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Thanks for the really in-depth review! I've taken note of some of this and gotten great feedback from others as well which I'll work on if I ever continue working on the game (or join the next jam).

Also, congratulations on being one of the few that liked the difficulty haha. The #1 complaint I get is that it's too difficult, unfair, or infuriating.

There actually were plans to make it way more complex but time definitely got to me, I was in a local game jam at the same time where I had to travel to a different city so I didn't have much time to work on them. The idea was to have enemies sometimes interrupt their attacks sometimes and force you to dodge backwards, or shoot arrows that you have to attack right before they reach you. Of course an endless mode too would've been nice. Maybe I'll work on these in the future, if I have the time.

Again, thanks for the detailed feedback!

The difficulty curve is a bit harsh because I ran out of time, hopefully I can make things a bit easier later :)

Really cute and clever game. I could easily tell left from right, but I had a hard time telling if a dog was above or below me. I'm really bad at this, but I love the challenge!

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)

It's definitely not you, the harsh difficulty curve was because I ran out of time, sadly! I was planning on way more but unfortunately I had a different game jam at the same time.

So only 2 fights made it in. I decided to make the latter difficult to give players a bit of a challenge before the game ends. Definitely something I hope to fix in the future with more content and an easier on-boarding, but thanks for playing regardless.

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Thanks for the feedback. The changes in tempo were meant to make the game more like a rhythm game rather than just memorizing directions. I totally get that it's not as intuitive as it should be, and may be too difficult to get used to. Hopefully I can amend some of that and polish the game more in a future update.

Make sure you have permission to execute it. Open the terminal where your file is and type "chmod +x Heaven\ Studio"

You need to extract the zip, extract the tar file with the same program you opened the zip in, then double click Heaven Studio.

I really like the art and atmosphere but there's something wrong with the character's movement. The camera shakes randomly and the player moves really slowly.

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"Hmm those buildings look a little-"

God. Damn it.

For some reason Windows is flagging this as a virus. Make sure you exported it correctly.


Really beautiful, amazing job.

I love how this starts out with very serious lore and gets more ridiculous as it goes on.

I want an electropizza now.

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Hilarious idea, great execution. I love that you lose by getting bribed. The hammer is also so satisfying to use.

The enemies are my only real complaint. You don't get any feedback when you get hit so sometimes I would lose not understanding where I'm getting hit from. Enemy movement is also pretty buggy. Still great for a game jam though.

Really fun ideas, short and sweet :)
The only thing I hoped for was AI that was a bit smarter. It seems to just choose a random place and I won most rounds without any resistance.

Really neat game, a cool blend of chill but hectic. Once I stopped caring about my multiplier it becomes easy to reach 10,000+ score though.

Pretty cool game, I really liked the Katana but wish it just had more range to it. Also there's a bug where you can get stuck inside of doors as they close (happened to me before the first boss).

The screen effect is really cool but I would welcome an option to tone it down a bit.

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Love me an asteroids-like game. I agree with the other two commenters though, the rocks take multiple bullets to destroy so it feels like I'd have to click 200 times a minute to stay alive which gets tiring fast. Fun game otherwise.

Looks like a neat concept, but unfortunately it runs really poorly on my laptop. I'm getting under 10 FPS.

Very cute!

Oh, if you're using the itch app it might be a bug there. Try opening the game in Firefox or Chrome and see if you're still getting the error.

Make sure your browser is up to date. If it's not working you may have an old PC, the downloadable version should work.

Unfortunately there's no way to do that, the game is hard coded to use its own folder. This was intentional to protect your files since the file manager I built could have bugs in it, and the 2nd update actually fixes one where you could corrupt your files by copying them.

You can do the opposite though: Copy your folder into GodotOS' files and work with it from there.

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This is actually a bug on itch's end because the buttons on the top right of the page might block the mouse input.
You can try fullscreening GodotOS itself (F11) or zooming out your browser and you should be able to click the buttons.

I reported it yesterday:

How interesting, keep me updated on how it goes!

Really good for a first game. Love the page theming as well. It would be great if the anvil's hitbox were a little smaller, I always seem to get hit on the tip of it. Nice work!

It was made in Godot 4. UI is also built in Godot 4.

Thanks for the kind words!

Feel free to copy it as much as you'd like, I don't mind.

Love it! Welcome to the Godot game engine :)

I bet you're enjoying the fast export times already. Hotfixes are a blessing outside of Unity.

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Pretty cool concept. It would be great if I could see what has been added to the jar so far, and I don't think it should have collision because it often blocks the items under it, making me have to go around when picking up pills. A little bit of particles would add a lot of life to the game, too.

This is a pretty neat platformer! I did feel like the walljump was very inconsistent which made me die a lot more than I feel I should have though. Sometimes it launches me up, sometimes it doesn't and just sends me horizontally, sometimes I walljump before I hit the wall which causes weird behavior. Not sure what was going on there.

I love the idea of having to explore more against an AI, it's super clever and creative! I also love the sounds, it really made it feel like a tabletop game. I wish movement were faster and not tile-based, but rather a radius around the player, but for a game jam this was really good. Nice job.

Quite fun! This character controller is better than most I've seen in the jam, it felt very responsive and smooth. I felt the camera was a little too zoomed in, which caused some jumps to feel a little blind especially when falling down. I also felt like the "pickup" and "add rune" keys could've been combined into one interact button.

Really impressive for a game jam, nice work!

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Thanks for the feedback! I definitely wanted to do a bit more with enemies and have them bump into walls/mines like you do, but alas I ran out of time. I tried to make them less action focused by making them have smaller detection radiuses. You can ALWAYS see them before they see you, and if you move slowly and carefully you can often shoot them before they even start moving. I was hoping they wouldn't be too frustrating.

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Simple concept but really lovely execution. I liked how polished everything was and the whole diorama aesthetic was great. 

The chest in the ship on the 3rd level blended in a little too well, I was stumped for a bit because I thought the moving pirate ship had something to do with a solution. Great game!

Really creative concept! I loved all the little minigames and exploring what to do. I agree with other commenters that it's not immediately obvious what you can and can't interact with. Overall, nice job!

Oh man I really loved this and have a lot to say about it. First of all, I'm amazed how big it is. The map is HUGE and there really is a lot to explore! I loved all the tools you need to collect and use, and I really liked all the fluff text when you cross near enemies. I loved my time and it deserves my 5/5.

A few notes though:

  • It wasn't immediately obvious I can pass through the broken prison bar texture. From the get-go I felt a bit lost until I reached the first chest.
  • Finding the red key was very difficult. The wall in the 2nd room blended in so much with the rest of the walls, it took quite a few loops for me to notice it! I would've appreciated if breakable walls were colored differently.
  • The enemy dialogue popup would override the one showing you what you got from chests. I often had to guess what I just received because I didn't see the message for it. I didn't know there was an inventory in the pause menu.
  • This is a silly complaint but I would've liked being able to use the arrow keys to move rather than WASD.
  • Your game lacks visibility, man! You could gain more players by having a web build (which is easy in Unity), and also by improving the presentation of your page. That mainly includes creating a proper thumbnail for your page.

RIP to that guy who took an arrow to the knee and got decapitated. Happens to the best of us. Great job with this game.

Pretty fun game! I liked the open level design and going through the level with two different characters was pretty creative.

I did notice that enemy hitboxes linger while they're dying, sometimes I would lose HP because I walked into a dying ghost. I also felt like the ghost's hitboxes might have been a bit bigger than their sprite.
I also would've liked to see some feedback upon taking damage, even if it is as simple as the player flashing red. Sometimes it's not noticeable until I died.

Great job overall on finishing it within the time limit!