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That's a nice toy box - I can see your vision for creating a bunch of these.

I'd suggest adding the ability to click on the buttons - especially if you're giving them screen real estate. Then it would also translate well to touch devices.

Probably out of scope for this, but one cool idea would be creating some sort of interactive narrative where you use your existing types of interactions to manipulate the events of the story

Thanks! I appreciate your feedback!

Clickable buttons make a lot of sense. I was on the fence about implementing that feature because I wasn't too sure how to go about it, but you convinced me to try! So far it's working out.

Ooh, I like that idea. Would definitely be too ambitious to add narrative elements at this point, unfortunately. My free time is a bit limited now that I'm working part-time, but I'm determined to submit this project.

If you haven't found the answer for clickable buttons yet, here's a snippet from my game - in Update() you want to check for the mouse click, then get the position of the mouse. Last line converts it to a tilemap position if you're using tilemaps.

if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) {    
Vector3 clickWorldPosition = _mainCamera.ScreenToWorldPoint(Input.mousePosition);    
Vector3Int clickCellPosition = _shipTilemap.WorldToCell(clickWorldPosition);