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Thanks for playing and the feedback :) I would definitely go back and see how to improve the control more!

Overall I really like the theme, and the play-ability of the game! Great job!

Small little thing but I did notice the tutorial part where the shoot robot portion have the words come up only after i went towards past the boxes (i already shoot the boxes and robot down). maybe have it shows up a little sooner, since I think it doesn't hurt for player to know it sooner.

Another thing is animation sometimes doesn't have the player going towards the right direction, but i think it was fine (only mid air sometimes).

One thing I wish is for the platforms to feel a little more constrain to player's ability on wall-jump/double jump. Like limiting the amount of wall jump the player have and make a little bit of platform puzzle for players, so it isn't just a spam of "space" and be able to go through everything.

Not bad, and I would love to see more :) Cheers!

This is my first game jam, literally... I wanted to make something achievable from my personal experience so far with game dev, and ended up with this fun little action RPG to delight your day.

Basically, it is an action RPG which have rooms of enemies to defeat and player would try to get through as many rooms in 5 minutes as possible. Have fun and enjoy!

Remember to turn on your computer sound and enjoy the music! It is an original music written by Jacob solely for this game!

Would love feedback on overall feel and how much you enjoy it ^^ Of course, if you find anything bugged, or could be improved... let me know! Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback! There are lots of back and forth on the design decisions we ended up have to be compromised in... definitely a lot to improve on for the future ^^ Thanks for playing!

Thank you very much for trying out the game! There are so much more we wanted to put into the game, but we did want to make sure whatever we put in are as solid as possible rather than putting too much in without being able to finish :)

And yes, we did disable attack when player gets hit, so player can't just always spam attack and need to position a little to be effective...

These look super nice! I am going to try using them ^^