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A poker chips' arena deathmatch! Slice 'n dice those bullying stacks of chips.
Submitted by Jay Kozatt (@JayKozatt), JohnPaul1617 — 3 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
You roll the die around enemies and objects

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the music during the game jam

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I absolutely love the face on the player poker chip.  I did notice that sometimes my Die would get stuck in something and disappear but still let me dash to it, but overall the experience was really fun if a bit challenging.

Tackling chip towers was really fun and the movement felt weird but had a fun amount of physics to it. 


A  very effective game, and a creative take on the theme. At the end of the day it just felt good to play, which is probably one the most important targets to hit in a game jam. Well done!


This was a breath of fresh air. Really satisfying as well. It was fun to just swing and slingshot around.

Physics and collision felt a little wonky at times but it was still quite polished for a 48-hour jam.


Fun and challenging! It was so satisfying to swing around the level and smash through the poker chips. 😄

I noticed a couple of small bugs/issues - Firstly, there were a few times when the dice and wire collision was working, but the graphics for them weren't being displayed (I didn't know it was wrapped around something until I pressed Shift and went zooming back, haha. 😆) There was also a point where I got stuck with the wire wrapped around an obstacle and it took me quite a long time to get free, and meant I took quite a few enemy attacks whilst I was stuck in one place.

But those are minor nit-picks, and overall it's really enjoyable! 👍


So cool!

The art is fun and the game feels great took me a sec to grasp it but then I liked it a lot 

love it! keep it going!


I loved it! Very simple, but in a meantime very well-thought-out game!

I like how you, as a player, have not only 1,  but 2 options to destroy chips. The one with a simple collision with dice, and second with Shift! And the fact that dice bounce of chips and from walls makes it more fun to play, and sometimes stratigik because you trying to thing how can you destroy chips more effectivly with combining all of thoes mechanics.

Great job! Nicely done!


Cool game! It took me a while to get the hang of when to lengthen or shorten the wire, but it feels like just part of the challenge. I really like aesthetic and the felty audio.


A very interesting concept with enjoyable gameplay. I really liked the mechanics. Awesome work!


Always love a good physics based mechanic. The dice would glitch out a lot, but when it would work it would feel fun and punchy to swing around. Great work!


I like the art style and the gameplay is definitely unique. However, I kept running into bugs like my dice detaching or my character becoming invincible. I also enjoyed the music as it fits the theme pretty well. Overall, good job!


Yeah, the die detaching is the bug that has been mentioned the most. Though I hope you didn't also mistake the die entanglement as a bug. You can use SPACEBAR and SHIFT to extend and reel in your die respectively. And when the die gets entangled, you can use SHIFT to reel yourself into a tackle.

I'm glad you liked it though!


No, I actually thought that gameplay mechanic was done really well. Hooking purple stacks and tackling them felt really satisfying. Really cool game overall.


Oh thank god! I've seen people mistake the entanglement as a bug so much that I was already getting tired of explaining it, haha.

Sorry if I came across as a bit rude in my first comment.


I love the style!  The character design is funny and the music and lights are engaging.  The gameplay was fun, but kinda buggy; the die got caught a lot and even detached at one point for reasons that didn't feel entirely intentional as I couldn't find a way to get it back, though I kind of feel this fits last year's theme too!

Developer (4 edits)

Yeah, hahaha. I didn't think about that thing with the theme of last year. It's our first jam, though.

Also, just a little heads up: 

  • SHIFT and SPACEBAR allow to deploy and reel in your die.
  • If the die gets entangled, use SHIFT to reel into a tackle and recover the die.

The die flying off sometimes and getting fully detached into making you invincible sadly is a bug I didn't manage to fully squash.

Glad you liked our game, though!


The attacking method is super unique. The tackle feel very satisfied.  Loved the art and color palette.  Control is a little bit difficult.


Idea is solid, I like it. I also found it funny that this could have been entry last year too. 
I think dice logic is bit broken sometimes. Sometimes it disappeared but I was not able to spawn new with space before I had dashed with shift. Also some hits I took felt bit cheap. Maybe bit too big collision boxes and bit too slippery handling/ too slow acceleration?

Overall it is fast fun, and good base for expanding. Refine tangling logic bit, and add more variety and you got fine game.


Funny thing is... about the cheap deaths, the game actually runs much faster on modern computers than on my 10yo one. So I balanced things with a speed perception in mind that was actually many times slower than what most of our players will actually experience, and I didn't notice it until I saw gameplay from our artist.

I was all like: "Does it really run that fast for you? That's insanely fast-paced :0 not at all what I intended" But submission period had already pass, so there was no readjusting it.

Aside from that, yeah... the entangling is still a bit finicky. But hopefully it doesn't hurt enjoyment too much.


I like your old school reason for it being too hard. 


Such a cool concept!! I like how frenetic the gameplay is and the upbeat the music!


Hi Jay, Ram, and John! So happy to get to play something y'all made together. A very cool project for 48 hours. Well done.

I really like your take on the theme for this. I haven't seen anything quite like it. The controls work well, but take a little getting used to. I think the biggest change I would suggest is having some sort of attack indicator on enemies before they attack so you can react or get out of the way. Maybe their faces change or something? 

The gameplay moment of bouncing your die back and forth between two stacks was REALLY satisfying. Setting up those moments were appropriate skill challenges. And diving into tangled pillars or enemies felt amazing. Well done team!

Keep making cool things :)


That's a pretty good suggestion I hadn't considered! 

Maybe making the enemies flash subtly as they're about to attack would have worked nicely. It is something to consider if I choose to go back and refine it after the jam.

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you enjoyed our game!


Awesome layout!


Good game! Interesting twist on the theme as well!
Music fits in very nicely with the game, graphics are good as well.

My feedback would be:

  • Make some indication on when each enemy is going to move, it feels random and it's a bit too difficult right now.
  • Maybe add some prompt for players to press "Shift" to tackle the enemy once their rope gets entangled, at first I thought it was a bug.

Good job!


Yeah, in hindsight, an UI prompt for the controls would have been a nice addition. 

Though by the end I was so sleep deprived that any good ideas that had not crossed my mind by then, would not come across my head at all, haha.

Glad you liked the game!

Submitted (1 edit)

Hahaha, yeah I feel you, this was very challenging jam indeed :D


Love the concept and the die mace felt very satisfying. My die got severed from the string and went flying around the arena before getting stuck to an enemy stack. Not sure if that's supposed to happen? 

The tackle mechanic also misfired a little; I was able to hold shift to become invulnerable for the whole game. 

Fantastic art style and sound!


Yeah, no. That's pretty much the only major bug that I didn't manage to fully stomp out. I thought I did, but clearly didn't since lots of people mention it. 

But oh well... you win some, you lose some. 

Glad you enjoyed the game nonetheless!


The art is great, but the music... the music is amazing! Unfortunately I found it a bit difficult and I didn't win yet.

Nice work!


Our musician will be ecstatic to read this :D He really did an amazing god-tier work considering he did it under 1 day.

And yeah, hahaha. Our artist currently is the one who's gotten the closest to surviving the full 5 minutes. He's gotten quite good at the game. But I... I haven't gotten past the 3 minutes mark. 

It's really challenging, but I love it myself. And not because I made it, but rather 'cause I truly find it fun. 

I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Entangling and tackling feels really good. Eventually I just started hunting purple stacks. I wish I had more control over the spinning of the dice. Very creative game!

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