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Thank you so much for playing! Have to check out that texture bug. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D

The art style is great, love all the 3D art! Only complaint I could think of would be that the "sunny" skyboy looks a lot more overclouded than sunny but other than that its great!

This is a really good game. It hits this spot, where I'm always loosing, but just want to keep going and going.
Only thing that annoyed me a little is, sometimes when I was late on giving pennies, I ended up giving  the next guy twenties, which makes it  alot harder at times.

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Game Title/URL: Hotel Fire


Hotel Fire  is a story based puzzle-game. 25 years ago there was a deadly fire in the Stuart Hotel, where your parents where lost. But you heard rumoours about a mysterious door frame in the ruins, that takes you back to that night. So after all those years, you decide to change the past, so you step throught the frame.

I'd like feedback on:
Anything really! Any bugs you find.
If the puzzles makes sense and if they are too easy or too hard to understand. Same for the story, please tell us if there is anything in the story that feels like it needs to be explored further or is a bit too much.