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i'm so glad u feel seen <3

Thank you for playing our game! We're glad you enjoyed it! ^_^

I can't seem to get it to pick up my microphone input, even though I made sure I selected the correct one in the settings menu.

I really love the concept though, all too relatable as a woman in gamedev having been stuck in toxic environments in the past!

Lovely, heartfelt story! I wanted to give ley a hug. 😭

A very cute and fun little puzzle game! 😄

Easy to understand gameplay, and a powerful message (and I love how the gameplay perfectly fits the message!) Love it!

Beautiful! I love seeing each mini narrative grow over time. The whole aesthetic is lovely too! 😊

Thank you so much! 😄 Yeah I can definitely see how that's confusing at first, and you're correct in that we set it up that way for accessibility purposes (so that the game could be played with only one hand.) If we had more time, we probably would have tried to set up customisable controls. 😊

Love it! I really like how each character has unique abilities, so you have to think carefully about which characters you pair up. The writing is great too!

Thank you so much for your kind words! 😊

So cute! When checking out games from this jam, I didn't expect to get emotional over a baby panda haha. 😭🐼 

Thank you so much! 😊

Thank you very much! 😄

I like the way you've combined several game genres together! Having to manage resources whilst also keeping an eye on the enemies makes for a challenge. My favourite tower is definitely the C.A.T. 😸

Thank you! Yep, it's endless. 😊

Love it! This is a really great, abstract representation of what it's like to try and pass/blend in with society.

Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed it!! 😃

Really cool! I love how this is accessible to both blind and deaf players, it would be great to see more games like this!

Thank you so much!! 😊

Amazing!!! Fun and challenging. The idea of using stickers as checkpoints is great, and it's so interesting to see which stickers other people have used, where they've put them, etc! I would love to see this developed into a full game. 😍

Thank you so much for your kind words! 😄

So cute!! I love how you used the "Pride Flag Colours" diversifier by literally making each colour of the gay pride flag into unique characters. 🏳️‍🌈 Also it was really nice to see the parade at the end!

The main suggestion I have, if you were to continue working on this, would be to add an inventory screen so the player can keep track of which items they currently have on hand. The to do list is very helpful to keep track of what items you've collected overall, but at one point I lost track of which items I still had left to give to people.

Overall, this was really fun and wholesome! 🥰

Thank you so much for your kind words! ^_^

Hi, thanks so much for making these awesome sounds! 😊 We used some of them in our game which we made for Rainbow Jam 2022. 🌈

Hi, thanks so much for making these awesome tracks available for everyone to use! 😊  We used "Princess Quest" as the title theme for our game which we made for Rainbow Jam 2022. 🌈

Hi! Thanks for your feedback. I understand where you're coming from, and I agree that it's important not just to have pride but also to learn about the history of LGBTQ+ activism and continue to fight for the rights of our community.

However, our goal for this was just to create a fun, light-hearted game which represents the trans experience in a more abstract light (whilst also following the themes of the game jam, which includes pride and celebrating identity.)

As a small team of LGBTQ+ game devs, we wanted to create a game about LGBTQ+ pride and gender euphoria. There is already a fair amount of media which focuses on LGBTQ+ pain, and whilst those pieces of media are important (especially educational and autobiographical pieces) we wanted to focus on LGBTQ+ joy.

I think it's perfectly fine for LGBTQ+ community members to create media about our experiences without the expectation of also having to teach audiences the entire cultural context behind and history of our struggles. Sometimes we just want to create something which feels good both for us to make and for audiences to experience.

I hope you understand where I'm coming from, and have a good day. :)

Very charming! Great characters and dialogue. The art and audio is really nice too. I like the variety of different dice games. 😄

Cute! Fun and easy to understand and play. 😊 I like how the formula for strength calculation goes further than just a 1-6 scale decided by one dice roll (which works well, but the system you have is more interesting!)

Thank you for your kind words! And thanks for the feedback. 😄 I agree that the poison ability could be more useful, and that it could be clearer when it's time to reroll. Glad you enjoyed it!

Cool concept! The idea of a die with a different minigame on each side is really interesting. Also I love the art style and audio, super cute and very fitting for this type of game! 😍

My thoughts on each minigame:

  • Serve - I like this one! The main issue I noticed was that it's maybe a little too easy, and sometimes the player has to stand waiting for a while before a customer asks for food. Another small thing I noticed is that the burger sprite appears behind the player's head instead of in front of it (like the fries and dessert) so it's very difficult to see.
  • Avoid - Easy to understand, and also works well! My main nit pick is that it's a little too easy. More bullets to avoid could make it more engaging?
  • Jump - Also easy to understand and works well! I'd say the difficulty level is about right too.
  • Count - The dice only rolled once, so once I counted them all correctly, there was nothing else to do each time this minigame showed up. The difficulty could use a little bit of tweaking (sometimes only a few, low number dice appear which are easy to count, compared to when there's lots of high number dice which take longer to count.)
  • Care - I like the concept, but it was difficult to play. I couldn't see any visual feedback to indicate if I was feeding Dicey too much or too little, at the wrong or right times. I just had to guess and hope I was correct.
  • Chill - This one is nice! The die petting the cat is adorable! I like the idea of giving players a small break in between minigames, although sometimes I feel like it goes on for a little too long. (If the player needs to temporarily stop the game to take a break, they can do this at any time by pausing the game with the Escape key, so I think the Chill minigame being shorter would be fine.)

I also noticed a few bugs/issues:

  • A few times after the die landed, the camera pointed in the wrong direction and I couldn't see the minigame I was playing.
  • The other dice look cool, but sometimes end up bumping into the main die and moving it around during minigames.
  • After restarting the game after losing all my lives, the game continued on with 0 lives instead of starting a new game, and the Escape key no longer worked. I was able to keep going until I ended up with -1 lives, when I got another game over, and then started again until I got another game over when I had -2 lives, etc.
  • The amount of time each minigame played before the dice rolled again seemed quite random. Sometimes minigames went on for a little too long, and sometimes they would only play for a very short amount of time (1 second or less) before rolling again, meaning there's no time to play them.
  • Pressing the Enter key seems to make minigames start on other sides of the die whilst already in the middle of a minigame. I know the Enter key isn't mentioned in the control scheme, so I'm guessing this could be a debug key you left in that I accidentally activated, lol. 😅

Additionally, here's a few suggestions for if you decided to update or continue developing this game:

  • Like you already mentioned in the comments, I think a timer to show how much time is left for each minigame before the die rerolls would be really useful.
  • The amount of camera movement could potentially be an issue for players who are prone to motion sickness, so I would keep that in mind.
  • I would spend more time playtesting, and make sure to playtest early on so there's more time to identify and fix issues which you find.
  • The name and instructions for each game only showed up occasionally (sometimes only the first time the minigame appeared, sometimes not at all.) Personally, I would have the name and instructions appear every time, in case the player forgets the controls.
  • Does the difficulty increase over time? The game didn't seem harder to me the longer I played, which risks becoming too easy or monotonous after a while. Making the minigames gradually faster over time could work.

Overall, this is a really cool game! Especially impressive considering it was made in less than 48 hours. Great job! 😄

Really cool! I like how you need to think carefully about how you rig the dice as affects both you and your enemy. I also like how there's quite a few ways for the player to affect the outcome (choosing which dice to rig and how, choosing a weapon and shield) so it's not all down to RNG.

The main issue I noticed was one that other people have already mentioned - battles becoming stalemates after a while. As I'm writing this I'm currently stuck in a never-ending battle with Tiberius haha. 🤣

Overall, great game!

Amazing! Had lots of fun playing this. 😄

The visuals look great and the music sounds great. Overall, everything just feels super polished.

The gameplay feels great. I love how rerolls are limited by the number on the die, and the number on the die affects the power of your actions. It really makes you think carefully before rerolling in tough situations.

I noticed a small bug/oversight - is the player only supposed to be able to roll the numbered die once per turn? I assume so, but it's possible to quickly spam Z to roll it twice, which sometimes causes issues with rolling the action die.

I was happy to read in the description that there's going to be an updated post-jam build. Look forward to seeing it!

Cute! Love the art style. 😍

Does the colour of the border around the bunny cards have any meaning in terms of gameplay, or is it purely cosmetic?

Do the breeds of the parents affect the breeds of the babies? It seems random.

I'll also echo what other people have said, that more gameplay would be cool.

Cool concept! 😄


(1 edit)

I played on my desktop PC in Google Chrome. Here's my specs:

  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Intel Core i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz
  • 32GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB

Hope this helps! 👍

Nice game! Relaxing to play. 

The mouse controlling both the camera and die movement makes it difficult to control the die. It's very easy to accidentally fall off the edge of platforms even with the raised edges. I was able to skip most of the level to get very close to the end by falling off one of the first platforms and landing on one of the last. 

Overall, cool concept that would be even better with some polish! 😄

Very nice! 😄

Fun and easy to understand. The starting corridor is a great way to quickly teach players how the die works. Slimes only moving every 2 turns provides some nice balance, as I feel they might be overpowered if they moved every single turn like the player. I like how everything revolves around the die, even healing. The fact you have to retrieve the die every time after rolling it means that you have to take that into consideration when choosing which enemy(s) to target - could you risk having to run all the way to the other side of the room if you shoot the die in X direction?

I'm not sure how I did it, but at one point I managed to throw the die so hard that the camera and the die both fell down through the level into the void. Maybe it managed to fly over the walls.🤣

Overall, this game plays, looks and sounds fantastic! Really great job. 👏

Cool concept! 😊 The main things I was going to talk about have already been mentioned (double jump not working and lack of clarity when it comes to hazards.) Overall pretty fun and challenging!

Fun and challenging! It was so satisfying to swing around the level and smash through the poker chips. 😄

I noticed a couple of small bugs/issues - Firstly, there were a few times when the dice and wire collision was working, but the graphics for them weren't being displayed (I didn't know it was wrapped around something until I pressed Shift and went zooming back, haha. 😆) There was also a point where I got stuck with the wire wrapped around an obstacle and it took me quite a long time to get free, and meant I took quite a few enemy attacks whilst I was stuck in one place.

But those are minor nit-picks, and overall it's really enjoyable! 👍

Really cool!

The limited rerolls made me think before using them, as I didn't want to waste them. It could be interesting if the reroll bar regenerated over time, or if there was a dice roll option which regenerates rerolls - once my reroll bar was empty, the rest of the battle was almost entirely down to RNG (the only choice left to me was which enemy to attack.)

I could definitely see this becoming a full game! The gameplay is fun, and the art and music are both really lovely too! A very charming, retro feel. Fantastic job. 😄