

Pitch/Information: You are a slime that wants to jump as high as he can reach!

I'd like feedback on: Anything, I won't be updating the game, but it will be helpful to see what other people would want to see made/fixed in my project.


Game Title/URL: Dungeon Destroyer

Pitch: You are a futuristic soldier going back in time to destroy the monster-filled dungeon, use the pressure plates to get through the levels

I'd like feedback on: Any feedback would be great, specially on the pacing of the game because it is too fast, or maybe there are too many enemies.

Thank you very much!


Game Title/URL: Bob the Blob

Pitch/Information: Play as a blob of goo that can change between sticky and bouncy states.

I'd like feedback on: Player controller physics feel, player controls, enemy and player hit feedback, level design/difficulty, ease of use and overall game clarity, enemy AI behavior, and fun factor.

Game title: This is the Way

DL url:

This is the Way is a brief psychological horror game.

A dark allegory.

You have invested  a lot, possibly everything, in getting here - and problems still arise. Even more troublesome is the insinuation: that you do not actually realize what it is you are going after...

It will be great if I could have some feedback on what people thought of the project :)


Game Title/URL:  Am Pass

Information: Platformer puzzle game with pushing object mechanic.

I'd like feedback on: The level difficulty, the pixel art and the animation. Of course other feedback on the game  would be appreciated .

Overall a great game! The controls are simple and intuitive (though to be honest W as a jump button would be neat), but maybe there could have some more mechanics to the game except boxes and bottomless pits. Also, the player falls a tad bit slow. But nice game!


I agree with adding the W as a jump button.  Thank you for the feedbacks  and played the game  :D


Game Title/URL: Roll Free

Information: The goal of the game is to help Bear escape down the hill and avoid the obstacles in his path while your speed increases. The bear is riding a snowball!

Really want feedback on the controls and the difficulty level. Maybe it's too hard? Also, any obstacle ideas to add to the game. I'm thinking to reduce tree count and add moving objects and cliffs, but didn't have the time. I'm going to work on making load times less this week, but I think it's really fun! Thanks for checking it out!!!


The premise is really, really innovative and pretty funny too!

The animation is great, though I feel you could have the polar bear sync up with the snowball speed a little better. Also, the death animation sometimes glitches out and stuff.

The game isn't too hard, though, but maybe you could add some ramps for the player go off of.


Game Title/URL:

Pitch/Information: A four level platformer where you can move, jump, walljump, and change to alternate worlds.

I'd like feedback on: Mostly the feel of the controls and the world changing mechanic. Is it too difficult to keep track of where things are in the different worlds? Is there anything with the controls that could feel better? But also any other feedback is welcome; it's my first game and I have lots to learn.

Submitted (1 edit)

I love what you did with the music! The art was great. I like the concept as well.

I did feel like it was difficult to keep track of each world. Especially because you don’t know if the platform you are on is safe in other dimensions. Maybe adding a single item from the safe dimensions to the current dimension could help alleviate this. Eg. add a dark item to the light realm on the current platform when they are in both dimensions. Just some food for thought.

Distance while swapping was another thing that was difficult to keep track of. I think this is because of the way that the camera follows you as you jump.

Wall jump felt pretty restrictive because of how long it took away my controls for.

Your platformer could really benefit from looking into Coyote Time/Jump Buffering. There were definitely more than a few times that I died because of it.


Thank you so much for the detailed feedback! All of these were things I had concerns about but didn't have time to iterate on, but I will definitely be adjusting them as I continue to work on the game. Visually distinct "safe" tiles that are the same in all worlds, a focus on single screen levels so you can see everything at once and not get disoriented as the camera moves, and significant tweaks to jumping and wall jumping are all top priorities. Thanks for playing and thanks again for taking the time to comment!


Game Title/URL: Escape from lab

Pitch/Information: Escape from lab is a 2D platform shooter game.Player need to escape the lab and kill  the enemies.Player can use double jump,wall jump, rope gun to survive and escape from the lab.

I'd like feedback on:  "anything!"


Game Title :Between These Walls

Pitch : Short 3D psychological Horror game.

"You just moved to a new apartment to start a new life. Everything seems good  but   the more the days go by, the more strange things happen. 
Wherever you go, he will always be there with you."

Feedback : I'd like feedback on any problems you spot ! :)
I'm actually taking notes for future updates and for my futures projects


Game Title/URL:

Pitch/Information: A very short 2d visual novel about accidentally falling in love with your boss! You are the new employee at the bakery, you gotta shuffle work and your ~feelings~

I'd like feedback on: Anything! We might want to continue developing this game so any suggestions and feedback (specially long-form) are super appreciated

thank you and enjoy!

Submitted (1 edit)

Valiant: Evangeline

You are the fae Evangeline and must save the children! MyFirstGameJam Summer 2020 - Theme "Change" - 2 Weeks

I'd like feedback on: I'd like feedback on mechanics and is it too hard? Being my first completed game, I'd like feedback just in general.

I need help on: I couldn't figure out how to do a fairy dust particle training effect


I'd like feedback on: Anything, I won't be updating the game, but it will be helpful to see what other people would want to see made/fixed in my project.

Submitted (1 edit)

Game Title/URL:

Pitch/Information: A pure 2D platformer set in a scifi space environment.

I’d like feedback on: Whether you make it to the end. Was the control scheme difficult to pick up? The feel of the Game Mechanics. Did the game ever feel too dark (lighting)? Did the game feel difficult or tedious? Any other Feedback is also welcome.

I need help on: A solution to the tearing between tiles, resource links would be amazing.

Play-for-play model subscriber except horror games, sry.


I thought the visuals were great, and never too dark for me. Controls were easy to get the hang of, and the active/inactive platform changes were easy to understand and predict right away. The controls felt good in almost every way, but the deceleration on the player makes things feel a little slippery, and the trickier jumps were a little frustrating for me because of it.

The platforming sequences are really well designed, but being stacked on top of each other means if you miss a jump you might lose minutes of progress and have to redo it all, which gets worse the farther up you get. This might be by design, but I struggle with games that make me do the same thing after I've been successful at it just to get back to the part I'm stuck at. Checkpoints would really help, and they could even be optional.

I know I already mentioned the visuals, but just wanted to add that the art style and sound design were really good and immersive, and established a strong mood right away that pulled me in. I couldn't make it to the end past the really tiny platform jumps, but I'm going to play more when I have a chance later because I'd like to see more.

I didn't notice any tile tearing when I played, but I had a problem with it developing my game too, and this is what fixed it for me (it's for one of the 2018 versions of Unity but I'm using 2019.3.15 and it worked fine):


I think that not doing checkpoints are my biggest regret after doing this game jam.


This is my first game jam, literally... I wanted to make something achievable from my personal experience so far with game dev, and ended up with this fun little action RPG to delight your day.

Basically, it is an action RPG which have rooms of enemies to defeat and player would try to get through as many rooms in 5 minutes as possible. Have fun and enjoy!

Remember to turn on your computer sound and enjoy the music! It is an original music written by Jacob solely for this game!

Would love feedback on overall feel and how much you enjoy it ^^ Of course, if you find anything bugged, or could be improved... let me know! Thank you.


Game Title/URL: DanSim: The Enbaldening

Pitch/Information: Fight enemies. Become bald. Unlock your true potential when you find the Golden Razor and polish that noggin.

I'd like feedback on: Anything but the graphics!

Submitted (1 edit)

Game Title/URL:

Info: OH no! there are some obstacles coming down. Protect the red line using your rail turret! It rides on a rail and whenever you tap space it shoots! Powerups come down after some time to help you.

I would like to have feedback about anything bout the game. Just give tell me what worked and what didn't and i'll make a note of that when it comes to make another top down shooter game

For the games that i CAN play. Its only on browser and mac cuz i don't have a windows

Submitted (1 edit) (+3)


Info:  Eco-Shift is a tower-defense game about protecting nature from the pace of the changing world around it. With a little help from a kind painter nature will defend itself from the onslaught of those who wish to exploit and destroy it.

I'd like feedback on;  Anything and everything someone can give us some insight on.  This is our first completed game.
Time Square
You are a square who can pause time and use paused objects to platform around the level. We have 8 levels and 1 secret level, as well as collectible coins. 

This was our first game we've ever made, so any suggestions would be helpful. In addition, any good free godot tutorials would help greatly. Thanks!


Cocktail party.  A short mistery visual novel (work jn progress)

I'd like any kind of feedback. Many things were left out because of time. Also if you have tips and ideas to implement, they are welcome


Game Title/URL:  Gravity Knight

Pitch/Information: Platformer game with gravity change

I'd like feedback on:  I appreciate any kind of feedback


I really like the animations, the hint text, and how you challenged the player based around the main mechanic! It was nice, challenging, and with just enough open-ness that it feels like you could get really good (speedrun??).  The one thing that bugged me throughout my playthrough was the camera - it was really often difficult to tell what was above/below/beside you. As in, when you are going right, most of what you see is to the left, so you can be really easily surprised, and when you switch to the opposite gravity, your character is at the very top of the screen, so you can't tell what your going to land on. The first few levels were small enough that this didn't matter, but in the last 2 it was a little frustrating at times. Other than that though, the art and gameplay was really fun to play and look at!


thank you so much for your detailed Feedback i am glad you enjoyed it , we will try to adjust the camera settings.


Game Title/URL: Chroma Shift (

Pitch/Information: Change your colour to platform your way to the other side.

I'd like feedback on: Generally anything. This is my first Game Jam and first game so I know there's a lot to work on.

I need help on: The biggest bug is with the grapple line when the player is blue. The line seems to turn blue in the unity editor, but when built it reverts to red. I think I used linerenderer.material (Unity) to change the colour. I know this is not the way to do it, but I couldn't figure out another way.



See my comment that I made on the game page.


Game Title/URL:  Just Keep the Change

Pitch/Information: Simple mouse controlled bullet hell

I'd like feedback on: Anything and everything


PiP & PoP /
a puzzler platformer with interchangeable characters
I take any criticism, tear me apart guys!


Game Title/URL:

Pitch/Information: A 2D, top down, turn based puzzler about taking control of your allies and enemies.

I'd like feedback on: Pretty much anything, especially gameplay, fun factor, art, music, and UI.  

Please be harsh/brutally honest :) Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy!

Submitted (1 edit)

Game Title/URL: Switchables

Pitch/Information: A simple “hard” platformer game where you can toggle active color that affects both platforms and hazards. Beat the level as fast as you can to get higher score. Try to collect star and beat ace time to boost your score even higher!

I'd like feedback on: This is my first time creating a platformer so any feedback is welcomed! If I need narrowing down, it is especially the physics, level design, and the graphical presentation (I don’t know how the game should look like ><)



Puzzle game about changing your color and reaching an exit.

I just want you to play it and tell me what you think about it :)

Submitted (2 edits)

Game Title/URL:

Pitch/Information: A puzzle platformer game about a failed experiment's adventures.

I'd like feedback on: Anything, just go wild! For example: visuals, level design, pacing etc. etc.

Note: I guarantee to play your game if you play ours!


See my comment on the game page.

Submitted (2 edits)

Game Title: Space Cat: The Search for Food

It's a short and sweet arcade game where you try to collect food and get the highest score!

It's a great game if you like old arcade games and are looking for something quick to play for a few minutes. Looking for feedback as well (Specificially in its performance because it hitches in my browser and I don't know if it's just me)! Thanks!


Six Feet Gun-der:

Pitch/Information: A roguelike where you shoot walls to tunnel through a randomly generated map to find three levers to save New York.

I'd like feedback on: Making the world feel more full of stuff. Balancing difficulty. Tile breaking in Godot?


Game Title/URL: Gift of Reach

Pitch/Information: "Gift of Reach" is a prototype puzzle game revolving around hitting objects to reveal hidden gifts in the subject's room. The player, constrained to a spot in the room, must use special balls to hit certain items in their room out of the way to reveal the glowing present that they've been looking for. They then must reeeeeeeach with their hand to grab it. 

I'd like feedback on: 

  • The level design. I've only implemented a few ideas revolving around hitting switches. I wonder what else I could implement. So far, I've thought about removing the restriction on the player (you can only look around, you can knock yourself onto a moving object or something like that).
  • The control scheme (see below).
  • The potential user interface, in terms of placement and info. Too much info? Too less info? 

I need help on: 

  • The control scheme. This is my first game involving shooting an object from a first-person perspective (I guess a FPS?) I wanted to keep all the controls on one input device, in this case the mouse. I wonder if there are other options for the control scheme I present in this prototype.

Game Title/URL: Pest Control

Pitch/Information: A 90s retro fps in the style of Doom and Hexen made in 2 weeks for MyFirstGameJam. You wake up in a facility with no idea how you got there and only an urge to get out. Fight through hazmat clad enemies in an attempt to flee from a laboratorywith more going on than meets the eye. 

I'd like feedback on: gameplay, graphics, and overall concept.

I love all the good feedback from the demo i released mid-jam and more recently everyone playing the finished game and it is very humbling. Thanks everyone for the support!


Game Title/URL: Plumbing

Pitch/Information: You have water that you need to keep within the view of the camera and safe. The game goes on forever and ends when you have no water

I’d like feedback on: Anything but sound, controls, balance are suggestions

I need help on: Game balance, audio problems (Wwise), controls


Information: Sight Shifting is a platformer that makes the player shift between two "layers of reality" per say, allowing them to find different elements that are equally usefull to reach the next level.

I'd like feedback on: Anything  :3


The level design was well made and I really liked the main mechanic of shifting between layers. Some more sound would have been nice but other than that I think it was really good.


Thank you for the advice, we are learning more about sound design to fix this issue :D



information: An FPS where you need to shoot the enemies with the right color and make it to the end of the level.

I'd like feedback on: anything!


Game Title/URL: A Dash of Magic

Pitch/Information: You play as an Alchemist tasked with creating enchanted items and potions - but you must be quick! Inspired by games like Overcooked, you will follow arcane recipes and combine magical ingredients to fulfill the various requests of your impatient clientele. 

I'd like feedback on:



Game Title/URL: The Nicking of Time

Pitch/Information: A tabletop micro-RPG meant for quick oneshot games. You play as part of a crew going out on a heist with your handy dandy time traveling device. But things start to go a bit wrong, chronologically speaking...

I'd like feedback on: Nothing in particular. Just a general feel of how it is to play, and whether the rules are difficult to understand.


Game Title/URL: 
Archeline -

Archeline is a (very) short action platformer with an oldschool gameboy colorscheme

I'd like feedback on: 

  • Level design:
    This is my first game and while you can find lots of clear tutorials for how to write the code or create the art, I feel like level design is a bit harder to "learn". Is this game "fun" or how can I make it "fun".
  • Platformer specific tips:
    I've implemented coyote time(being able to jump a few frames after you walk off a platform) and a jump buffer (being able to press the jump button again a few frames before hitting the ground from a previous jump) but what are some other things I could implement to make this game feel like a great platformer.
  • Anything else:
    There's definitely still a lot of stuff I would like to change, if I had more time I would add more levels, enemies, bosses, or at least make the current boss a bit harder, but please let me know if you have any other things I could implement or improve

Thanks in advance!

Submitted (1 edit)

Game Title/URL: Color Beat

Pitch/Information: Color Beat is a colorful game where you’ll need to think fast and wisely! You must shoot the right colors to destruct the blocks. Keep changing colors to destroy the blocks!

I’d like feedback on: It’s my first game other than random experiments, so any feedback is welcome :)

I tried to mess with simple shaders, sfx and other things I wasn’t paying much attention.

I need help on: I would love to know more about level design. I feel I’m ready to tackle a larger project but I lack this kind of planning and guiding the player needs throughout the game. I really like that feeling of progress and evolution :)


Game Title/URL: LSCLAP - Living Spaceship Crash Landed on an Alien Planet

Pitch/Information: Landing somewhere between a tactical strategy game and a tower defense game, you must change yourself (you being a living spaceship) to complete a few objectives, survive, and escape an alien planet before you run out of energy or the aliens get your brain.

I'd like feedback on: Whether this type of game interests you, and if so, what sort of other mechanics and ideas could be added to make it more fun. Currently I don't intend on extending the game beyond the Jam as there are many things I'd do differently now, but starting over with a similar concept wouldn't be out of the question.


Game Title/URL:

Pitch/Information: A platformer which you play as a girl named Easel, daughter of a famous painter she is sent out by her mother to get fresh paints.

I'd like feedback on: If you can give me feedback on the games progress in overall feel and coding that would be great, if there are any visual faults besides some missing tiles on fullscreen id appreciate it!

Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

Explodynium: A puzzle game where you solve riddles to identify unknown chemicals in your lab.

This is my first game, so I'm open to any kind of advice!


Game Title/URL: Bob-Squish

Pitch/Information: Join spheres together to rack up points be deforming the mesh ground. Beware of the moving textures that distort space continuum. 

I'd like feedback on: player movement and graphics. Ive always had a poor understanding in art. 


Game Title/URL: Lovebug -


Lovebug is a simple platformer game which you will navigate little Lovebug towards his heart before the timer runs out. The platforms change colour as you hop on them and invisible thorns will appear if you hit on them. Be sure to remember where the thorns are and avoid them when you replay. 

The game has 5 simple levels (just for an initial stage) and can be played on any PC/laptop browser.

I'd like feedback on: Basically anything!

Thanks for playing!



For my first summer game jam I decided to make an assets pack. This summer I learned how to make a main menu in the unity engine and since this game jam is all about learning, I decided to make a complete 3D unity asset pack. In this asset pack you will find: A player character, a boost pad, ground, walls, a jump pad, a coin, a special coin, a minimiser, a normaliser, a maximiser, an arrow, a death zone, lava and PARTICLES.  If you want to download just click the button below!. after downloading the assets, download the screen recording and do the same things that I am doing. Arrow keys or WASD to move, Space to jump. This is my second unity project and first asset pack.

 PS 1: When you are in the game, touch the flag to exit.

PS 2: Sadly, there are no sound effects or music :(

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A game where you change between forms to progress;

I'd like feedback on everything but the level design (It was made in a hurry so we know it sucks);

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Title/URL: Back to The Office 2020 (

Information: The quarantine has ended, so it's time to go back to work after a long break. But wait a minute… It seems that some townspeople have gone mad during their isolation! So now, if you want to get to work on time, you have to overcome all obstacles and survive in this crazy post-quarantine city.

I'd like feedback on: Your opinion on the idea, realization, gameplay (if it's possible) and just your thought about this project




Dimmer's a cyberpunk action game with lots of neon. The core mechanics are changing your weapon parts for different kinds of shot and using a cover system to heal/change or reload your gun for a more "John Wick" shootout experience.


Game Title:  Igor'sCaveAdventure. 


Pitch/Information: Igor was walking in the woods and came across old ruins. Igor was very fond of adventure, so he decided to go through the entrance of the ruins. The gates of the ruins immediately slammed shut after Igor passed through them. Igor will have to go through the ruins and find another way out.

I'd like feedback on: The level difficulty, the pixel art and the animation. Of course other feedback on the game  would be appreciated.