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Hello, enjoying the game so far!

I was just curious what software / tools were used for the art, I love the art style of the game.

Cool game, love the art style

That was awesome, great job!

Game Title/URL: LSCLAP - Living Spaceship Crash Landed on an Alien Planet

Pitch/Information: Landing somewhere between a tactical strategy game and a tower defense game, you must change yourself (you being a living spaceship) to complete a few objectives, survive, and escape an alien planet before you run out of energy or the aliens get your brain.

I'd like feedback on: Whether this type of game interests you, and if so, what sort of other mechanics and ideas could be added to make it more fun. Currently I don't intend on extending the game beyond the Jam as there are many things I'd do differently now, but starting over with a similar concept wouldn't be out of the question.

If you haven't found the answer for clickable buttons yet, here's a snippet from my game - in Update() you want to check for the mouse click, then get the position of the mouse. Last line converts it to a tilemap position if you're using tilemaps.

if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) {    
Vector3 clickWorldPosition = _mainCamera.ScreenToWorldPoint(Input.mousePosition);    
Vector3Int clickCellPosition = _shipTilemap.WorldToCell(clickWorldPosition);

That was fun, good job.

Couple little things:

Not being able to move diagonally makes it feel a little weird, especially when there are enemies moving diagonally :)

The soundtrack sounded overly compressed, like a low bitrate mp3, which took away from what was otherwise an awesome soundtrack.

I love the aesthetic - especially the chalk board font with instructions - it looks very polished.

The camera controls take some getting used to - I kept trying to use the middle mouse button to pan or do 3d axis rotation... you may want to look into standardizing the camera controls to make them a bit more immediately familiar; however, this is a small thing.

I didn't get through all the levels, so apologies if it's a thing already, but I think a cool addition would be some obstacles like you'd see in a mini-putt course.... windmills, etc.... but ones more suited to Gravity golfing of course

That's a nice toy box - I can see your vision for creating a bunch of these.

I'd suggest adding the ability to click on the buttons - especially if you're giving them screen real estate. Then it would also translate well to touch devices.

Probably out of scope for this, but one cool idea would be creating some sort of interactive narrative where you use your existing types of interactions to manipulate the events of the story

So far so good! I found the movement a bit "bouncy" when strafe walking and moving mouse at the same time, but it didn't stop me from going around and punching the hasmat guy. One thing that would be good to see is some visual feedback when you hit someone, right now it's hard to tell if you're actually hitting the guy or not.

So far so good! The background becomes a bit much at very high speeds - could see it making some people feel a bit sick over time.

I think you're on the right track with ship upgrades - would be cool to see more variety of upgrades and customization. One direction I could see it going is similar to a classic fighting game I used to play called OMF2097 where you'd pick a character with different stats that would go in a robot to fight other robots, and you could upgrade all sorts of different aspects of the robot...... it's a game I haven't played in 25 years so I can't describe it any better than that and my description could be completely wrong, but regardless I could see your game going in that direction :)

great work!

I love the aesthetics of the game! The camera movements can seem little jerky at times, although I'm not sure if that's by design to give a bit of an out-of-control feel - if that was your goal then it works :D

I did notice some of the horizontal and vertical tearing you mentioned - not sure if it's something with WebGL? I don't know Unity well enough to give much help but it looks as though there are times when some sprites move ahead of others... one thing that could fix it is having a bit of buffer/overlap for the tiles... not sure if you're using tilemaps but if you are you could set the unit px size of your sprites a couple pixels less the actual size

I think this would make a good base for some platformer puzzles, like finding keys for doors to continue progressing through the levels. For some reason I kind of picture the guy holding a giant key in front of him like Super Mario World

Super Mario World - All Secret Exits - YouTube

Thanks for the feedback! I was planning on making the fire block a lot more expensive.... the balance of the game needs a lot of work still :D

Thanks Vase, I'll try to figure out how to address some of those UX issues :D

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Game Title/URL: LSCLAP - Living Spaceship Crash Landed on an Alien Planet -


You are a living spaceship that has crash landed on an alien planet. You must use the resources available to you to grow your ship and escape before the aliens get to your brain.

I'd like feedback on: anything, balance

I need help on: Making the game more fun

Better Game Instructions:

  • You can build on the ship blocks (light grey blocks)
  • You can convert up to a 3x3 group of tiles into ship blocks by selecting a grass or rock tile that is adjacent to a ship tile
  • You build induction coil blocks to absorb energy from passing enemies - this is your only resource
  • you build turrets and fire blocks to kill enemies
  • Things consume energy on a combination of on build, per turn, or per enemy
  • If you run out of energy you die
  • if an alien reaches your brain, you die

Move aside Golden Tee Golf!