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Thank you so much for your feedback, we wanna add a postmortem version and update with a lot of more features.

If u wanna play the whole game till level 6 u can restart the game with pressing the "W" or "Space" Buttons you dont have to click on the Button Restart its only an option :D.

thank u

i love the concept of the game the controls are nice and i like the music.

some hints/suggestions:

- u can break the game by clicking left and right mouse

- add maybe some smooth transtions between the worlds

- while swichting to the other worls the music can be weird maybe also add some smooth transition or some generell music for all worlds

- adjust the difficulty of the game start easy and go slowly harder

the controls feels very nice and i like the rope mechanic, maybe u can ajdust the camera settings to follow the player smoothly.

Good work!

great work, i like the art and gameplay

awesome game i enjoyed the gameplay and rouglike mechanic. i would love to shot while holding down the mouse buttion instead of always clicking

good game i liked the music and concept of the game. i rly dislike the movement key arrow keys plus a doesnt feel right to me.

Maybe you add some keybinding actions or change to the default layout of "WASD" for movement and Mouse 1 to attack.

nice simple game, i love the slapping sound.

maybe u add more levels or objectivs to the game

good work

nice simple game i like the controls, but for me the game becomes too fast too difficult maybe you adjust the difficult slowly over time instead of extrem difficulty on start

nice simple game i like the controls.

the box pushing feels way to glitchy and doesn´t work properly i cant move on on the next level beaucse of the boxes dont move to the correct position, maybe u ajdust the pushing to feel a bit more consistent

loved the artstyle of the game, good work!

i love this game, i rly had so much fun playing this game great work.

Only Level 6 is way to difficult.

Awesome music/art/gameplay

thank you so much for your detailed Feedback i am glad you enjoyed it , we will try to adjust the camera settings.

nice game i like the art and card mechanic

great work and fun gamplay

great job on the content and polish of the game great fan of the levels and level editor

nice game i liked the cutscene

i like the music and gameplay

some hints/bugs i encountered:

- the jump sound is always playing if the space bar is pressed and not when the player is jumping

- the vertical platform could be change to 1 way collider so the player can jump through them from the downside and stand on top of it

i rly like this game, the art, sound and the core gameplay.

i would like to speed up the time more or start manually the next enemy wave :D

i like the artwork and the control

some hints for the game:

-use slippery phys. mat for the collider the player wont stuck on the edges anymore

-the play button after the 2nd level doesn´t work in fullscreen mode

thank you, we are working on additional content :D

Thank you!

thank you

Game Title/URL:  Gravity Knight

Pitch/Information: Platformer game with gravity change

I'd like feedback on:  I appreciate any kind of feedback

ahh try again i updated the version

great music and art

very funny puzzle game, i would love to see the other the colors would change before i press the space bar, like sime grayed out version how the board would change. Great Work with the art and music

solid work, but pls add an automatic respawn if u die and the first level is way to difficult. Good work

game looks amazing, but i rly would like to have a basic tutorial in the game

love the music great game, i would wish for more feedback on hitting enemy with the gun/hands

great game i like the artstyle

Great and funny game i rly liked the music

Looking good i like the dash mechanic, good work

Thank u, the stuttering was not our intention the player should not be able to move/die while transition to the next level. We look into it to make it smoother

Thank u so much, we wanna make a post mortem version of the game maybe with time limits and challenges

Thank u!!

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Gravity Knight is Submitted!!!

We did it, the upload was a few hours before the time limit.

It was a great experience to make our first game in this jam.

You can play the final Gamejam Build here --> Gravity Knight Release-Build


Yes me and my girlfriend made the Game( code and art)

Thank u