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Game Title/URL: LSCLAP - Living Spaceship Crash Landed on an Alien Planet -


You are a living spaceship that has crash landed on an alien planet. You must use the resources available to you to grow your ship and escape before the aliens get to your brain.

I'd like feedback on: anything, balance

I need help on: Making the game more fun

Better Game Instructions:

  • You can build on the ship blocks (light grey blocks)
  • You can convert up to a 3x3 group of tiles into ship blocks by selecting a grass or rock tile that is adjacent to a ship tile
  • You build induction coil blocks to absorb energy from passing enemies - this is your only resource
  • you build turrets and fire blocks to kill enemies
  • Things consume energy on a combination of on build, per turn, or per enemy
  • If you run out of energy you die
  • if an alien reaches your brain, you die
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That was a really enjoyable experience. Love the art style. Gameplay was smooth. Some small Feedback:

  • A single fire was killing everything once I had my wall maze set up.
  • It be nice to have a quit button.
  • It’d also be nice to have the instructions in-game.
  • Remove dead bodies over time.
  • If I built a double wall (like a 2x2 wall), it was difficult to tell which wall I had selected.
  • Suggestion to add a UI element to show how much energy will be used next turn.

Thanks Vase, I'll try to figure out how to address some of those UX issues :D

Really fun game except for the fact that you can just build walls all around the initial block leaving 1 block open with a fire on it and then placing energy pads in front of the fire

Thanks for the feedback! I was planning on making the fire block a lot more expensive.... the balance of the game needs a lot of work still :D