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Cool game! love the pixel art and the music is cool! great!

Really a cool game mate, simple but effective concept, great job!

That's so cool, hope you'll finish this game!

Thank you J! :)

Aahahahahah thanks anyway for the feedback man! I'll try to make the instructions more clear for the next game, maybe with some introduction.

I'm happy that you like it tottori! :D

Thank you! I'll try to make a shorter but more engaging experience next time!

Thanks for your feedback Lucca! I'm happy that you enjoyed the game! :)

Thank you! :D

Thank you mate i really apreciate

Thank you! the music stops to let you hear the rewarding sound  when your tree has grown.

Can i make art assets like 2D sprite or 3D models before that the jam is started and then actually use them into the game?

Dunno why but i can't play! I'm running it on Firefox on the latest version and the game say "indirect call to null" . I'm sorry man :(

Thank you mataro!  <3

Thanks mate! 

Yea ahahah you are definitely right! Unfortunately the skybox are a free pack and i didn't find something better for the Sunny weather :(

Thank you mate i'll try to make the lighting better next time! :D

Thanks buddy now i know :D

Game Title/URL: Your Little Cute Tree

Pitch/Information: A 3d game where you have to change the weather to grow your small plant and turn it into a tree! Pic related:

I'd like feedback on: Art.

I need help on: Please can you check if the UI is ok? Tell me if you see all the buttons and instruction clearly!

Funny mechanic, parappappapá i'm lovin it!

Cool! I like the environment!

Hi Mike, thanks for the feedback! How can i rate a game for the jam?

I manage to fix that, now you can see the instruction clearly even if you don't enable fullscreen

Thank you, i apreciate a lot!

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Thanks for the feedback :D

if you mean platformer for second genre then i think yes, they are 2 different genres

No one get how the game connects to the theme so i'll leave this wiki page:

Also as i said in the description of the game:

In a Film Negative when more photons hits a
silver crystal, the silver crystal turns black!

This game is about a silver crystal that try to escape from photons.

This game is sooo cool! really a great job!

Thanks, of course i wanted to implement more things but i also wanted to finish it in time! Ahahahah, hope my next game will be better!

a bit too hard but good game!

laggy but funny, ahah oranges go brrr

Funny mechanic, unfortunately the game is a bit laggy on my pc, but it's still funny opening containers and spill oranges ahahah

Thanks mate!

Really a funny concept! Unfortunatelly firefox is kinda bugged and don't make me play the game, but on Edge browser is all ok. Btw i love the winning sound is so rewarding ahah!