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New update! \o/

Hopefully this time around there won't be any sneaky bugs laying about. So, if you wanna give it a try, feel free to do so! 

This time you should be able to reach both endings without issue.

Really cool game! It was pretty joyful and delivered a massive amount of value per kilobyte ;D

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Lol! I didn't know, hahaha. I stand corrected.

Cheers on your career expansion!

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Yeah, the end message recontextualised things quite a bit, and changed my opinion on some points (which is reflected on my comment above).

That said, I know that on these jams people tend to be a bit apprehensive about being critical of people's games, due to fear of being rated poorly in turn. But since I know you like things said straight, and I'm not in this one to win it (specially since my own game was pretty bad this time around by my personal standards, lol), I choose to give it to you straight then. We grow better that way.

Not gonna lie, this is actually impressively smooth as an experience, despite you not being a programmer. So I applaud you for it. 

I don't think I found anything you could call a bug at all. And you chose assets that all fit pretty well together, so overall on those fronts the game was solid.

Great work indeed! :D

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Hey, Dread.  Just today I managed to get my internet running again. It was quite the hassle, haha. So now I'm going around on a sprint, playing the games of the people that dropped me a comment over the past weeks.

So let's get straight to your game then.

First things first... your sound clips are, no doubt, quite high quality (as is your standard). 

Sadly, I found that the atmosphere of the game didn't really put me on edge all that much. But anyway, let me just do a quick recap of everything as I experienced it: 

  • The monster was the biggest weak point in my opinion. 
    • I found the monster's behaviour quite predictable once I studied it a bit. And a monster you can understand, loses a lot of its edge from a psychological standpoint.
    • Your monster was very human in nature, in the sense that it had very human limitations in its capacity to move and hunt you. So I could very easily tell the direction where it would come from.
    • And quickly realized I could keep it in check just by looking in its general direction. So, once I realised it was turning itself into traffic cones and such, he became that much less threatening.
    • Therefore, I felt too empowered to control this monster for him to have an effect on me.
    • However, these comments have the caveat that the game ran kinda laggy on my PC, so I most likely had a lot more time to study behaviour than intended.
  • Now, things you definitely did well:
    • The bustling of the city actually relaxed me (but I don't know if this effect was intended). However, the occasional creepy sounds did bring the tension back up.
    • I definitely appreciate your use of lighting to guide my path, since roaming aimlessly would have led me to assume that there wasn't anything else to see and drop the game halfway before its actual end.
    • The voiceover lines do keep you on edge, as long as you don't fully understand what the monster is doing.
    • And the use of darkness to keep you on your toes was also proper.
  • Another point also related to the lag in my PC, is that the camera felt kinda slippery and difficult to control, but that's definitely due to my system's performance.

In summary, I feel like this was a very "by-the-book" horror game. It didn't really push that many boundaries of what is expected from the genre.

Though I'm definitely grateful for it deviating from the "jumpscare doctrine" that plagues the genre since the last decade. A horror experience centered around the use of tension, rather than shock, was a breath of fresh air.

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This game has top notch presentation! From the menu animations, to the sonar effect, it is all superb.

The concept is pretty good too! So much in fact that it made me jump from my seat first time that I died from running my sonar.

Now, sound design-wise, it has the seedling of an exceptional work to round off the overall experience. But for a game that is so reliant on sound, it needs a bit more of polish, since it is really hard to hear the growls that are supposed to indicate the 'hunter'. 

I also heard the submarine make some sound upon moving, though it is comparatively a lot quieter than the sonar, to the point where I only noticed once I turned the volume up trying to listen for the growls (which I never heard). Also I think I understood that you were supposed to be able to tell distance from a wall by hearing, but I really wasn't able to echolocate that well, so... yeah... The sound mix overall needs work.

Despite all of that, I am completely certain that once the jam ends, fixing those audio issues should be trivial, and would turn this tense experience with rough edges into quite a gem of this site, ready to be discovered by the general public.

I really liked this one. It really has tons of potential.

Thanks for playing! I agree, it isn't my style either, haha.
Horror's not my jam, but I wanted to challenge myself and see what we could achieve while pushing our comfort zone.

Oh yeah!  You bring up a pretty good suggestion.  
I came up with those numbers on a whim, and without much deep thought. Initially I based those numbers upon the Prisoner's Dilemma; but later revised them a bit, mostly the penalties due to betrayals as to make it kinda symmetric. 

Though, certainly those numbers could have used more thought.

Regardless... Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

Thanks for playing! And sorry about game's rough edges.

Oh hey, Dread!

Yeah, this was a pain to put together xD I attempted a bunch of new things all at once (first 3D project, first contact with 'Ink' the narrative scripting language, and above all... first attempt at the horror genre which isn't a genre I normally enjoy) so I wasn't expecting that great of a result. 

But it was a cool experience, and I expanded my toolset quite a bit as a result. Still have a long road ahead of me, though.

However, horror still seems more like your thing than mine (hence your name, hehe).

I'll check out your game once my internet service gets restored (currently using mobile data to access the site)

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Hahaha, glad you liked it. This was a MASSIVE challenge for us, since none of us was that well versed with the horror genre.

During the jam (and even now) I lost complete internet service, which made it a lot harder to reference documentation and make steadier progress. Literally had to make the submission through my phone. A bad 'roll of the dice' if you will, haha.

I also didn't get to playtest it at all, so bugs were totally expected. Considering how much trouble we had, I'm happy with what we got, haha.

I'll hopefully have time left to check out yours once my internet service gets restored.

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While this is a decent seed of a platformer, the controls feel a bit slippery.

That said... this definitely doesn't fit the theme of the jam at all.

Tough as nails, but an excellent entry nonetheless.

As always, love your art. And the gameplay was interesting enough to be enjoyable.

Yeah, as suggested by others... Some invincibility frames during the dash would be nice.

Regardless, great game! I don't really have anything to critique other than that.

Neat idea, though the execution falls a little flat.

  • It's tough positioning yourself to actually maintain control of the ball.
  • I discovered I could hook the ball, but then it just followed and even pushed me without much control, which made it also tough to position into rolling enemies. Since basically, the ball was pushing me away, and the enemies were following behind the ball at a distance without sticking.

It does remind me of Katamari Damacy, so there's potential there. However it does need refinement.

I figure it has few ratings because it's a bit hard. 

But, once the pieces start to click one after another (sometimes by process of elimination), it really turns into quite the enjoyable experience. 

The puzzle with the mirrors brought me quite the AHA! moment, after which the rest of the puzzles all fell into place.

Thanks for this game. Would recommend!

YES! Finally found something to break me out of the monotony of the sameness!!

Oh lord... thank you! This was solid entry, even if the roll of the dice was more of a supporting mechanic. 

You've got my highest praises.

Ah, I see. Indeed that was the issue.

It doesn't feel like my controls are doing anything n.n'

I don't know if it's something to do with my system, but it seemed like my controls did nothing, and the game just ran by itself.

Not gonna rate 'cause it wouldn't be a fair assessment.

Oh thank god! I've seen people mistake the entanglement as a bug so much that I was already getting tired of explaining it, haha.

Sorry if I came across as a bit rude in my first comment.

Yeah, the die detaching is the bug that has been mentioned the most. Though I hope you didn't also mistake the die entanglement as a bug. You can use SPACEBAR and SHIFT to extend and reel in your die respectively. And when the die gets entangled, you can use SHIFT to reel yourself into a tackle.

I'm glad you liked it though!

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Yeah, hahaha. I didn't think about that thing with the theme of last year. It's our first jam, though.

Also, just a little heads up: 

  • SHIFT and SPACEBAR allow to deploy and reel in your die.
  • If the die gets entangled, use SHIFT to reel into a tackle and recover the die.

The die flying off sometimes and getting fully detached into making you invincible sadly is a bug I didn't manage to fully squash.

Glad you liked our game, though!

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Yeah, it could be as you mention that there's no means to get the mosquitos off of your back. So in that sense there's no partial failure, but rather a full-on loss upon getting spotted.

There's also the fact that I sometimes found it hard to get my character to whisper the answer to Bug S. Atan, which made the time pressure more frustrating since I couldn't flow between Lady Bug and S. Atan as I should have.

This issue was worsened even more by the fact that mosquitos were closing in on me, just as I struggled to get the collision to trigger.

It is a small detail, but it insidiously hurt the experience in such a way that made it difficult to understand.

Funny thing is... about the cheap deaths, the game actually runs much faster on modern computers than on my 10yo one. So I balanced things with a speed perception in mind that was actually many times slower than what most of our players will actually experience, and I didn't notice it until I saw gameplay from our artist.

I was all like: "Does it really run that fast for you? That's insanely fast-paced :0 not at all what I intended" But submission period had already pass, so there was no readjusting it.

Aside from that, yeah... the entangling is still a bit finicky. But hopefully it doesn't hurt enjoyment too much.

I've got no idea how one is supposed to figure out what word you must pursue.

If the issue was only about spatial thinking, I'd have no trouble. But also trying to guess what the result should be doesn't seem very friendly imo.

That said, I loved the style of the game, and cannot possibly rate it badly. Despite that mentioned grievance, I still liked the core concept and the presentation.

Maybe it's not the timer at all... I'm sorry my comment is not helpful...

Hmm... kinda feels like the stealth genre clashes a little with that timer that puts such pressure on you to get to a safe place.

I do love aesthetic of the game quite a bit, and I'm quite a sucker for these kinds of thieves/conmen/cheater-themed games. But something about this game's formula feels a little awkward.

I know there's a good underlying concept here. I just can't seem to put my finger on what is it that strikes me as "at odds" with the core concept.

I honestly thought it would be harder when I saw the premise.

But it turns out, it is surprisingly manageable. And as such, the challenge feels quite enjoyable for me.

I think it is a pretty solid entry.

Really!? No way!!

I would have swore that you all were an item before this jam. Craazy...

No, of course. My rating is already set in stone for all intents and purposes.

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I have nothing but praise for this game. 

No critiques, no grievances, no nothing. Only pure and unadulterated gushing for this game.

  • The gameplay has the kind of tactical depth that good RPGs on the market normally have.
  • The art is absolutely top notch.
  • The music & audio design fit the game most excellently.
  • And I almost forgot to mention the lovable characters, with quirky personalities!

This was done by one of the bigger teams of the jam, but their experience and chemistry really shows. This game was completely awesome, and one of my top entries.

Can I get a download link for this? 

This is fun enough for me to want to have it on local. So hit me up on Discord "Jay Kozatt#3279" if the answer is yes.

That alone should speak volumes as to how good I consider this game to be. So I shall say no more.

Coincidentally, that same exploit allowed me to then reuse the stacked die, as it wasn't locked into place by the slot.

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What really did it for me on this game, was this little exploit I found which allowed me to pay for another die's upgrade, using a different pool of resources just by stacking a different die over an already occupied slot. That little bug was really insidious, but as they say: 

"It's not a bug, it's a feature!" Hahahaha.

This was really fun. 

Quite confusing in the beginning, as indeed the learning curve *is* steep. But once you're past the initial hurdle, it becomes plenty entertaining.

Yeah, I figured it out eventually after some testing. But regardless, sometimes the random rotation was so subtly different from a true number, that I'd be sitting there staring, wondering why the timelines hadn't halved.

I honestly enjoyed this game a lot.

  • It is pretty challenging because it's tough to get your die to land on the right side as the other die approach you.
  • But the game had some pretty nice depth in that some abilities actually impart forces to enemy dice, causing them to change their type. This detail alone allows you tactical thinking in which you can use those powers to earn yourself some time before being completely forced to flee.
  • My only grievance is that it's tough keeping an eye on the enemy type while changing your die's side, without exposing your self to getting overrun due to how fast the enemy dice move.

Overall, I'd say it was a pretty solid experience. 

Congratulations are in order! 

That's a pretty good suggestion I hadn't considered! 

Maybe making the enemies flash subtly as they're about to attack would have worked nicely. It is something to consider if I choose to go back and refine it after the jam.

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you enjoyed our game!

Quite an odd game...

Conceptually, I found it really appealing and was utterly drawn to it. But after playing it... Something in the execution feels kinda off.

I reckon it's confusing to play mostly because it provides almost zero feedback when you're on the right track. And some dice appear to show a number, when really they are unrolled.

As other people have said, an idea with quite some potential, but it falls a little short.

Yeah, in hindsight, an UI prompt for the controls would have been a nice addition. 

Though by the end I was so sleep deprived that any good ideas that had not crossed my mind by then, would not come across my head at all, haha.

Glad you liked the game!

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It wasn't too bad.

  • The dice-based manual aiming does give you a bit of an edge in the early game where you're mostly doing guesswork anyway, so it was a cool addition. 
  • Though, I feel that making the oldest strike markers vanish after some time was a bit too punishing. 
  • And the ant colonies could have been more readable in the UI. 

But overall, it was a decent experience. 

(The game's not half bad, so it would have benefited from a Cover Image to help with discoverability in itch.)