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[ ! ] Mid-jam Playtesting [Sat-Mon] Sticky

A topic by J created Jul 18, 2020 Views: 779 Replies: 54
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Hi everyone! Having a good jam so far? We thought it might be a neat idea to encourage a playtesting weekend, meant to help everyone pinpoint issues and check out other jammers' work! It's okay if you don't have your game done— you can still show us what you have so far! To account for the lateness of this announcement, the dates for posting your games will be between Saturday through Monday. Doing this is optional, but we encourage you to post! We also HIGHLY encourage you to check out games with no feedback; let your fellow jammers know you're cheering them on!

If you'd like to participate, please post here with the following information:

Game Title/URL: Self-explanatory.  Link your game here. 

Pitch/Information: A short description of the game.

I'd like feedback on: You can put a list, questions, or description of what you would like critique on. Can be "anything!" if you're not looking for anything specific.

I need help on: Optional so remove if unnecessary, but if you have a specific problem or bug that you would like help or advice with solving, put it here!

Have fun, and don't forget to play each other's games!

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Game Title/URL: Keep The  Change


In KTC the player gets, makes and sells items related to cooking , alchemy and tools by learning new recipes and unlocking better techniques and ingredients.

Little more info here:

This is the last video where we are trying one of the music themes, our starter script for enemy movement including patrolling and attacking and some animation in progress too. And you can meet our unique Tailed-Slimes too :P

I'd like feedback on: anything you want

Is it possible that we'd have a link to the game itself?


Game Title/URL: (V-BUSTER)

Pitch/Information: A top down shooter where you shoot enemies and use your high score to upgrade your weapons

I'd like feedback on: Anything.Just tell me whatever you think will make the game better.

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It was a fun short enjoyable experience. It took me a few tries but I made it to the shotgun before my eyes couldn’t take it anymore.

Things I think could help:

  • The background could be toned down a little. It was hurting my eyes after a little bit.
  • Show the Player what the controls are somewhere. It took me a few deaths before I figured out the shoot button.
  • Add a health bar. I wasn’t sure if I got health back over time or killing enemies, I couldn’t tell either way. Possible suggestion to make the smile face colors the health bar.
  • Adjust the turn speed up just a little bit.
  • Adjust the music/SFX volume down or add a way to adjust music/SFX volume.
  • Suggestion to make the Score points accumulative through runs. That way people can reach the upper purchase limits eventually. Though there are arguments to leave it as is.

THX  for the feedback the game feels far more polished now.


So far so good! The background becomes a bit much at very high speeds - could see it making some people feel a bit sick over time.

I think you're on the right track with ship upgrades - would be cool to see more variety of upgrades and customization. One direction I could see it going is similar to a classic fighting game I used to play called OMF2097 where you'd pick a character with different stats that would go in a robot to fight other robots, and you could upgrade all sorts of different aspects of the robot...... it's a game I haven't played in 25 years so I can't describe it any better than that and my description could be completely wrong, but regardless I could see your game going in that direction :)

great work!

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Game Title/URL: My Arcadia

Pitch/Information: A dating simulation game that tells a story about love, pain and friendship. 

I'd like feedback on: Anything that could help improve this game or make it more fun ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

My game isn't finish yet but i'm currently working on it. I guess I kinda wanna show what I have done so far too hehehe

The link wasn’t working for me.


oh sorry my bad, here i update it, thanks for informing me! ᕙ(^▿^-ᕙ)

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This is so cool! I've never played one of these games, and I really like the whole set up!

The only 2 issues I had were that - 

  • for some reason the gift menu and stats stayed open even when I left the location
  • and I did get an error:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/travel.rpy", line 30, in script
TypeError: list indices must be integers, not unicode

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/travel.rpy", line 30, in script
  File "C:\Users\zachg\Downloads\MyArcadia-1.0-pc\MyArcadia-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 1631, in execute
TypeError: list indices must be integers, not unicode

My Arcadia 1.0
Sun Jul 19 01:11:04 2020

I'm definitely gonna check this out later though! This is so awesome!


Thank you so much! I'll take note of those and work on it (っ^▿^)


Oh! I really like this kind of games!!! I love the looks of the games so far, the art of the girls is so cute!!! I can't wait to see more of the story, good work!


yeyyy thank you so much! I'll continue to keep working on it~ (≧▽≦)

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Game Title/URL: LSCLAP - Living Spaceship Crash Landed on an Alien Planet -


You are a living spaceship that has crash landed on an alien planet. You must use the resources available to you to grow your ship and escape before the aliens get to your brain.

I'd like feedback on: anything, balance

I need help on: Making the game more fun

Better Game Instructions:

  • You can build on the ship blocks (light grey blocks)
  • You can convert up to a 3x3 group of tiles into ship blocks by selecting a grass or rock tile that is adjacent to a ship tile
  • You build induction coil blocks to absorb energy from passing enemies - this is your only resource
  • you build turrets and fire blocks to kill enemies
  • Things consume energy on a combination of on build, per turn, or per enemy
  • If you run out of energy you die
  • if an alien reaches your brain, you die
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That was a really enjoyable experience. Love the art style. Gameplay was smooth. Some small Feedback:

  • A single fire was killing everything once I had my wall maze set up.
  • It be nice to have a quit button.
  • It’d also be nice to have the instructions in-game.
  • Remove dead bodies over time.
  • If I built a double wall (like a 2x2 wall), it was difficult to tell which wall I had selected.
  • Suggestion to add a UI element to show how much energy will be used next turn.

Thanks Vase, I'll try to figure out how to address some of those UX issues :D


Really fun game except for the fact that you can just build walls all around the initial block leaving 1 block open with a fire on it and then placing energy pads in front of the fire


Thanks for the feedback! I was planning on making the fire block a lot more expensive.... the balance of the game needs a lot of work still :D

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so hey

only half-baked (many of the sprites are only placeholders and the camera hasn't been setup) but feel free to suggest anything or report any bugs


I love the artstyle! And the background is amazing!

I'm totally new to this, so ignore me if I'm missing something obvious, but 

  • it seemed like enemies de-spawned a little before the camera moved by them 
  • Also it feels a little restrictive to not have any platforms that I can jump through from underneath

The enemies and environment are so cool though!

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Game Title: A Dash of Magic


(windows only atm I'm afraid)

Pitch/Info:  Game about an alchemist fulfilling orders for magical items/potions, inspired by games like Overcooked. Craft 3 enchanted items to pass the level within the time limit. Potions can also be crafted, which have much simpler recipes & grant additional time.

We'd like feeback on: All thoughts welcome, but I'll link here to a google survey sheet I set up (takes 1 minute)

If you'd rather comment here, I'd say the key feedback we'd like right now are to do with pace vs. complexity. Does the game feel fair, easy or unfair? Should we implement hazards for additional tension?

Thanks very much, good luck with week 2!


Hey nice game!!! I answered your survey too, just gonna write a little comment here. From the games that I have tested this one was the more challenging and you have already a complete mechanic that can be fun and reusable, since I don't have a very good memory I would appreciate to have a little more time to play and a shorcut to see the recipes so i dont have to run back to the book again and again, maybe with an choose difficulty option that unlocks this features. I want to try playing it again when the jam is over.


Hi, thanks for the comment/survey entry! Your thoughts on the time and difficulty have been noted in other people who we have asked as well, currently we're looking at implementing a level system that can gradually ease people into the game by having a larger time limit & simpler objectives to start with. That being said, later levels are certainly meant to be tough! Thanks again :)


joe what the heck, this game is too cool! I love the graphics man, gotta appreciate the 2D+3D combination!


Thank you! That's put a right smile on my face :) Yeah the 2D/3D thing was always going to be a favorite, not least of all because I'm big into 3D while we have someone else who makes beautiful sprites! Thanks again :D

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Game Title:  Escape from lab

Information:Escape from lab is 2d  platform shooter game.You can use rope gun and double jump in this game.I have finished the tutorial level and now working on level two.

I'd like feedback on: anything

I need help on:I don't know why some time the player will stuck in the wall. Also if you have any idea about the level design of level two please tell me.


Hey! I loved your game, I have a fun time trying to beat the level even if it took me too long hahaha. The gun and rope mechanics works really well and feel fun to use, my suggestions would be to change the jump button to W them because it was a little unconfortable using the spacebar for me and the wall jump is a little overpowered, you can almost skip the final part of the level, maybe you can add something to prevent the abuse of that feature. For level design ideas I was thinking something like using the rope to swing abobe a large spikes area.

Nice work!!!


Game Title/URL:  Pycho Maze 3D

Pitch/Information: A 3D dungeon explorer game. Find items to open the paths of the dungeon and find the exit before the monsters defeat you. 

I'd like feedback on: anything

I need help on: Improve the combat experience, sometimes it is dificult to know when an enemy is too near or too far. Level building ideas, most of my drafts in paper are to similar and this could make the game boring. 

I hope you like it, thank you!!!

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Game Title/URL: Sneaky Demon

Pitch/Information: Game about man that have demon's alter ego.  We trying to find "sacred grail" for save our soul.
Recomend to play with sounds - music helps for gameplay.
Prototyped of course)

I'd like feedback on: Any ideas and feedback will be cool!


I like the concept of your game, the mechanics give a lot of potential to do amazing puzzles, also nice music, really helps to immerse in the game. I would suggest to add something that helps to know when you are in a safe area to change form since in my first try I pressed tab to only see how my hearts were gone and didn't know why.


Thanks for your post! Yeah, at really its good advise, thank you

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Game Title/URL: ChromaZoma.

Pitch/Information: You play as astronaut Zoma exploring the far reaches of the world.

I’d like feedback on: anything.

I need help on: fixing edge tearing around tiles. Ideas for obstacles and/or Win conditions.


I love the aesthetics of the game! The camera movements can seem little jerky at times, although I'm not sure if that's by design to give a bit of an out-of-control feel - if that was your goal then it works :D

I did notice some of the horizontal and vertical tearing you mentioned - not sure if it's something with WebGL? I don't know Unity well enough to give much help but it looks as though there are times when some sprites move ahead of others... one thing that could fix it is having a bit of buffer/overlap for the tiles... not sure if you're using tilemaps but if you are you could set the unit px size of your sprites a couple pixels less the actual size

I think this would make a good base for some platformer puzzles, like finding keys for doors to continue progressing through the levels. For some reason I kind of picture the guy holding a giant key in front of him like Super Mario World

Super Mario World - All Secret Exits - YouTube

Deleted 184 days ago

The concept is really cool  honestly. Just had a glitch when I goes to that green door ( to the right when you open the blue door) the game stopped, there was just the music.
But great work !

Submitted (2 edits)

Hi !

Here is my game in beta :

Game Title : Between These Walls

Pitch/Information : Pyschological Horror/Simulation game .
You just moved to a   new apartment to start a new life.  But   the more the days go by, the more strange things happen. 
You'll have to  know what happen and why  it happen ... It seems like something followed you from your older apartment. 

I'd like feedback on : Anything, if there's some problems, something strange, etc.

(A controller can be use)

Also, just go to the RC door to finish the beta.

Thank you very much !

Submitted (1 edit)

game - Shape Changer /

Pitch/Information  - shape changing game to defend yourself from enemies.

I'd like feedback on anything you find. A bug or any problems and also questions.


Game Title/URL: Pest Control.

Pitch/Information: Pest Control is a fast paced 90's inspired FPS where you wake up in a hostile lab environment and have to fight to make your way out alive... and change in unexpected ways throughout the complex. 

I'd like feedback on: Gameplay, accessibility issues, questions?

I need help on: can't think of anything but let me know if you have any questions!


So far so good! I found the movement a bit "bouncy" when strafe walking and moving mouse at the same time, but it didn't stop me from going around and punching the hasmat guy. One thing that would be good to see is some visual feedback when you hit someone, right now it's hard to tell if you're actually hitting the guy or not.


Thanks so much for the feedback! Ill do some movement tests and see what can be done to improve it. Im currently just using the fos controller with unity standard assets but will probably make a simpler one for my own needs. I noticed the same thing with the punch all i have right now is a knockback and small noise but a visual aspect would be good. Thanks for playing!


I agree with Ryantay for everything except "bouncy" strafe. It doesn't seems too "bouncy" to me so maybe it's a matter of taste.

Also, when we come back to the spawn, enemies respawn but does nothing and are invicible !
But great job !


thanks for the feedback! Its so cool getting active input from these! I will definitely go back and look at that script lol. I forgot to double check the respawns since i threw them in last minute to make the experience a little bit more fulfilling for the demo. Thanks again for playing!



Game Title/URL: Fountain of Life

Pitch/Information: Topdown action game where you fight evil enemies that want to take over the Fountain of Life! You are attached to the fountain, so everytime that an enemy reaches it, you lose life.  Game is sort of a Tower Defense but instead of towers you use the main character to defend the fountain. 

I'd like feedback on:  anything you think that can be improved.

Thanks! (Reuploaded because I linked the game incorrectly last time)


That was fun, good job.

Couple little things:

Not being able to move diagonally makes it feel a little weird, especially when there are enemies moving diagonally :)

The soundtrack sounded overly compressed, like a low bitrate mp3, which took away from what was otherwise an awesome soundtrack.


Thank you!

I'm not too familiar with sound files, so everytime I tried to convert the soundtrack from mp3 to wav it turned out to be huge in comparison, so the only way to get a low size was to compress it in that way. But you're right, I reuploaded the soundtrack and now it sounds way better, even if the size is too big.

About the diag movement, it was a feature that I wanted but had to give up in order to advance, it was taking me a while to implement that and the subsequent animations. Might get it done in a later time, but for this jam unfortunately it'll be missing. 


Game Title/URL: Gravity Golfer

Pitch/Information:  A 3D puzzle golf game where gravity is changed in various manners to affect the golf ball and reach the ball in somewhat unorthodox manners.

I'd like feedback on: Anything you believe would be helpful! All and every piece of feedback is appreciated, and I will love seeing any ideas on what you'd like to see included in this game or what could be done to improve it. Also, keep in mind that this is very much still in development, and some later levels are unfinished. Also, although bugs are to be expected, if you see any big ones, please do say something!

Thank you, and have fun playing!


I love the aesthetic - especially the chalk board font with instructions - it looks very polished.

The camera controls take some getting used to - I kept trying to use the middle mouse button to pan or do 3d axis rotation... you may want to look into standardizing the camera controls to make them a bit more immediately familiar; however, this is a small thing.

I didn't get through all the levels, so apologies if it's a thing already, but I think a cool addition would be some obstacles like you'd see in a mini-putt course.... windmills, etc.... but ones more suited to Gravity golfing of course


Thank you for your reply! We will look into standardising camera controls, although we don't want to break the "central rotation" scheme too much. We will have to give it another go to see how to improve on that. Also, although it may appear obvious, the idea of regular mini-putt course elements had not come up yet, so it is very much appreciated! 

Again, thank you for playing, and I hope you have a nice day!


Hello! Hopefully I'm not too late to the playtest party. Current build is for Windows, with plans for a web-playable version.

Game Title/URL: ToyBox: Little Witch

Pitch/Information: An itty-bitty interactive toy where you press buttons and make various cute things happen.

**Pending Additions: BGM, SFX, interactions for S, D, Z, X, T, and G keys.

I'd like feedback on:

  • Accessibility: Are there any issues with color/contrast, or animations that feel too jittery?
  • UI: Does it make sense? Is it user-friendly enough?
  • Interactions: Any favorites so far? I'd like to know what little surprises people enjoy most!

I'm open to user experience (UX) advice, if you have any! It's one of my biggest challenges in game design, and one that I care very much about! Feel free to suggest ideas for interactions, too. I have all of the key mappings  planned out for this version, but I plan to make more toys like this in the future!

Many thanks & have fun!


That's a nice toy box - I can see your vision for creating a bunch of these.

I'd suggest adding the ability to click on the buttons - especially if you're giving them screen real estate. Then it would also translate well to touch devices.

Probably out of scope for this, but one cool idea would be creating some sort of interactive narrative where you use your existing types of interactions to manipulate the events of the story


Thanks! I appreciate your feedback!

Clickable buttons make a lot of sense. I was on the fence about implementing that feature because I wasn't too sure how to go about it, but you convinced me to try! So far it's working out.

Ooh, I like that idea. Would definitely be too ambitious to add narrative elements at this point, unfortunately. My free time is a bit limited now that I'm working part-time, but I'm determined to submit this project.


If you haven't found the answer for clickable buttons yet, here's a snippet from my game - in Update() you want to check for the mouse click, then get the position of the mouse. Last line converts it to a tilemap position if you're using tilemaps.

if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) {    
Vector3 clickWorldPosition = _mainCamera.ScreenToWorldPoint(Input.mousePosition);    
Vector3Int clickCellPosition = _shipTilemap.WorldToCell(clickWorldPosition);

For my first summer game jam I decided to make an assets pack. This summer I learned how to make a main menu in the unity engine and since this game jam is all about learning, I decided to make a complete 3D unity asset pack. In this asset pack you will find: A player character, a boost pad, ground, walls, a jump pad, a coin, a special coin, a minimiser, a normaliser, a maximiser, an arrow, a death zone, lava and PARTICLES.  If you want to download just click the button below!. after downloading the assets, download the screen recording and do the same things that I am doing. Arrow keys or WASD to move, Space to jump. This is my second unity project and first asset pack.

 PS 1: When you are in the game, touch the flag to exit.

PS 2: Sadly, there are no sound effects or music :(

Click here

Submitted (1 edit)

this is nice :)


Thanks :).