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That was fun, good job.

Couple little things:

Not being able to move diagonally makes it feel a little weird, especially when there are enemies moving diagonally :)

The soundtrack sounded overly compressed, like a low bitrate mp3, which took away from what was otherwise an awesome soundtrack.

Thank you!

I'm not too familiar with sound files, so everytime I tried to convert the soundtrack from mp3 to wav it turned out to be huge in comparison, so the only way to get a low size was to compress it in that way. But you're right, I reuploaded the soundtrack and now it sounds way better, even if the size is too big.

About the diag movement, it was a feature that I wanted but had to give up in order to advance, it was taking me a while to implement that and the subsequent animations. Might get it done in a later time, but for this jam unfortunately it'll be missing.