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Oh oops, if you check out my game it is also my first time using aseprite so I am not much better lol. 

Thanks for playing! 

Hi! I noticed that the link you provide here is broken. I would appreciate if you fixed it. 

The game is super cute, and all the characters and art is really well done! The UI is always superb! Well done!

The 3D art was beautiful, and the gameplay very relaxing! And I am happy that my tree ended up happy! I just wish it had fewer days and maybe more stages? Good job overall!

The puzzle design was really interesting! A small sidenote, on the ride lights on the wall there seems to be missing textures. Either way I really enjoyed the story! Good job!

The visuals are splendid! I found a few glitches (pressing A while holding down D makes the sprite change direction , direction keys won't change which way I am facing). All in all , I wish there was a jump/evade or roll mechanic to make it seem more interactive! Good job on the game!

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The writing was very good, but i really disliked how it was so much. Don't get me wrong, I love me a good lengthy story, but it seemed to drag on way too much, even at the very start of the game. Being stationary all the time just reading instead of exploring or fighting was boring to me personally, and I would love for the same writing to be used more scarcely or being able to talk unprompted and a bit more optional.

Having some experience with RPG maker as well (I loved using it to make short games for myself), the background is very confusing in my opinion. Misplaced cracks that should only be in walls ( I found cracks on poison water, a lake and on trees). 

The combat is interesting, but the tutorial being exclusively text and throwing you straight into battle was boring. Experimenting with this battle system is fun, but without a good first experience with it , i couldn't really pay much attention to what everything did.

It is a very solid prototype, and i would love to see it becoming a full fledged RPG! Congrats on your game, and i hope you will keep updating it!

Edit : On the beginning scene, I would advise to make a blank map an insert the trigger for the scrolling text there instead of using a premade map. That way there won't be any weird transition.

This game is LIT! Joking, but i really enjoyed my time with this game, and the light mechanic is really interesting! Congrats on the game!

You made me think. You made me do math. You made me type fast and precise to not lose. And i enjoyed it so much. Congrats on the game!

I got stuck on level 4, and it felt really floaty. The particle effects were really nice and i really enjoyed the collision mechanics. Congrats on your game!

I had a hard time with the controls, but aside that I really enjoyed the graphics and how smooth everything was. Congrats!

It may be kind of slow for my liking, but i really enjoyed the art and the platforming! The sun was kind of annoying as well lol. Congrats on your game!

I had a really fun time playing this! The maze stage was my favorite, along with the rats coming from small spaces and you are trapped in a rectangle shaped box. Well done!

The logo of the game is really cool! Also i didn't know you could make a launcher for the game, so that added to my experience with it. Good fun, but the music loop got a little bit repetitive. Congratulations on your first game!

It is inspired by doodle jump, so that's good to hear! 

Thank you for playing! 

That's kind of the point, so I am glad to hear that!

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URL and Game Name: Slime Jumper

Pitch/Information: You are a slime that wants to jump as high as he can reach!

I'd like feedback on: Anything, I won't be updating the game, but it will be helpful to see what other people would want to see made/fixed in my project.

So, my first ever game made in around 7 days (while debating with myself if I should make it or not for the first week ), Slime Jumper.

Coming into this jam, i had no idea what i would be making. I settled on the idea of an endless jumper that can be played over and over. And i succeeded. Kinda.

  1. Slime Jumper is exactly that, a simple endless jumper. This game has sprites and background all made by me, using Aseprite. Without being professional and my first time actually making sprite-sheets/sprites, I think I did a decent enough job. My greatest feat graphically is the slime, and the game's icon. Everything else is more minimalistic and just accompanies the 8-bit feeling i was aiming for. It isn't detailed, no Graphical FX, no lighting, simple and clean. I'm happy with the result, but it can definitely be improved if i exercise more on Aseprite, which I believe will come with time.
  2. The sounds placement is ok at parts, without making it tedious. The music i found for both the menu and gameplay is fitting, and the SFX also sound satisfying. Again, i could definitely improve that, but I don't have much knowledge yet on music and sound design. 
  3. The gameplay is great, and i mean that unironically. My code is the thing i am most proud off from everything in this project, and since everything is working as intended, I am thrilled. Sure, again, i can do adjustments to a few inconviniences, like the hitboxes for the clouds sometimes hitting vertically the player and killing the run, but I am more than satisfied on what it is at it's current state.
  4. The UI is bad. Plain bad. I didn't know how to make a good UI menu, and it shows. No credits, no options, no exit, no pause. I don't know how to make it yet, and I will be sure to further investigate how to make them for my next project.

Overall, this has been one of the most interesting experiences I've had with game dev, since I've never used Unity and C# before, and only working on Story  Writting and making small games in RPG maker for myself. I made a full game that can be further expanded on, but i do decide to just move forward and maybe revisit it after I've become better myself. The game is ok in my honest opinion, but empty on many QoL instances.

Thank you to everyone for helping me in this journey and I will be sure to make a devlog on my next game-jam, as i had no idea such a thing existed prior to this jam. 

This is Mark the Slime Jumper, sitting on a cloud!

Thank you so much! Yeah the clouds can be unpredictable some times, but i have gone as far as to get around 1300.  And I'm so keeping the slime's name as Mark haha!

It was a fun time playing it !

I'm going to take a wild guess and say COVID-19 or a singing panda . 

The only problem i had with the dash feature is the end lag that happens after it is released (like 3-4 frames ) , other than that i found it to be useful for offensive combat . But since the enemies also have ranged attacks (the metal halos they can toss) it is easy to get damaged in between dashes , notably not frequently , but it is out of the player's control . Other than that , it was a great feature that improved the combats fluidity ! Hope this clarifies further ! It's just that this game reminds me off dead cells so much , and that game had almost 0 frame lag , making it a masterpiece in combat , and i hope your game can achieve that flow as well ! (sorry if i am too harsh on it btw , i just nitpick on the small things haha) .

Thanks a lot for taking time of your day and reading my comment.  As I've mentioned, I said that the dash/back dash feel stiff. That is using it with the rest of the fighting kit, and since the combat I experienced in your game had a lock mechanic (locking mob into a certain frame unable to do anything), it was always a better course of action to just run out of there. Given, the animations are really well made, but at the current state, I didn't find them that useful. I hope this clarifies a lot! I would also like to add that using two buttons for one action also felt really weird to me, and I think allocating each trigger to one action could be more natural to the game. By the way, I'm talking by experience mostly, so take everything I say with a grain of salt. Good luck! 

Stay safe and wash your hands :P !

This game is incredible . I can't really describe how great it felt to play this game . Aside from the usual movement nitpicks (aerial combat and dash/backdash feeling stiff) , this game is very responsive , in a way that makes you want to explore every nook and cranny that the camera can't reach . What compliments this is the artstyle using multiple backgrounds and particle effects that mesmerize the player , and make them feel even more immersed ! The music is mediocre , but doesn't take away from the game's feel . Also i feel that cause of the limited time , the story wasn't able to be drawn out to it's full potential , and it seems a little bit convoluted if you are not paying attention . Overall , this game is a true gem , and i want to see how it gets to become in the future . Good luck with the competition ! 

This is the most nostalgic game in the whole contest . It is reminiscent of the first megaman games , and pays tribute to them wonderfully ! Before i start with my comments on the game , i have to point out that the poster they have is certainly the best one here , and represents the feel of the game great ! The gameplay is really smooth , with movement being greatly responsive , with just minor input lag during shooting in the air . Also , i do not know if it intentional , but staying still during shooting on the ground makes the overall game more risky to play , and thus makes you more reserved about the moves you do .The graphics are 8-bit goodness, music as well , even though seeing the same tiles as a wall with little change or minor minor additions can become exhausting to the eyes , and that's why i prefer the outside areas of the game which are really neatly done as well . The story is really well crafted and awards you for staying for it ! Overall, it is in my opinion one of the greatest contenders in the whole competition . Good luck !

This game is really fun to play ! If anyone is interested in an arcade fast paced game , where you need to be precise with your movement in order to survive , this is definitely the game . Although , i've also encountered the countdown glitch as mentioned below , and the use of only the blaster (and having to spam the button in order to even have a chance) can get tiring really fast . Also i don't know if pressing down A is supposed to do continuous jumps , but since there is little to non existant input lag , it can create some awkward situations . The graphics are beautiful , and another background would add a lot of needed visual glee to the overall feel of the game . Nevertheless , this game is certainly pure fun , and i'd love to see how it turns out in the future ! Good luck in the competition !

This satisfies my monster musume obsession . Absolutely adore this games character ! This game has the best character designer , no doubt about it . The dialogue seems a bit rushed at times , with capital letters also missing . Since this is a demo , i won't complain about the lack of content , but i would have liked to have more than one job since there are supposed to be multiple ones . A solid entry , that enchanted my inner weeb ! Good luck in the competition ! (And i look forward to the full roster of the monster girls (´꒳`∗) )

This is a really solid game ! Great graphics , the music is great and grows into you while you keep playing the game , the intro sells you into playing the game . My nitpicks is that aside from the usual coins and meter orbs (lucid) , the maps can feel a little empty at times , probably due to the decision on having the camera slowly progress throughout the map . Also , while the controls are great , i had issues with mixing up the control stick and using the wrong attack instead . Maybe have it switch the abilities with LB,RB instead to avoid the mix-up problem ? Anyways , really enjoyed the game since i am a fan of these types of games , and i hope you do well in the competition . Cheers ! 

The simplicity of this game is refreshing compared to other entries in this competition , but the platforming stages can vary from mildly difficult to a bit awkward to get past . I also love the story ! Good job and good luck on the competition !

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Hi and thank you very much for this really nice demo ! I would like to address a few things here to justify my stance on your game !

The graphics are stunning ! It reminds me off shovel knight , but a lot more blue , and that repetitiveness can be kind of tiring . Nonetheless , it is very unique !

The music can be nice for the first time listening to it , but since this is a difficult game with a lot of trial-and-error kind of gameplay , it can get exhausting very fast . I get that it is supposed to be ominous , but after a while it becomes monotonous and sometimes tiring to listen at due to it's intensity . I think maybe more easy to listen bgm should be used during the hard platforming stages . Nonetheless , the music is very nostalgic , and i really like that about it !

The gameplay is surely very fluid , making the platforming sessions doable , but the input and frame lag due to the animations (notably crouch , dash and slingshot) create a plasmatic sense of difficulty that is more frustrating that challenging , and that is a shame since the puzzling platforming is masterfully done ! Also as a side note , the paterns for a lot of the moving platforms can take a lot of time , and that is taking the immersion from certain stages (aka. second tower , first sideways moving platform) due to waiting to jump onto them . 

Also i noticed that the only way to obtain collectibles is through floating coins (correct me if i'm wrong) making the monsters presence obsolete since they don't seem to have any droptable and only serve as obstacles . 

I know this might seem kind of a hard approach on the game , but i really do believe it has incredible potential , but at this point i find it to be barely playable due to the few and sparse issues it has . The fact that this game was developed in a month has me in awe ! Good luck on the competition !

I really dig the UI of this game ! Also the story is really neatly written ! Looking forward to this game's future !