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so cute! also i loved the wind waker reference hehehe ;3

hehehe thank you so much! it is so wonderful to get a comment like this, thank you. especially appreciate that you like the font choice because i spent way too much time figuring that one out lmao. i've also been so glad to see people naming the hen! very glad i figured out how to code that haha. anyway thank you again for playing and leaving me this wonderful comment :D

Hi, I'm creating this topic because I think it'd be awesome if implemented this feature. (Because the FAQ suggested if people would like this feature, the recommended course of action is to contact itch about it, I'm trying to do so. )

From a player standpoint, I prefer things I can play in browser without downloading. So from the creator standpoint, in thinking of creating things I'd be happy to play, I want to create a game playable in browser, but I'd also like to set a price for it without requiring a download.

If other people have thoughts on this, feel free to chime in? Thanks for reading!

Thank you!

Thank you so much, I'm really glad to hear it! :D I'll keep working hard to make the full game a reality one day (;w;)b

these characters were charming and i found a lot of it very relatable!

when you have to click around the icebox to find the source of the smell, i wonder if it's possible to have a little more feedback over areas when you hover the mouse or to make it clear what you're looking for. i wound up blindly clicking for a while and was a little frustrated. the background image is so beautiful that nothing looked out of place, and there's no change to the image to indicate which areas have already been clicked/which areas you should focus on searching.

i liked the custom menu at the start of the game too; it was very cute and immediately felt really polished.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, and it makes me very happy to get a comment!