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I love the aesthetic - especially the chalk board font with instructions - it looks very polished.

The camera controls take some getting used to - I kept trying to use the middle mouse button to pan or do 3d axis rotation... you may want to look into standardizing the camera controls to make them a bit more immediately familiar; however, this is a small thing.

I didn't get through all the levels, so apologies if it's a thing already, but I think a cool addition would be some obstacles like you'd see in a mini-putt course.... windmills, etc.... but ones more suited to Gravity golfing of course

Thank you for your reply! We will look into standardising camera controls, although we don't want to break the "central rotation" scheme too much. We will have to give it another go to see how to improve on that. Also, although it may appear obvious, the idea of regular mini-putt course elements had not come up yet, so it is very much appreciated! 

Again, thank you for playing, and I hope you have a nice day!